Emotional Support Animal – Best ESA Letter Services

You might have been through various incidents in life that you need emotional support animals to make your life easier. Many people get emotional support dogs so that they can help offer companions and improve your life overall. It is more reason you would get more people considering the support and service animals.

So far, you see that an emotional support animal is crucial, but you need to ensure that you have the right paperwork. One of the paperwork you need is getting an emotional support animal letter. To get such a letter, you have to get an assessment from mental health professionals.

Some might ask, do online ESA letters work? The quick answer is that such letters work. So long as you get the legitimate emotional support animal registration, it becomes easier for you to move around with the dog. Some airlines also allow the use of such support dogs.

Let us see where you can possibly get the ESA letter with ease.

Editor’s Choice


  • Good for offering fast turnaround times
  • Get letters for emotional support dogs with ease
  • Complies with state and federal laws
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Best Emotional Support Animal Registration Reviews

  1. CertaPet – Editor’s Choice
  2. Emotional Pet Support – Best for Fast Approvals
  3. Pettable – Best for Customer Support

1. CertaPet



  • The screening process is fast and easy
  • It is user-friendly and also cost-effective
  • The process is fast and simple


  • Sometimes being matched to a professional may take longer

Click here to get the best deal on CertaPet

CertaPet understands the importance of having an emotional support animal. That is why you get free screening as a vital process of getting an ESA letter. Once the screening is complete, you will be assigned to mental health professionals to help assess the situation and see if you need emotional support animals. The best part is that the ESA letter from the company is compliant with state and local laws.

You have to go through three main steps to get the ESA letter for emotional support dogs. First is the screening test. Do not worry, as it is a straightforward process. Moreso, it is free and confidential. Next is to speak to a licensed therapist. Once this stage is over, you get an ESA letter with a customized treatment plan too.

The website is generally easier to go through. Even if it is the first time using it, you can get all the important information you want. There is also a blog section where you can learn more about emotional support dogs. This is vital so that you can see if it is good for you or not.

The customer care team will also come in handy to help you understand more about the process of getting an ESA letter. You also get a veterinarian section from the company so that you have more information on how to care for your support animal once you get it for yourself.

2. Emotional Pet Support



  • Quick turnaround times
  • The online exam is easy and free
  • Mental health professionals are easily available


  • Medical insurance covers are not accepted

Click here to get the best deal on Emotional Pet Support

This is another popular service to get an ESA letter for the emotional support animal. You will get the emotional support letter fast, considering that the company claims to help you get same-day approvals. Who would not want to use their emotional support animals sooner? Well, you now have a company that offers fast approvals.

If you have a psychiatric service dog, you can still get an approval letter for it from the same company. Here, you would talk to mental health professionals to assess your needs before giving their recommendations. You would also get an online service dog training option to ensure your assistance animals can behave right even when you use them for air travel.

How about the approval process? Most people find the process being simple. You start by submitting an online exam. This section has a questionnaire that you fill to get assessed for emotional support animals (ESAs). After that, you get assigned to a therapist for review. Once the approval is complete, you will receive a link to your email giving you access to the ESA documentation.

Most people would also find the service being within the affordable range. There are up to three plans for you to consider. Go through them to understand which one would best apply to you to pick the right one.

3. Pettable



  • Impressive customer support
  • Offers speedy approval and assistance
  • It comes with a streamlined website


  • Consultations are only done over the phone

Click here to get the best deal on Pettable

You should consider this one for emotional support animal approval when you desire the best customer support. The fast responses from the support team mean you can learn more about emotional support animals and how to get them the right way. There are also several positive reviews online showing it is a great brand.

You also get that the company has attentive therapists who would take a keen look at your case before giving a verdict. Despite what you may be experiencing, like post-traumatic stress disorder, you can get the right ESA letter as you need emotional support dogs.

People would also love the fast approval times for getting assistance animals. The specialists at the company do not take long to help you get the support animal that you want. Another thing is that the company also offers a cost-effective therapy option. So, it will not be expensive to get your ESA letter.

Looking at the website, we find that it is detailed and streamlined just to ensure you have an easy time using it. You can go through the FAQs section to understand more about the whole process and also see why you need the ESA.

What is an ESA Letter For?

The ESA letter can be defined as an official document signed by a licensed mental health professional indicating the individual’s disability or medical condition that necessitates having an emotional support animal.

There are times the emotional support animals (ESAs) can be taken as part of a prescription vital for treating someone’s condition or mental health. Here, the mental health professional sees it right that such an animal can help provide emotional support and improve the condition generally.

It is common to find such ESAs being offered to people living with mental disorders and some emotional conditions, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, and many other mental disorders.

It is worth noting that the ESA letter would have the professional’s letterhead including the licensing information, when it was signed, among other important information. The best part is that now you can get such letters online. Consider using one of the services mentioned above to get your ESA letter.

ESA vs. Service Dogs: What’s the Difference?

When seeking the ESA letters, you will come across options such as emotional support animals and service animals. Sometimes people might be confused about how they are different. For this reason, you should always consider understanding their differences to see which applies to your situation.

Emotional Support Animals

These are animals that are meant to offer support and comfort to people living with emotional disabilities. Emotional disabilities include social phobias, depression, anxiety, and much more.

A dog is often seen as the best choice for an emotional support animal. You are likely to come across different breeds that can work great in helping you cope with your emotional disability. The other options for such use include rabbits, cats, and many others.

You may notice that support animals do not get the same training as service animals. That is why such animals do not have the same type of access as the service animals.

