Best HGH Booster Supplements That Work to Increase Growth Hormone Levels

In the last few years, we have seen a massive spurt in the usage of human growth hormone supplements. The increased popularity of these supplements can be attributed to their effectiveness and life-changing qualities.

People use HGH supplements for different reasons. Some people use them to recover fast, whereas others increase muscle mass. People also consume these supplements to get stronger or leaner in no time. Interestingly, HGH can also be taken to stabilize your testosterone production and help boost libido in men.

There are so many applications of HGH in the human body that people can take it to improve any aspect of their health. The hormone plays a crucial role in developing muscles and bones and overall physical growth. HGH levels are highest during puberty and fall sharply once a person reaches 30. This leads to a decline in muscle mass and increased body fat.

HGH can also be injected directly into your body. It is also available as a prescription medication from a certified health professional. Since HGH is responsible for many critical bodily functions, it is not advisable to take it without medical supervision. This is because the consequences can be harmful to the individual.

This is the main reason why so many people turn to HGH supplements. These supplements contain ingredients that can boost HGH levels and support overall health. Rather than taking synthetic HGH directly, you must allow a combination of science-backed ingredients to help regulate the HGH cycles inside your body.

But, there is still one more thing that you have to figure out. Which human growth hormone boosters will work the best for you? Since every brand promises to promote HGH secretion, which one should you trust?

To help you get the best HGH supplement for yourself, we have ranked several better supplements on the market than the rest.

Before we dive into an in-depth review of the top HGH supplements, let’s better understand HGH.

What is HGH?

HGH (human growth hormone) is a naturally occurring protein produced by the pituitary gland. HGH helps regulate metabolism, increases muscle mass, improves sleep quality, and promotes overall well-being.

HGH is also known as somatotropin or somatropin, a polypeptide hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland into the bloodstream. A polypeptide hormone is a long chain molecule composed of amino acids linked together in a specific order. The linkages between the amino acids are called peptides.

The primary function of HGH is to stimulate cell division and growth in cells throughout the body.

HGH is considered a powerful anti-aging supplement because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that support skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. In addition, HGH has been shown to increase lean muscle mass and improve bone density.

What is IGF?

IGF stands for insulin-like growth factor. IGFs are small proteins that help control how much food we eat, how fast our bodies grow, and how quickly we age. IGFs are three different types: Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1, 2 & 3 (IGF1,2 &3).

IGF1 is produced mainly by the liver and plays a vital role in regulating how much fat you store in your body. IGF2 is primarily created by the kidneys and is involved with kidney development. IGF3 is produced by all tissues in the body and is responsible for cell growth.

IGF1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1)

IGF1 is one of the most researched hormones on the market today. This is partially due to its ability to promote weight loss, increase lean muscle mass, and decrease body fat. However, many other benefits are associated with IGF1, such as improving memory, increasing energy levels, promoting healthy bones, and reducing stress.

IGF1 is also referred to as Somatomedin C. It is a potent stimulator of human growth hormone released from the pituitary gland and therefore is often used as a natural HGH releaser.

IGF1 is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology. Recombinant DNA refers to genetic engineering techniques to produce large quantities of a particular substance.

IGF2 (Insulin-Like Growth Factors 2)

IGF2 is another growth hormone produced by the body. IGF2 is believed to be the leading cause of cancer.

IGF2 is also known as Somatomedin B. It is a smaller version of IGF1 and is primarily found in the brain and nervous system.

IGF2 is thought to play a critical role in normal fetal brain development. IGF2 may also have a role in preventing certain cancers.

IGF2 can be measured in blood samples. Blood tests for IGF2 are commonly performed when doctors want to determine if children have low levels of this hormone.

IGF3 (Insulin-Like Growth Factors 3)

IGF3 is the third member of the insulin family of hormones. IGF3 is produced in every tissue in the body except the brain. It helps regulate cell growth and repair.

IGF3 is also known as Somatropin. It is a synthetic form of naturally occurring protein.

IGF3 has several functions, including stimulating the growth of new blood vessels, supporting the immune system, helping maintain healthy teeth and bones, and protecting against heart disease.

IGF3 can be measured in blood serum or plasma.

How Does HGH Work?

