Digestyl Reviews – Scam or Gut Health Support Worth Buying?

Toilet visits seem normal to everyone. However, millions of folks worldwide suffer from hemorrhoids, anal fissures, GERD, IBS, among other conditions that make toilet visits a nightmare. Additionally, numerous others get chronic diarrhea, constipation and gas regardless of what they eat and drink.

As a result, most people are reliant on drugs to help them pass stool. Others consume good “gut” foods such as vegetables and fiber, which offer temporary relief, but they cannot permanently get rid of digestive issues. Multiple studies show that poor gut health is the primary cause of poor digestive health.

There are numerous supplements in the market that claim to support gut health and improve the digestive system. Still, not all digestive health formulas work. Some offer a temporary solution, while others are addictive and may cause health issues in the long run. Digestyl Gut Health Support supplement is among the formulas that claim to be rich in ingredients that can support the digestive system. How does it work? Which are its ingredients? Please read this review to find out!

What is Digestyl Dietary Supplement?

The manufacturer markets Digestyl as a 100% natural supplement that can improve your digestive health by targeting the root cause of poor health. Digestyl’s ingredients are from premium producers and are in clinical dosages to offer users rapid and effective results. Additionally, each Digestyl capsule is a product of a US-based GMP certified and FDA approved facility.

Hence, users can comfortably consume Digestyl as it is safe and potent. In addition, it is all-natural and unlikely to cause any intolerance when taken in the correct dosages. It is also free from GMOs, additives, artificial food colors and flavors and other toxic chemicals.

How does Digestyl work?

As per Digestyl maker, the leading cause of poor gut health is a bacteria known as Clostridium Perfringens, which exists mainly in meat. Given that about 97 percent of Americans consume meat daily, most Americans suffer from indigestion. However, protein is a body-building food and is needed in abundance to maintain a muscular structure. The gut system creates the optimal breeding ground for the Clostridium Perfringens to thrive.

Digestyl works by eliminating gut flora that affects digestive health. Equally, it accelerates metabolism, therefore, boosting daily energy levels. In addition, it stabilizes certain hormones such as insulin and hence can combat varying blood sugar levels. Digestyl can improve fat oxidation and condition your system to rely on fat for energy production. Thus, it can aid you in reducing fat, especially around the abdominal area.

The indicators that your system has large amounts of Clostridium Perfringens include bloating, constipation and diarrhea, stomach cramps, acid cramps and severe abdominal pain. However, there are various strains of these bacteria, with some causing perforation on the intestines, ulceration and necrosis, all of which are life-threatening conditions.

Folks with a robust immune system can naturally fight off Clostridium Perfringens; however, folks with low immunity gradually worsen with time. Food additives such as CMC, Sucralose, polysorbates and Aspartame cause the gut flora to wear off, which leads to the growth of harmful bacteria like Perfringens.

Digestyl Ingredients

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a naturally occurring compound crucial to augmenting gut health. It aids the digestive system in breakdown carbs and starch for the effective production of heat and energy. ALA stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and multiplies the healthy bacteria colony for better digestion.

Additionally, it is a potent antioxidant that can boost your entire immune system by fighting off infections. Equally, ALA is a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces chronic gastrointestinal conditions. Inflammations in the gut system create the perfect breeding ground for most “harmful” bacteria.

Similarly, multiple studies indicate that Alpha Lipoic Acid can benefit brain health, improving alertness, memory, and focus. ALA can increase metabolism and fat oxidation, thus can aid folks in reducing fat mass and the overall weight. According to researchers in the National Center for Biotechnology, participants who took a daily dose of ALA could shed weight faster than the placebo group.


It is a botanical extract that can improve gut flora. Berberine works by combating harmful gut bacteria and creating a thriving ground for healthy gut flora. Additionally, it fights digestive issues such as bloating and gas that cause stomach cramps and pain in the abdomen. Berberine can fortify your immune response by fighting inflammation, harmful bacteria and viral infections. Equally, multiple studies show that berberine can regulate blood sugar levels, thus benefiting diabetes type two patients.