The ESA letter would be assigned after assessment by a qualified mental health professional.

Service Animals

The service animals will have extensive training, which is often specialized, making the animal provide specific assistance to the handler. You can mostly find dogs being used as service animals.

A service dog can be trained to do a specific task or several tasks. One of the common options includes a seeing-eye dog that helps a visually impaired person move around. You can also get hearing dogs, mobility assistance dogs, and more.

Since such dogs will have to provide key assistance such as moving around, setting off alarms, opening doors, and more, they would have more access than ESAs.

You may also come across a psychiatric service dog. This is another service animal type too. It is mostly specially trained to perform specific tasks for a person with a disability facing emotional issues.

How to Qualify for An Emotional Support Animal

You can only qualify for the best emotional support animal after being assessed by a mental health professional such as a therapist, psychiatrist, and psychologist and there is enough evidence you need a support animal.

The issued letter will state that:

  • You are a patient of the mental health professional
  • You are under the care of a professional following the DSM handbook
  • The disability limits at least a single major activity in your life
  • The professional recommends that using an emotional support animal to treat your mental health

How To Get An ESA Letter

You will only get an ESA letter for emotional support animals after assessing a licensed mental health professional. Once your case satisfies this professional that you need emotional support dogs, then you will be given the letter.

The process will primarily involve having a one-on-one with the mental health professional. Depending on where you are getting the assessment, the approval can be fast or at times take a few days. Right now, various services exist online that can help you get the letter faster and still get assessed by a professional.

The person’s disability is based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or DSM. This is an important handbook that mental health professionals worldwide use to come up with reliable diagnoses.

Tips to Find the Best Emotional Support Animal Registration Services

  • Reputation: A company with a good reputation is important for you to consider. This will determine how well you will be served by the company when seeking its services. Reading other users’ reviews will generally help you see if it will be a good company or not.
  • Customer support: Customer support is still crucial to consider. You need to get more help whenever you need it. So, work with a company that replies to your queries faster. It should also have multiple ways of contacting the support team.
  • Approval times: Of course, the approval time is also important. You may want to get the ESA letter as soon as possible. So, check the approval times to see if it will serve your interests better.
  • Pricing: The pricing is just as important. You should always get the service from a company within your budget. Do not go for those that might be too expensive for you. Well, most of these services are affordable.
  • Education: You should definitely consider if the company offers more education to understand how to use emotional support animals and also choose one for yourself. There can still be more education on mental disability too.
  • Professionalism: This is one of the most important features of a good service provider. It should demonstrate that it works with professionals to offer the best services with the use of professionals. In this case, they should be licensed, mental health professionals.

What Laws Do ESA Owners Need to Know?

Before you can decide to get emotional support dogs or service animals, you need to understand more about the laws surrounding the ownership of such animals.

The three main laws include:

Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA

This law came into force in 1990. The law prohibits discrimination against people living with disabilities. This extends to various areas of their lives. This includes their employment, movement, accommodation, and education. It is why you often find that even the Department of Transport requires that public transit vehicles have better accessibility for people living with disabilities.

As for the ownership of service animals or emotional support animals, the law claims that the state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and businesses should generally allow the service animals to accompany those with disabilities where the public is allowed to visit.

Fair Housing Act

There is also the fair housing act you should know more about. This act is essential for protecting people from any sort of discrimination from housing-related activities. We are talking about activities such as renting. You cannot be discriminated against based on religion, race, and disability.

This act ensures that even an individual with mental illness will not experience housing discrimination. This includes the need for having an emotional support animal. Also, such a person would not be charged extra for having a pet.

People who need such animals should simply present their ESA housing letter to the landlord to show that they need such an animal. That is why you should always seek the ESA letter from a legitimate company, making it easily recognizable.

Air Carrier Access Act

TheAir Carrier Access Act (ACAA), ever since its enactment in 1986, has gone on to prohibit discrimination based on a person’s disability in the field of air travel. The law requires that the air carriers should cater to the needs of passengers having disabilities adequately. This includes the service animals’ accommodation.

Because of the ACAA, you can now find that the service animals are allowed to ride in the airline cabin with their handlers. Also, the person using the dog cannot be charged an extra pet fee.

You may find that airlines sometimes require that someone use a service animal to provide specific documentation on the use of the animal prior to the flight. Most of the time, it will be official documentation from a licensed mental health professional detailing why you need the assistance animal.

Where Can I Use My ESA Letter

Once you get your ESA letter, you have the option of using it while seeking housing, traveling, or visiting public spaces with your emotional support animal. Keep the emotional support animal letter close by as you might sometimes have to produce it on notice.


We have so far established that an emotional support animal is important. It can help you with coping with mental disabilities, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Knowing that you can get the ESA letter easily online makes more people want to get it even more. So, use any of the services recommended above and get yourself the best ESA letter and in record time.

Also, you should know the emotional support animals are protected by law. Understand your state and local laws in addition to federal regulations to see how best to utilize using such an animal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to get an ESA letter?

It mostly depends on where you are getting the assessment. However, getting the ESA letter online is generally affordable. So, you should give it a try.

2. Can I get an ESA for anxiety?

Yes. Anxiety is considered a mental disability in addition to stress and depression, which warrants the need for an emotional support animal.

3. Is it hard to get an emotional support animal?

It is not hard at all. So long as you can prove to the mental health expert that you need it, it becomes easier to approve.

4. Can any pet be an emotional support animal?

As much as you can get an ESA being drawn from various animal options, dogs are more preferred. This is because they can be trained for emotional support. The other options are cats and rabbits.

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