Human growth hormone is a natural substance found in the human body. It is released from the pituitary gland at night when we sleep. The pituitary releases hormones that tell other body parts to produce more growth factors during this time. These growth factors then go on to affect the rest of the body.

This process is called autocrine signaling. Autocrine means “self,” which explains why growth hormone affects only the area where it is produced.

Growth hormone is essential for average growth during childhood and adolescence. However, our bodies stop producing enough growth hormones to keep us healthy as we get older. If we don’t replace our supply of growth hormone, we begin to lose muscle mass, strength, and energy.

Our muscles become less efficient at using oxygen and glucose as we age. This causes our blood sugar levels to drop and results in fatigue. When our blood sugar drops too low, our brains can no longer function properly. We may experience memory loss, confusion, and even seizures.

Our bones become weaker and brittle as we age. Our joints ache, and we have trouble getting around. Many people who have osteoporosis have abnormally high levels of IGF-1 in their blood.

When we take HGH supplements, we start growing new cells and rebuilding our damaged tissue. This helps prevent many diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

A Look At The Best HGH Boosting Supplements That Truly Work

Let’s take a look at which supplement made to our list of the best boosters of HGH available today:

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 can boost muscle growth and reduce body fat in just a few weeks.
HBULK (Brutal Force) Many people use this HGH supplement to receive several anti-aging benefits as it stimulates collagen production.
GenF20 Plus GenF20 Plus is the best HGH supplement for weight loss and muscle building. With the help of its vital amino acid content and L-arginine, the GenF20 Plus can boost growth hormones in your pituitary gland.
HyperGH 14x HyperGH 14X can naturally boost human growth hormone production in the body to achieve lean muscle mass in no time.
GenFX GenFX helps you to tackle erectile dysfunction and raises the levels of testosterone by regulating your HGH
Provacyl One of the best HGH supplements, Provacyl, can help you build muscle by raising natural growth hormone levels.
HGH Energizer Along with resulting in more HGH production, the supplement contains natural ingredients that boost your overall well-being.
Onnit Total Human Many bodybuilders and athletes consider this the best HGH supplement because it can assist in weight loss and muscle building.
Crazy Bulk Growth Hormone Stack The supplement raises HGH naturally, strengthens your immune system, and increases energy levels.
Max Gains Bulking Stack One of the most popular natural HGH boosters, the supplement can boost muscle growth and help in the reduction of body fat to a great extent.
Sytropin The unique supplement on the list, Sytropin, is an oral spray that can improve your body’s natural production of HGH.

CrazyBulk HGH-X2

Product Overview
Core Ingredients Ornithine, L-Leucine, Choline-Alpha, and others.
Servings Per Container 30
Money-Back Guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee
Price $59.99

One of the best HGH supplements, CrazyBulk HGH-X2, can simulate the effects of somatropin (prescription version drug of HGH). In addition, there have been no reports of side effects by the users of CrazyBulk HGH-X2.

HGH-X2 can boost HGH production by stimulating the secretion of the growth hormone in the pituitary gland. By allowing more HGH to enter your blood, HGH-X2 will enable you to shed more body fat and achieve muscle growth quickly.

HGH-X2 is one of the most sought-after human growth hormone supplements on the market right now because of its multiple benefits. They include increased testosterone levels and energy levels. On top of that, you also receive several anti-aging benefits while consuming HGH-X2 regularly.

The natural HGH pills contain several amino acids, L-arginine, maca root, etc., to become the best HGH supplement. HGH-X2 is easily one of the most robust HGH releasers today.

Brutal Force HBulk

Product Overview
Core Ingredients Maca, Hawthorn Berry, L-Arginine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Money-Back Guarantee 100-day money-back guarantee
Price $59.99

Brutal Force HBulk can boost muscle growth and reduce body fat in regular users. The HGH supplements can increase HGH production by stimulating the secretion of the growth hormone in your pituitary gland. It is regarded as one of the top HGH releasers because of its multiple benefits.

Unlike other human growth hormone supplements on the market that contain shady ingredients, Brutal Force HBulk contains natural elements in its composition to boost the presence of growth hormones in your body. Like other HGH supplements on this list, Brutal Force HBulk also uses amino acids to aid muscle gain in individuals.

With the help of the best HGH supplements, you can boost your testosterone levels and energy levels. The inclusion of L-arginine and a vital amino acid profile make Brutal Force HBulk one of the top HGH supplements.

