PrettyLitter Reviews – Smart Cat Litter Box Worth Using for Cats?

PrettyLitter is a brand of cat litter that helps users to control odor without the ugly appearance of clay litter. Furthermore, the proprietary blend acts as a smart sensor for any issues with the user’s cats’ health.

What is PrettyLitter?

Taking care of any furry friend takes considerable effort. While it may seem simple enough to feed and hydrate a cat, they are prone to multiple health issues that may be left undiagnosed without careful attention to their litter box daily. Even then, it is easy to miss something when urine is concealed by clumping litter. PrettyLitter makes it easy to track cat health.

PrettyLitter markets itself as a smart cat litter, but there’s no app or anything else that users need. Instead, with incredible odor control, the proprietary blend changes color to reflect how acidic or alkaline the cat’s urine is. With this forethought, any pet owner will learn if they need to bring their cat to the vet long before the problem worsens. If they are in perfectly good health, the litter will become dark yellow to olive green. If not, the litter will become orange, blue, or red instead.

Purchasing PrettyLitter

Though many silica gel litters exist, the purchase of PrettyLitter can only be done on the official website. Consumers can choose from a few different packages, which the creators narrow down with a quick questionnaire. The packages are available as part of a subscription, allowing users to choose from:

  • $22 per month for one cat
  • $40 per month for two cats
  • $60 per month for three cats

While users have the option of purchasing more than just three bags, the lowest price per bag will be $20 each.

Once users choose the number of cats that they own, they will have their choice of getting a one-month supply once a month or a three-month supply every 12 weeks. This subscription can be changed at any time to meet the user’s needs.

Even if this cat litter doesn’t adequately help consumers, they have up to 30 days to get a full refund on their purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions About PrettyLitter

How is PrettyLitter unlike other cat litters?

The entirety of the PrettyLitter formula is composed of silica gel crystals, which can easily absorb moisture to reduce odor. The litter lasts for a while, which means that users don’t have to replace it as often and they don’t have to worry about dragging heavy trash bags to their dumpster. Even though other litter brands cause large and heavy clumps with the urine, these silica gels allow the urine to evaporate.

How long will consumers be able to use the PrettyLitter?

One bag has enough support to get through an entire month for a medium-sized cat, assuming that the customer uses a litter box that measures 12 x 16 inches. Users must get two inches of depth when they fill up their litter box to provide enough of a layer for waste.

How should PrettyLitter be used?

PrettyLitter is meant to be used in pretty much the same way as any other cat litter. The entire bag should be emptied into the litter box with each change, giving two inches of depth. Users should scoop the litter each day, mixing the litter after to avoid saturation. At the end of the month, dump out the litter, clean out the box, and start again.

Will it be difficult for the user’s cat to use PrettyLitter?

While many cats have no difficulty, some cats may be hesitant to start using this litter. If the cat seems unwilling to use the litter box, the creators suggest adding a urine clump and a bowel movement from their previous box and put it with the new litter. This familiar smell will show the cat that the litter box is where they need to go.

Will homes with multiple cats benefit from the use of PrettyLitter?

Yes. Health monitoring may be difficult when there are multiple cats in the house, however. If the owner finds a color change in the crystals, separating the cats into different areas with individual litter boxes is the best way to see which one is having a health issue.

Is PrettyLitter compatible with a self-cleaning litter box?

Yes. The texture is safe for self-cleaning or automated litter boxes, especially if it is already meant to be used with other crystal litters.

What is the best number of bags of PrettyLitter to order?

Each bag of the PrettyLitter provides the user with enough to fill a 12×16-inch litter box. Users with larger litter boxes will need multiple bags to fill them.

What’s in PrettyLitter?

The main ingredient in PrettyLitter is silica gel, which is highly absorbent. It also contains a proprietary formula that is only known to the creators that tracks the cat’s urinary health by checking acidity and alkalinity levels. It also checks for blood.

How can used monitor their cat’s health with PrettyLitter?

The color of the silica gel changes with the urine of the cat. If the crystals become dark green or blue, it means that the urine has high alkaline levels, which may indicate a urinary tract infection or potential bladder stones. Yellow to orange indicates high acidity, which could be the result of kidney disease, a UTI, calcium crystals, or metabolic acidosis. Red means that the bladder is inflamed, has stones, or is dealing with a urinary tract infection.

Can PrettyLitter limit odor?

Yes. The silica gel absorbs moisture easily, which is the main cause of odor. It also helps to dry feces, which means that there’s no odor.

Does PrettyLitter clump?

No. This litter is non-clumping.

The customer service team can address any other concerns by sending an email to meow@prettylitter.com or by calling 800-838-3381.


PrettyLitter helps consumers to improve how aware they are of their cat’s current health. The litter is rather affordable, and it changes color to show any health issues. The litter is safe for any cat, and it traps odor as well. Whether the user has an automatic or traditional litter box, the silica gel crystals are highly effective with the proprietary blend.

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