TestNegative Reviews – Will the Products Really Work for You?

For a myriad of purposes, a drug test is necessary. Looking for a job is among the most common causes. Most businesses regard drug testing so highly because they recognize any drug-testing program provides a safe & efficient environment. This is especially important for activities that involve many people, such as driving trucks or traffic monitoring.

THC detox for drug screening can be employed for various reasons, including preserving their awards, maintaining their jobs, and escaping jail time.

Test Negative has several goods that can assist you with passing a drug test. Test Negative has the materials you need to pass a background check, even if you need synthetic urine, detoxifying remedies, or drug test equipment.

Free delivery on purchases over $135, a specialized customer care team and protected and discrete payment mechanisms are all available. You could even use bitcoin to purchase.

What is Test Negative?

You have several options if you’ve opted to detoxify your system for any reason. Remember that everyone is unique. If you smoke a lot, have a high BMI, and are much less able to keep your natural cleansing powers, the detox products will become more powerful than somebody shorter, lighter, & better able to detoxify organically.

Choosing the right product to get the most out of the detoxification procedure is critical.

TestNegative Products

Let’s glimpse through some of the most effective products offered by TestNegative:

  • 17oz Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink
  • Herbal Pre-cleanse Capsules
  • Oral Gum
  • Clear Choice Brand Spike Additive
  • Quick Luck
  • Sub Solution

17oz Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink


Many patients don’t know when they’ll be tested, so they want a treatment that works quickly. Detox beverages are an excellent choice if you don’t have time to embark on a 5- or 10-day cleanse.

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, offered by TestNegative, is among the most effective THC detox drinks available. It’s designed to remove as many pollutants as feasible even while replenishing minerals and vitamins for better health.

It’s a popular and immensely effective drink for detoxing from THC by neutralizing the drug. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse contains vitamins and herbs that help to balance electrolytes and relative density in dilute urine.

Herbal Pre-cleanse Capsules


Utilizing Herbal Precleanse Capsules, a capsule detox routine to kick-start your detox, immediately start the complete body detox. While Precleanse can help the body detox, it is best used in conjunction with some other detox solutions, particularly TestNegative product lines like Rescue Cleanse or, for individuals who require detoxification quickly, Spike Additive.

Herbal Precleanse provides the added reassurance you may seek if used in combination with treatments that swiftly lower toxic levels. Use Precleanse every 2-3 days before starting any cleansing regimen for optimum results. It’s simple to incorporate Precleanse into your cleanup routine. To commence your detoxifying, follow this simple step:

Take one (1) pill with 16 oz of water six times a day.

Oral Gum


If you’re being examined with saliva instead of blood or urine, you’re lucky, as this is the most straightforward test. A saliva drug screening collects saliva from a person’s mouth to detect drug usage.

Saliva drug testing now delivers quick findings with more minor invasive procedures with advances in technology. Consequently, they’re now commonly employed to evaluate everyone, from job candidates to drug addicts.

Fortunately, some objects can assist you in passing a drug screen. TestNegative Oral Gum is a detoxifying gum that appears to be able to help you to clear any saliva drug screen. It is a powerful composition that can thoroughly remove THC from the mouth.

Simply chewing gum before such a saliva drug screen will remove any contaminants from your saliva. It takes only 30 seconds to work, and the results continue for 30 mins.

To use the Oral Clear Gum, take the gum pill out of the container, peel off the covering, and chew into it with the mouth closed. Allow the solution to circulate in the mouth. Avoid swallowing.

Clear Choice Brand Spike Additive

The EMIT test detects drugs and alcohol using a reactive chemical strip. It functions similarly to a pregnancy test. The improper color change is synonymous with guilt. Because it’s simply testing a reaction, neutralizing the substances in the urine stops it.

Clear Choice brand Spike Urine Additive, provided by TestNegative, seems the only guaranteed way to pass an EMIT test. A little vial or so for daily smokers added to the urine test neutralizes all telltale poisons or compounds within minutes.

It’s crucial to remember that this won’t function with cups that have a test strip built-in. The Spike Pee Additive does not have enough time to neutralize the toxins before the strips soak up the urine in all those all-in-one cups.

Quick Luck

Quick Luck artificial urine, offered by TestNegative, is a unique product from Clear Choice, making Sub Solution and other items aimed to assist people in avoiding drug tests. Quick Luck is supposed to operate with industry standards head-on. The synthesized urine Quick Luck arrives pre-mixed, which would be a huge plus.

Quick Luck also includes heat pads to help you get and keep your urine specimen at the right temperature. Three ounces of artificial urine, a heat strip, two thermal pads, a heat activator powder, plus thorough directions, are included. You may heat urine to an ideal temperature while giving clean pee to assist take drug tests when utilized correctly.

Sub Solution

Clear Choice has always provided the best synthetic urine kit. Sub Solution is among their top hits, aside from the Quick Luck solution. Sub Solution from Clear Choice is granulated urine which must be blended before use.

Even though it is an older product, urea, uric acid, or creatinine concentrations are precise. It contains all 13 distinct compounds seen in normal pH & specific gravity urine samples.

Advantages of Using TestNegative

Some of the advantages of Test Negative include:

  • Twenty Years of Expertise: Test Negative has been around for twenty years. The firm was created in 2003, rendering it one of the industry’s oldest drug-testing assistance organizations.
  • Quick Shipping: With Test Negative, you may get same-day shipments on the items you need to clear any drug screen quickly. Additional same-day and next-day delivery are available at purchase, or you could opt for regular shipment.
  • Combination Discounts to Save 25%: You can save 25% on every purchase if you purchase four of the same item or one of the TestNegatives bundles.
  • Bitcoin for payment: TestNegative supports major credit cards and bitcoin.
  • Several Products, Packages, and Accessories: While some businesses specialize in detoxification formulations or artificial urine, Test Negative offers various drug-testing products.
  • Free Shipping on Purchases of $135 or More: Test Negative offers free standard shipping of $135 or more.
  • Practice Kits: You may add practice accessories to several TestNegative products to ensure that you are fully prepared on test day.

TestNegative Conclusion

Several Test Negative items are from Clear Choice, a company selling products that can help people pass doping tests since 1993. Since 2007, Test Negative has always been an authorized reseller of Clear Choice solutions, with over 4 million sales.


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