GenF20 Plus

Product Overview
Core Ingredients Astragalus root, Tribulus Terrestris, L’Ornithine, and others
Servings Per Container 60
Money-Back Guarantee 67-day money-back guarantee
Price $69.95

GenF20 Plus has been found to stimulate the production of human growth hormones in the pituitary gland with its strong amino acid profile content. GenF20 Plus has helped several individuals in their weight loss journey by boosting muscle building to a great extent.

Like other potent human growth hormone supplements on the market, GenF20 Plus contains natural extracts, L-arginine, and amino acids in its composition to boost muscle growth. GenF20 Plus is considered one of the best HGH releasers by many users because of its ability of GenF20 Plus to aid weight reduction by shedding excess body fat.

GenF20 Plus can boost HGH production by positively targeting your pituitary gland. With the regular consumption of GenF20 Plus, you can also receive several anti-aging benefits. GenF20 Plus is considered the most potent HGH supplement out of many HGH supplements.

The inclusion of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid in GenF20 Plus makes it possible for the supplement to raise HGH naturally.

HyperGH 14X

Product Overview
Core Ingredients GABA, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, and others
Servings Per Container 60
Money-Back Guarantee 67-day money-back guarantee
Price $69.95

In their online reviews, many users have called HyperGH 14X the best HGH supplement. HyperGH 14X is formed of natural ingredients like L-arginine, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, Colostrum, etc., that work in synergy to impact your natural growth hormone levels.

By allowing your pituitary gland to engage in more HGH production, HyperGH 14X improves your physical stamina and exercise capacity. Unlike other HGH supplements that make impractical claims about their formula, HyperGH 14X asks you to follow a healthy diet with its regular consumption.

Another reason why HyperGH 14X is the best human growth hormone supplement is because it can stimulate muscle growth and aid your bodybuilding routine. Among the best HGH supplements, HyperGH 14X still comes on the top because of its strong amino acid profile.


Product Overview
Core Ingredients L-Lysine, L-Arginine, L-Glycine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Money-Back Guarantee 60-day
Price $49.95

With the help of natural ingredients, GenFX allows you to make more growth hormones in your body. The inclusion of amino acids (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid and L-arginine, for instance) in its composition makes it one of the best HGH supplements.

If you are looking for HGH-boosting supplements to aid your weight loss journey, you can choose GenFX. Regular users get lean muscle mass by consuming natural HGH supplements daily.

Human growth hormone has been linked with enhanced muscle growth that helps people in muscle building. As the best HGH supplement stimulates your pituitary gland to engage in more HGH production, your body receives overall benefits.


Product Overview
Core Ingredients L-Pyroglutamate, L-Tyrosine, L-Glycine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Money-Back Guarantee 67-day money-back guarantee
Price $59.00

Provacyl is one of the best HGH supplements because of its strong amino acid profile content. The supplement is packed with natural ingredients that provide several health benefits that contribute to your overall health. These ingredients include L-arginine, Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, Anterior Pituitary Powder, Deer antler velvet, etc.

All these ingredients make Provacyl one of the most sought-after natural HGH supplements. They work in synergy to aid successful weight reduction by promoting muscle growth. Human growth hormones have been linked with solid muscle building in several studies.

All these qualities make Provacyl the best HGH supplement.

HGH Energizer

Product Overview
Core Ingredients Vitamin B6, L- Leucine, L-Valine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Money-Back Guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee
Price $39.95

HGH Energizer can help people in muscle building by initiating them to lose weight. Many users regarded it as the best HGH supplement because of its potent formula. All the ingredients that go into the best HGH supplement have been scientifically proven to increase muscle mass and assist in weight loss.

With the help of anterior pituitary powder, the supplement enhances the presence of human growth hormones inside the body. Apart from receiving muscle growth, you also achieve other health benefits like improved cognitive functioning and stronger immunity with increased HGH levels.

To achieve general wellness, you can try out the best HGH supplements.

Onnit Total Human

Product Overview
Core Ingredients Strontium, L-Tyrosine, Bacopa, and others
Servings Per Container Starts from 7
Money-Back Guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee
Price $137.97

People often take natural HGH supplements to support their weight loss journey. One such supplement is Onnit Total Human. It contains natural ingredients in its formulation to support healthy muscle growth and muscle mass in individuals. These ingredients include Anterior Pituitary Powder, L-arginine, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, etc.