Chromium Picolinate

According to Digestyl producers, chromium Picolinate is in a form that is easily absorbed and utilized by your system for rapid and better effects. Poor dietary habits cause severe chromium deficiency, resulting in high cholesterol levels, digestive problems, chronic fatigue and anxiety. Chromium Picolinate works by stimulating the production of healthy gut bacteria.

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Zinc Gluconate

Zinc is an essential mineral as it helps your system break down and absorb nutrients faster and more effectively. Scholarly reports show that a zinc deficiency can damage the intestinal lining. Equally, it can raise metabolic rates, thus boosting your energy levels for extended periods. Similarly, zinc can improve your sleep quality by combating stressors and anxiety that affect your sleep pattern.

Milk Thistle

It is an anti-inflammatory that can cleanse your colon and improve liver health. Milk Thistle aids the liver in getting rid of metabolic wastes effectively, reducing toxin levels for the growth of better gut flora.


Banaba is a southeast botanical extract that can improve the overall metabolism, speed up fat oxidation and enhance weight loss. Additionally, numerous studies indicate that Banaba can support better blood flow and reduce harmful cholesterol levels, thus improving cardiac health. Similarly, Banaba can improve insulin sensitivity hence combating erratic blood glucose levels, particularly in diabetes type 2 folks.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known to increase metabolic rates hence can aid in fighting obesity and reducing visceral fats. Additionally, cayenne pepper is rich in capsicum annuum, which improves blood flow and stabilizes blood pressure for better heart health. Similarly, cayenne pepper is rich in antioxidants that improve digestive health for better absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Benefits of Digestyl

Regular use of Digestyl can improve your entire digestive health. The maker claims it can eliminate chronic gassing, stomach pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and other gut issues. Here is how it describes the benefits of Digestyl formula:

  • It improves gut health and can improve your overall wellbeing by boosting the immune response.
  • Digestyl improves blood flow and can improve the cardiac health
  • Digestyl improves metabolic rates and energy levels, aiding you in staying active for extended periods.
  • Regular use of Digestyl can improve fat oxidation and combat stubborn fat cells, which aids you in losing weight.
  • It can improve blood glucose, cholesterol and pressure levels for better health.

How to consume Digestyl

Digestyl makers recommend taking a daily dosage of two pills. You can take the first pill in the morning before breakfast and the other before your lunch. Digestyl is a non-stimulant and is unlikely to affect your sleep pattern. As per the maker, people with a robust system may experience substantial results in weeks. However, it is best to consume Digestyl regularly for 90-180 days to ensure that your gastrointestinal flora is robust. Also, it is best to get medical guidance before taking Digestyl, mainly if you are:

  • Pregnant or suspecting to be pregnant
  • Actively nursing a baby
  • Have any medical condition
  • Are allergic to any Digestyl ingredient

Also, it is best to stick to the recommended Digestyl dosage. If you have any issues, you should contact the manufacturer or your health provider. Equally, in the unfortunate event Digestyl affects your wellbeing negatively, it is best to stop the dosage and get medical help.

Digestyl Pricing

Digestyl is only available via the official website. You can purchase it without a prescription as long as you are an adult. When you buy a month’s supply, you must incur shipping fees. However, when you purchase the Most Popular or Best Value Digestyl packages, the manufacturer offers you reasonable discounts and free shipping services. The makers recommend buying in bulk to ensure you have a steady supply and prevent running out of stock.

Final Word

Digestyl is a powerful supplement that claims it can improve your gastrointestinal and overall health. The makers assure consumers that all their ingredients are all-natural and cannot cause any side effects. Additionally, Digestyl claims that regularly using this formula can improve your health in less than three months. The 60-day money-back guarantee that Digestyl manufacturer offers is a mark of assurance that you are buying quality and effective supplements.

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