Best Magnesium Supplements: Top Brand Product Rankings of 2022

Magnesium is an essential nutrient and probably the most underappreciated and valuable supplement globally, so well done for reading this guide! Not only does it help with depression and ADHD and prevent diabetes and essentially hold your DNA together, but it’s also beneficial for a ton of problems, from fatigue to heart disease.

There’s a colossal list of what you can fix just by taking Magnesium, and the 99% chance is that you, as more or less everyone around you, are not taking nearly enough. Sounds interesting? Let’s get to it.

What Is Magnesium and How Does It Help With Your Health?

Magnesium is a critical element to millions of chemical reactions that happen in the body, like the way you get energy, clear your skin, keep strong bones, grow new neurons, use your body tissue well, and many more.

Enough Magnesium is a crucial mineral and vital component of a healthy and balanced diet. The proper levels of this chemical have been linked to maintaining healthy physiological processes such as sleep and staying on top of stress management.

It can help boost sleep, reduce stress, and improve muscle growth. Taking magnesium supplements daily to get the nutrients your body needs. Choose the right and best magnesium supplements, avoid scams, and don’t waste your money on stuff that’s there to fill the bottle!

It’s not easy to get through endless magnesium supplements out there, some of which are useless, and others are plain harmful, but we analyze them and carefully vet them to pick only the unequivocally the best. Enjoy!

Our Guide To Making The Right Decision for Best Magnesium Supplements

In the body, Magnesium plays a major part in your daily functioning. The liver uses Magnesium to make glycogen, the heart uses it to pump blood, the muscles use it to get bigger and stronger, the immune system uses it to produce antibodies, the brain uses it to process information, and the body clock uses it to keep you asleep at night.

These are just some of the essential organs in your body that need Magnesium to function correctly. Yet, in respondents’ blood, it’s well below average according to most surveys and studies that determine the quality of your health.

What else? These are just some of the things Magnesium can help you with:

  • Magnesium helps keep our bones strong and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Magnesium is an essential cofactor in over 300 enzyme systems, including enzymes involved in the energy production and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
  • Magnesium also regulates blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity
  • Magnesium helps in regulating blood pressure
  • It promotes normal heart rhythm
  • It supports healthy immune function
  • It maintains nerve function, muscle contraction (including the heart), protein synthesis, and much more.

Magnesium deficiency can lead to various health problems, including but not limited to: muscle cramps, leg cramps, constipation, an irregular heartbeat, poor sleep quality, and weakness. The key to getting adequate magnesium intake is eating whole foods that are rich in this nutrient. That, due to many factors, is sadly not always possible.

You will find various magnesium supplements available in powdered form, capsule form, liquid form, and oral spray. But we have covered powered and pills of magnesium supplementation.

The Best Magnesium Supplements in 2022 and Beyond

There’s a tremendous amount of the best magnesium supplements out there, but as with most high-quality supplements, the most basic forms are pretty good for you.

Magnesium is sold in several different forms; it’s most commonly available in salt-free, liquid magnesium solutions that you can add to water. Beware of anything too sweet, which has added extra sweeteners or artificial flavors that aren’t good for your health (a common theme with supplements, especially if you have an issue with sweeteners).

Find out about the 6 most beneficial and safe Magnesium supplements below. We went to great lengths to compile the freshest list of only the best magnesium supplements for you that contain proven and natural ingredients. Here they come!

Ancient Nutrients Magnesium Help with body aches and pain and provide relief from arthritis pain
Elm & Rye Magnesium Maintain the health of your bones and muscle function
Pure Essence Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus Aid for better sleep and promote relaxation to the mind
Nuzena Magnesium Pure Support bodily function and relieve anxiety
Natural Vitality Calm Support a healthy immune and stress response
Thorne Research Magnesium Bisglycinate Support a healthy heart and lung function

Ancient Nutrients Magnesium


It’s no secret that the Western diet is a magnesium-deficient one. Why? We know we need them, but we don’t always eat enough of the foods rich in this mineral.

Lower levels of magnesium can lead to serious health problems, including high blood pressure, depression, headaches, migraines, anxiety attacks, or panic disorder symptoms like dizziness or chest pain; low energy; trouble sleeping through the night, and much more. Magnesium is one of the essential minerals in our body. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to do anything!

With Vitamin D for Immune Support, Ancient Nutrients Magnesium is one of our most popular products, including Skullcap extract, Bovine liver, Wild Hake Roe, and so much more! This product comes with a guarantee, but if you look at the list of ingredients here, you’ll see how you’re getting so much for your money, it’s pretty much impossible to pass this product by!

Ingredients Magnesium and Vitamin D
Key Highlights
  • Support muscle function and reduce leg cramps
  • Help to lower blood pressure and boost heart health
  • Promote relaxation and calmness of the brain
  • Gluten-free and Dairy-Free Supplement
  • Price $29.95
    Money-Back 60 days

    Elm and Rye Magnesium


    Magnesium is an essential mineral for many bodily functions. The average person’s magnesium intake should be around 400mg a day, but the standard American diet only provides about 350mg of this mineral on average.