One of the best HGH supplements provides several health benefits by adjusting your HGH levels. With the help of amino acids, the supplement can boost your testosterone levels and provide heightened energy levels.

If you are looking for HGH supplements that contain a blend of vitamins, herbs, minerals, and amino acids, you can choose Onnit Total Human.

CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack


CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack is one of the best HGH supplements for muscle building. The supplement is packed with many health benefits that can positively impact your overall well-being.

As the best HGH supplement, it uses Anterior Pituitary Powder, L-arginine, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, etc., to result in more HGH production that can help your bodily health. You experience increased energy levels while taking one of the most promising HGH releasers, CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack.

The natural ingredients used in the supplement can aid muscle growth and offer high energy levels that can help you lose weight faster than ever.

Max Gains Bulking Stack


Max Gains Bulking Stack can stimulate your body’s natural production of HGH with the help of several natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and a vital amino acid profile. These ingredients also affect collagen production in your body and provide plenty of anti-aging benefits.

The natural HGH supplement can aid muscle growth and help you get rid of excess body fat quickly. It is considered the best HGH supplement by men because it results in high testosterone levels and energy levels, leading to enhanced sex drive.

To fast-track your muscle growth, you must pick HGH releasers with amino acids (like L-arginine).


Product Overview
Core Ingredients Gaba, Alpha GPC, Glycine, and others
Servings Per Container 30
Money-Back Guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee
Price $59.95

Sytropin is different from most HGH supplements as it is not available in pill or capsule form. It is known as an oral spray. Men usually take Sytropin to enhance their energy levels before a workout to achieve lean muscle mass quickly.

The ingredients used in the spray can increase muscle mass and help you achieve muscle growth quickly. With the help of amino acids, your body’s testosterone production rises, and you get enhanced energy levels.

It is one of the most popular natural HGH boosters that can stimulate HGH production in the pituitary gland.

How Does Science Back The Benefits Of HGH Supplements?

Taking HGH supplements has been associated with several health benefits. The best growth hormone supplements can positively affect the HGH levels in your body with the help of amino acids.

A human growth hormone supplement can also help you get rid of excess body fat. We have discussed the benefits of HGH consumption in any form in detail. They are:

Weight Loss In Terms Of Fat

It is a well-known fact that muscle burns more calories than fat. Taking HGH supplements can stimulate the burning of more fat by switching your body into a fat-burning furnace. With the help of amino acids, a human growth hormone supplement can induce weight loss successfully in regular users.

The best growth hormone supplements can tackle obesity by increasing your HGH levels and helping you lose weight quickly.

Improvement in Muscle Growth

HGH is responsible for creating collagen in the body. It is the most abundant protein that plays a crucial role in connecting muscles and tissues. As you grow old, your HGH levels drop, and as a result, collagen also reduces. Start taking HGH supplements to enhance lean muscle growth.

HGH supplements increase your body’s collagen production, leading to more lean muscle mass. As you build muscle, you lose a fair portion of body fat and contribute to your overall health.

Increased Physical Endurance and Exercise Capacity

HGH can improve your physical endurance to a great extent. HGH supplementation can boost your immune system and enhance your strength from within. With the help of amino acids, HGH supplements increase your physical stamina to perform better during your bodybuilding routine.

These supplements can boost HGH naturally so that you don’t get any side effects. Taking genuine supplements is one of the easiest ways to enhance HGH levels in the body.

Another reason for taking HGH is to improve one’s exercise capacity. HGH booster supplements have been found to accentuate your metabolism and increase physical stamina. You receive several benefits when your body starts producing human growth hormones naturally.

HGH supplements take the help of amino acids in boosting HGH levels in the human body. As your body’s HGH levels increase, your immune function also strengthens, and you can achieve peak physical exertion.

Plethora Of Anti-Aging Benefits

HGH boosting products have been found to promote slow aging in regular individuals. Various studies have proven that optimum HGH levels can provide several anti-aging benefits. The supplements make you feel younger by providing relief from joint pain and aiding faster recovery.

The best HGH supplement contains amino acids to stimulate your body’s collagen production and reduce fine lines, pores, and wrinkles. As the supplement works to increase HGH levels naturally, you receive skin elasticity.

