Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Reviews – Worth the Money or Cheap Product?

The summer months might be unbearable if you don’t have a central air conditioning unit. In addition, most households have had to install wall-mounted systems in all of their rooms throughout the years, proving to be costly in power consumption. Also, smaller homes may not be able to fully benefit from wall-mounted air conditioning systems because they can only be installed in one room.

If you cannot install a window air conditioner due to house design constraints, your next best option is a portable air cooler. A personal portable air cooler is cost-effective to reduce your monthly utility bills while getting similar cooling to traditional ACs. Even when compared to a split air conditioning unit, it consumes less power. The ‘Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler’ is one such example of a portable air cooler.

Personal air cooler units like the Blast Auxiliary are ideal for people who want to enjoy a healthy summer lifestyle without spending extra money on air conditioning. Rather than drying out the air to chill it, this portable air cooling device works to increase the amount of dampness in the air while also cooling it. Instead of drying out your skin, it can provide a pleasant interior climate with minimal effort.

This review discusses some critical information that every prospective Blast Auxiliary AC client should know before purchasing.

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What is a Blast Auxiliary Portable Air Cooler?

The Blast Auxiliary air cooler is ideal for those searing hot days at work or home. Designed to be small in size, light, and practical, this battery-powered air cooling system will keep you cool even on the hottest of days. The company behind this portable air cooler makes various cooling and heating devices, including air coolers, heating systems, and other personal devices.

This portable air cooling system uses evaporation first and then cools the surrounding environment to cool your surroundings. Using it is as simple as beginning using the portable air cooler. After charging it, you’ll soak the water draped in the water, add a bit of ice to the tray, and let it run for as long as possible. The company claims that the Blast portable AC system is not designed to cool the entire house, nor does it replace the whole HVAC system. It is better suited to work in a smaller home area, such as your living room, bedroom, workspace, or dorm room.

Unlike other portable air coolers, the Blast Auxiliary will not become overheated or have too much space. It is, therefore, safe to run the portable air cooler throughout the night without fear of a malfunction, which is commonly the case with specific models. To charge the large integrated 200mAh lithium batteries, you only need to use a USB-C port cord with the cooling system. The portable air conditioner may run for up to eight hours straight when fully charged.

What makes Blast Auxiliary Air Cooler a Standout?

If you’re looking to cool your home, garage, or work area in the scorching heat of the summer, then the Blast Auxiliary Air Cooler is an excellent choice. It may be utilized in any location and produces hassle-free and personalized results. There are numerous ways in which it outperforms its competitors, some of which are listed below:

In addition to the standard air cooler and fan settings, the cooling system features humidifier functionality, three fan speeds, and the option to cool more quickly. The quality of cooling provided by this small unit rivals that of a much larger one but with less cost.

The air cooling system’s air filters and other setups show that it is free of irritants and potential problems. Your skin and sinuses will not suffer from dehydration because of the additional humidification.

Blast Auxiliary, a Portable Air Cooler unit, uses water to cool your surroundings, using less electricity than window air conditioner systems and other permanent central air systems. This makes this portable Blast Auxiliary Air Cooler a more convenient and eco-friendly option for cooling than traditional ACs.

It’s a lightweight, portable cooling unit that weighs less than two pounds. It is portable and may be used in any office or room for additional cooling and can be taken along when traveling away from home.

Apart from routine cleaning, the Blast Ultra-Portable AC requires little maintenance. Remove the ice tray and water curtain every 15 to 30 days and adequately rinse them to remove any debris or residue.

The battery unit is contained within and requires no maintenance. Unless there are accidents or overuse, the Type-C USB cable will survive a long time.

What’s included in the box?

Setting up and using the Blast portable AC unit is very easy. As mentioned above, this portable Air Cooler is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Once you’ve plugged the power adapter system, your cooling system is ready to use. When you purchase the Blast Auxiliary AC unit, its box comes with the following items in addition to the cooling system and the port for the power adapter.

An ice tray is available for those who prefer a cold blast of air from the cooling system. Adding the crushed ice or standard ice cubes to the tray will allow the cooled and moist air to be sent into the room.

The water curtain is designed to cool off any air pulled through it, whether you include ice on the tray or splash the water curtain with cold water. Either way, you’ll enjoy the resulting air cooling.

The Blast Auxiliary portable Air Cooler unit also has a built-in air filter, a nice extra feature. Thanks to this filter, your cooled air may be free of dust, pollutants, or other sources of discomfort as the particles may stick to the water curtain filter, thus lessening the particles floating about.

A power adapter is located on one end of the cable, and a plug for an electrical outlet is located on the other side. After charging, this AC unit can cool the air for a minimum of eight hours.

Usage Guide

The Blast Auxiliary Air Cooler unit is designed to be simple to use. If you can connect a phone battery charger, you can use this portable AC unit without difficulty.

Here is how to set up and use the Blast Auxiliary portable air cooler for the first time:

  • Placing the unit on a level surface area is recommended. Then connect the power adapter to the cooling unit and an electrical outlet on the other end.
  • Remove the water curtain from the cooling unit’s drawer and soak it in water for a few seconds. Re-insert it into the drawer once the water curtain is sufficiently saturated.
  • Fill the water tank halfway, and then select your preferred setting.
  • Fill the ice tray halfway with ice to increase the cooling capacity of the portable Air Cooler unit, resulting in cooled refreshing air surrounding you.
  • Take pleasure in milder temperatures. Regularly replenish the water and ice, and keep your house cool at all times.

The Blast Auxiliary AC will begin operating immediately upon powering on. You should immediately notice cool, wet air exiting the opposite side of the cooling unit.

If you notice that the air has become less chilly over time, refill the ice and water tray to ensure the system operates properly.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Pricing

Blast Auxiliary air conditioners are only available through the main website. These portable ACs are not available at retailers or anywhere else. The manufacturer wishes to protect its consumer base from counterfeit products. The primary site has all necessary information, such as contact information, payment methods, payment security measures used, and secure checkout. Each box includes everything you need to operate the cooling system and quickly install it in your home.

You can discover the following discount rate options below from the primary website:

  • 1 Blast Portable AC Unit: $89.99
  • 2 Blast Portable AC Units: $179.99
  • 3 Blast Portable AC Units: $201.99
  • 4 Blast Portable AC Units: $246.99

A 30-day money-back guarantee backs the low bargains to sweeten the deal further. Thus, if you are dissatisfied with your Blast Auxiliary Desktop air conditioner, you may return it to the manufacturer for a refund. You will be compensated for the indicated amount.

Keep in mind that you must decide within a month of placing your purchase for this air cooler. To request the refund, submit a support ticket by visiting the below link:

Email Form: https://support.blastauxiliary.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Blast Auxiliary Classic Air Conditioner is the best option when coping with the oppressive summer heat. This portable air conditioner utilizes the thermoelectric principle to cool your surroundings through evaporation. The Blast Auxiliary air conditioner uses a water drape, an ice tray, and other cutting-edge cooling technology to chill the air in your vicinity. It works by drawing in hot air from one side and then releasing clean, refreshing air from the other. Moreover, the fan features a louver that allows you to direct the flow of air, making it much more convenient to use

The Blast Auxiliary air conditioner is a godsend for saving money on electricity bills for many customers. When it comes to power consumption and flexibility, it is superior to a central cooling system. As a result of its low noise, the Blast Auxiliary Desktop Air Conditioner Ultra can be used in the office or bedroom at night to provide targeted cooling.

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