    This deficiency can lead to muscle cramps, irritability, and headaches, in addition to more severe conditions like heart disease and diabetes. There are several ways for increasing magnesium intake; however, Elm and Rye Magnesium may be the best way yet!

    The world of magnesium supplementation is a vast and complex one. With so many options of magnesium supplements available, it can be challenging to find the right magnesium supplement for you. Fortunately, a few have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for people with specific needs. These include Elm and Rye Magnesium, which is an excellent choice for those who don’t want any of the following: soy, gluten, GMOs, or preservatives. It’s also vegan-friendly and dairy-free!

    It’s also been extensively lab-tested (tested by real labradors, no animals were harmed, only made with more Magnesium-rich for their benefit).

    Ingredients Magnesium Glycinate, stearic acid, and magnesium stearate
    Key Highlights
  • Support bone health and muscle function
  • Enhance energy level and physical performance
  • Boost faster recovery after muscle loss
  • Gluten-free and natural magnesium supplement
  • Price $30
    Money-Back 365 days

    Pure Essence Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus


    A new product called Pure Essence Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus is an excellent example of a highly well-built and one of the best magnesium powders.

    Pure Essence Ionic-Fizz Magnesium Plus is a powdered form magnesium supplement that has been shown to help reduce symptoms of magnesium deficiency. It contains boron, beetroot powder, potassium, and natural fruit powders. It also has erythritol as its primary sweetener. This magnesium supplement was created to provide you with the highest quality magnesium possible for your health and wellness. It also contains electrolytes which are vital for good health. Go all-natural; we dare you!

    Ingredients Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Magnesium carbonate, and Magnesium glycinate
    Key Highlights
  • Promote healthy immune response
  • Boost better sleep quality and mood patterns
  • Provide muscle comfort and better bone density
  • 100% Natural and safe formula
  • Price $31.14
    Money-Back 90 days

    Nuzena Magnesium Pure


    See, what the manufacturer is saying “Our product is made with pure and natural ingredients inside an FDA registered facility that adheres to GMP guidelines, supports a healthy sleep cycle, and features a quality certification tracker so you can now see the ingredient quality testing results of each batch of our magnesium supplements in real-time”.

    There are many reasons why Nuzena Magnesium Pure is so great, and some of them include

    its purity and lack of fillers or binders.

    It’s gentle on the stomach and has no unpleasant taste or odor.

    It provides sustained release of energy, promotes relaxation without drowsiness, reduces anxiety and muscle tension while promoting mental clarity and focus.

    It also supports a healthy immune system and plays a role in neurological function.

    Nuzena Magnesium Pure can help you get the daily Magnesium intake your body needs.

    Ingredients Magnesium Glycinate
    Key Highlights
  • Help in blood pressure regulation and reduce insulin resistance
  • Regulate neurotransmitters to support healthy sleep cycle
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • 100% Drug-free and Non-GMO
  • Price $35
    Money-Back 30 days

    Natural Vitality Calm


    This magnesium supplement comes in powdered form. The main motive of this formula is to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and to provide a calming effect. It comes in three different flavors and many people also use it to boost bone density and muscle health. Natural vitality calm is a perfect drink mix, you need to add one or two teaspoons of this powder into a shake, coffee, or any beverage as per your choice.

    Ingredients Magnesium Carbonate and Magnesium Citrate
    Key Highlights
  • Support better sleep quality
  • Help to deal with anxiety and everyday stress levels
  • Reduce nighttime leg cramps
  • Gluten-free and natural formula
  • Price $24.97
    Money-Back 60 days

    Thorne Research Magnesium Bisglycinate


    Thorne’s magnesium bisglycinate powder has become popular due to its fast absorption formula of elemental magnesium and magnesium bisglycinate. This form of magnesium provides various health benefits from better energy levels to bone health. Many experts prefer this form of magnesium for heart and lung health.

    Ingredients Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate
    Key Highlights
  • Help in energy production and boost physical performance
  • Reduce joint discomfort and pain
  • Promote heart health by eliminating the chances of heart disease
  • Manufactured under safety standards
  • Price $40
    Money-Back 60 days

    Why Is Magnesium Totally Necessary and Even Crucial to Your Life?

    Magnesium helps regulate the nervous system and everything that goes on, like blood sugar regulation and muscle and nerve function, and your heart and blood pressure. All that from a simple tablet! Most of the diseases that Magnesium is used to help treat are so common that they affect every one of us at some point in our lives.

    What Forms of Magnesium are there?

    There are many different types of Magnesium available on the market today. Some common ones include:

    • Magnesium chloride
    • Magnesium citrate
    • Magnesium oxide
    • Magnesium sulfate

    It’s important to know which ones you’re taking. For example, it is usually thought that Magnesium oxide is not very good in terms of being broken down and consumed by the body and therefore isn’t a great choice. Why?

