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Sure Sleep Mask Review – Is It Worth the Money to Buy or Not?

The Sure Sleep Mask is a nighttime mask that helps users get more rest without distractions and without missing their alarm in the morning. It connects to any designated smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing users to play their music until morning continuously.

What is the Sure Sleep Mask?

Sleep is crucial for mental, physical, and emotional health. However, far too many people put it on the back burner, unwilling to take the time for a good night of rest. Unfortunately, many people who find the time are so stressed about other things going on in their lives that they don’t get the quality sleep they deserve. If these problems seem consistent, the Sure Sleep Mask may be a solution.

With over 50,000 satisfied customers, the creators behind the Sure Sleep Mask claim that anyone who uses it will fall asleep within an average of 15 minutes. Along with faster sleep, users will also stay asleep for longer as it improves the quality. For many customers, lucid dreaming becomes even more accessible. It can keep the mind and body relaxed, helping to ease stress and anxiety that keeps far too many people awake at night.

Users who keep the Sure Sleep Mask hand can bring it along to sleep better during travel, avoiding jet lag fatigue. They can put on the sleep mask anywhere, even if they want to take a brief break when they clock out of work for lunch. Plus, some users even find that they can improve their complexion and prevent pillowcases’ cause.

How Does the Sure Sleep Mask Work?

The concept behind the Sure Sleep Mask is that it can “trick” the user’s brain into the rest mode it needs to be in for sleep. To do so, there are three lab-tested techniques involved with the sleep mask. All of the methods support scientific research, and they can help users alleviate the stress and anxiety that may be keeping them up.

The first technique is to listen to music. Studies show that music has the power to change mood. However, that’s not the only reason that music is essential. They were considering that the user’s perspective plays a significant role in how stressed or relaxed they are, which inherently helps determine the way they sleep.

Music has the power to create a physiological change in the body, easing tension in the nervous system and reducing the user’s heart rate. It also slows the user’s breathing. It also improves sleep quality. All of the positive effects of music make it easier to reach a deep sleep without spending hours awake first.

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The second technique that the Sure Sleep Mask uses is blocking out the light. Even the smallest amount of light from a window or an electronic device can reduce melatonin, the hormone released by the body to help it sleep at night. Even if the individual spent a full 8 hours in bed, exposure to light instantly makes the individual feel groggy. Blocking out the extra light allows the body to produce more melatonin to make users fall asleep quickly and remain uninterrupted by light.

Finally, there’s touch pressure stimulation. This stimulation is incredibly relaxing for the individual, but there’s no massage involved. Instead, it’s the gentle weight of the mask on the user’s face that soothes them. It is the same concept as using a weighted blanket, causing the brain to release serotonin and inhibit the production of cortisol. The extra pressure calms the user rapidly.

Creating these natural reactions directly associates the wearing of the mask with better sleep because the user trains their brain to sleep better with it on. Essentially, the simple act of putting the mask on is a physical cue to relax and go to sleep, which is called Pavlovian conditioning.

How to Use It

To set up the Sure Sleep Mask, enable Bluetooth on the mask. The red/blue light will begin flashing, making it detectable by the smartphone. Look for “BT-01” on the Bluetooth syncing window, and pair the two devices together. Essentially, the mask connects via Bluetooth as any headset would.

Users can put on the mask and sleep soundly. They are meant to be thin enough to sleep comfortably on one side, and the memory foam is breathable enough to keep healthy oxygen circulating and protect sensitive skin. It even regulates body temperature.

Once this device is activated, two hours of charging time are enough to play audio for 8-10 hours of the night, blocking out other sounds. If the user is worried about perspiration or the mask gets dirty, they can wash it with the rest of their laundry.

Purchasing a Sure Sleep Mask

The Sure Sleep Mask is presently only offered by the official website since no third-party vendor is approved to sell it. Though the retail value is $98, the current sale allows users to save up to 60% on their order, depending on how many masks they order simultaneously.

Choose from:

  • One mask for $49, plus $7.95 for shipping and handling.
  • Two masks for $89, with free shipping and handling.
  • Three masks for $119, with free shipping and handling.

While this product comes with a money-back guarantee like most other merchandise, the creators go one step further with the 101-Night Sleep-Test Trial. This trial allows users to test out the sleep mask for 101 nights to see if they get to sleep quickly and experience the best rest possible. If they do not, they can get a complete refund and keep the mask (instead of returning it). However, only one mask can be kept – any other masks must be returned to get the rest of the refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Sure Sleep Mask

Can users wash their Sure Sleep Mask?

Yes. While users will need to remove the electronic components, the mask can go in the washer and dryer.

Is it still possible for users to hear their alarm in the morning while using the Sure Sleep Mask?

Absolutely. Users can connect the mask to their Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing their alarm to go off through the speakers of the Sure Sleep Mask. Some users find that setting their alarm makes it easier to wake up to than a regular alarm.

Is the battery powerful enough to last for the whole night?

Yes. With just one charge, users should be able to get up to three nights of battery power before it needs to charge. The device will automatically switch to standby mode to preserve the battery after the user hasn’t played any audio after about 4 hours.

Are there multiple sizes available?

No. However, the stretchy material of the sleep mask adjusts to fit the specific user, so there is no need to estimate the size.

Is the Sure Sleep Mask comfortable enough to fall asleep in?

Yes. The material is incredibly breathable and cool, making them feel as comfortable as wearing good pajamas for the user’s face. They can easily cover the whole night for a more rested morning.

Are there any noises (like a low battery alert) that might wake the user?

No. This device will quietly power down without any disturbance.

Are there any other uses for the Sure Sleep Mask other than sleeping?

Some customers use the mask while traveling, during a workout, and meditation.

The customer service team can address any additional questions or concerns if the customer emails



Sure Sleep Mask provides users with a simple way to get their rest when they need it the most. With a lengthy trial period, users don’t have to worry about wasting their money on another aide. Instead, they see if their sleep improves, giving them more energy and alertness the next day. This mask comes with memory foam material to reduce the risk of wrinkles and make it more comfortable for individuals who sleep on their sides.

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