    Magnesium oxide can be found in many health food stores, and it’s often taken to help with insomnia, constipation, anxiety, and high blood pressure. You may not know about this type of magnesium supplement because it has been proven ineffective for its intended purpose.

    Magnesium Oxide is a chemical compound that has been used in the past as an antacid. However, it does not dissolve well and may produce magnesium salt, which can cause nausea or vomiting. However, the body absorbs only 1% of magnesium oxide from food and drinks – meaning you’re wasting your time by taking it orally.

    On the other hand, other supplements such as Magnesium L-Threonate are far better (Magnesium L-Threonate is the most absorbable type of Magnesium plus many studies show it’s the best for cognitive function).

    How Were the Rankings of the Magnesium Supplements Determined?

    Every manufacturer claims that their magnesium supplement is the best and provides actual benefits. But are they really the best? The following list of magnesium supplements has been compiled based on certain criteria that ensure the user gets only supplements that have maximum benefits and actually do what they claim.

    Right Magnesium Dosage

    Magnesium supplements are primarily intended to provide adequate magnesium intake. Magnesium supplementation is important and it must be at a dosage level that allows users to balance magnesium levels with a balanced diet. All of the popular magnesium supplements above contain 350 mg of magnesium per serving. Magnesium intake of this amount is considered adequate.

    Forms of Magnesium

    Every form of magnesium plays an important role in overall health, as there are different forms of magnesium. Various forms of magnesium have different effects on the body, such as magnesium chelate, which supports muscle recovery after workouts, magnesium malate, which boosts energy levels, etc. The magnesium supplements on our list contain the maximum amount of best magnesium to ensure users can enhance their overall wellness and health.

    Price & Value

    When it comes to buying dietary supplements or magnesium supplements, who doesn’t want to spend money for a valuable product. Our list of the best magnesium supplements includes products that are well worth their price.

    Advertised Benefits

    The benefits of magnesium supplements include better muscle health, bone density, heart health, blood sugar regulation, cognitive function, and immunity. Magnesium supplements can help with many health concerns, but they don’t work overnight.

    Manu manufacturers overstate their benefits, but in practice, all dietary supplements take time and cannot reverse major health issues overnight. We have considered supplements that accurately advertise what they have to offer, rather than making false promises.

    Natural and Complementary Ingredients

    Manufacturers of many magnesium supplements often add artificial flavors or ingredients to make the product taste better. But have considered high-quality magnesium supplements that contain natural ingredients which are proven to be effective in increasing magnesium levels.

    Many manufacturers also added complementary ingredients like Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, which are helpful to promote overall well-being. We have not listed the companies that use artificial ingredients in the product.


    What are the best magnesium supplements?

    The above list of magnesium supplements are among the best, apart from them, Now Foods liquid magnesium with trace minerals, pure encapsulations magnesium liquid, 1Md Mag are also great options that you will get from amazon.

    What are the benefits of taking magnesium supplements?

    Since magnesium is an essential mineral, although it can be taken from fortified foods in case you do not get adequate magnesium from food items, magnesium supplements are best to support your immune system, heart health, joint mobility, and treat various other diseases.

    What are the precautions to be taken care while taking a magnesium supplement?

    However, magnesium supplements are natural and safe for consumption but there are certain precautions that you should take care of, like seeking a piece of professional medical advice if you have any allergy or medical history before consuming it, it is not meant for pregnant women and children.

    What are the symptoms of Magnesium deficiency?

    Many people who are magnesium deficient go through various health problems such as intestinal problems, diabetes type 2, heart problems, and loss of muscles.

    What types of foods are rich in Magnesium?

    While you want to have magnesium intake from food items, you can rely on bananas, yogurt, black beans, cashews, almonds, peanuts, and soy milk.

    Are topical sprays reliable for magnesium intake?

    According to the experts, there is no evidence that topical sprays can provide adequate magnesium when it is entered through the bloodstream. In fact, many people have experienced great benefits when they are applied to the skin.

    The Best Magnesium Supplements in 2022 and Beyond Conclusion

    Magnesium can save your life! It helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps heart rhythm steady, supports a healthy immune system, and keeps bones strong. Some signs of magnesium deficiency include insomnia, fatigue, weakness or irritability, muscle cramps or spasms, and restless leg syndrome. What’s not as funny as a jerky leg are illnesses like heart failure or depression, or ADHD that could be prevented using Magnesium.

    The human body needs Magnesium for several different functions. These include the production of protein, metabolism, and DNA synthesis. Magnesium is also required to make energy and support nerve function. It can be found in many foods such as spinach, nuts, avocados, dark chocolate, bananas, and more. Most (if not all) people don’t have nearly good enough diets to supply enough Magnesium, which promises (potentially) lethal consequences.

    The health benefits of Magnesium are numerous, and it is a critical mineral for good health. Make sure you read guides like ours for up-to-date information on the latest developments on supplements with no useless content, hidden dangers, or long-term health consequences.

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