Maintenance and Promotion Of Male Sexual Health

Human growth hormone/HGH supplements also affect sexual health in men. HGH has the power to enhance your sex drive. As men get older, they lose their libido and fall prey to erectile dysfunction. This happens when they go through male menopause.

With the help of the best HGH supplement, you can increase your testosterone production and restore your sex drive. A human growth hormone supplement takes amino acids to fight the low testosterone levels caused due to male menopause. By regulating the growth hormone in the body, men can boost their sexual health to a great extent.

Stronger Immune System

Various studies have linked a more robust immune system with optimum HGH levels. When you take human growth hormone/HGH supplements, you strengthen your body to build a full line of defense against foreign bacteria and diseases, making it easy to fight infections.

The best HGH supplement contains those ingredients that also provide immense benefits to your immune system and support HGH levels.

Improved Cognitive Functioning and Memory

HGH plays a significant role in boosting brain health. The normal secretion of the growth hormone in the pituitary gland is essential for maintaining optimal cognitive functioning. Not only this, but growth hormone deficiency can also lead to mood swings and other mental health issues.

A growth hormone supplement can adjust your body’s HGH levels with the help of amino acids. The best HGH supplement can increase HGH levels naturally and promote a healthy brain.

The Metrics Used To Rank The Best HGH Supplements

There are several supplements on the market right now that are marketed as HGH boosters. But, not all of them are credible. Some do not contain authentic ingredients, whereas some are ridiculously expensive. Many of these supplements are nothing but scams.

To separate the wheat from the chaff, we decided to use the following factors to determine the best HGH supplements that can positively impact your overall health. These factors include:

Choice of Ingredients

The type of ingredients used in the supplements affects their working and quality. Some supplement companies use cheap and low-quality elements in their formulas to make quick money. We conducted heavy research about the ingredients used in the supplements listed here.

Most of the ingredients used are natural extracts from trusted sources. They include deer antler velvet, L-arginine, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, hawthorn berry extract, etc. These ingredients have been found to build muscle, improve cognitive functioning, and increase testosterone levels in men.

If you want to get lean muscle mass from supplements, you can pick out any brand from our list.

Company Standing and Reputation

We preferred companies with a proven track record of producing impeccable health supplements and driving effective outcomes after regular consumption. Most of the supplement companies we have included in our list come from companies with a solid reputation in the health industry.

Taking HGH supplements from the brands here will support your growth hormone production. Most of these brands are backed by a solid medical research team that spends hours creating a perfect formula comprising the most effective ingredients for inducing HGH secretion in your pituitary gland.

Backing By Science

Taking HGH is a sensitive thing for many individuals. We chose those human growth hormone boosters that contained science-backed ingredients. Many ingredients have been found to support the growth of HGH in the body.

All the HGH supplements listed here contain organic ingredients from trusted sources that increase your HGH genuinely. Some supplements use shady ingredients that boost blood circulation and lead you to believe that your human growth hormone levels have risen.

To save you from incompetent products, we curated a list of transparent supplements that contain science-backed elements in their formula to build muscle and provide other benefits for your overall health.

Type of Product

The ease of use of any HGH supplement matters to the users, so we prefer those products available in easy-to-use forms. Some of these products are HGH pills, whereas some are in liquid form. We have also included an oral spray in the list because of its convenience.

When you have so many options available, you can decide on the method of consumption that will be easier for you to follow regularly. An oral spray will be ideal for people who take HGH before or during workouts.

Some people prefer natural HGH pills over HGH injections because of their natural ingredient content.

Strong Dosages

Taking supplements should not tamper with your body’s human growth hormone production. HGH is one of the most crucial hormones in your body. Hence, the hormone secretion must be regulated proportionally.

When taking HGH supplements, you must check the values of the ingredients used in their formula. If some elements are present in tiny quantities, they won’t affect your HGH levels. But, if some components are present in large amounts, they might do more harm than good.

We picked out those supplements that contain scientifically-effective dosages of potent ingredients.

Honest Advertising

Some HGH supplements on the market make ridiculous claims about their products. They go pretty overboard about the benefits of their products. Some claim that their product can help you lose fat within just three days, and you don’t even have to maintain a healthy diet or exercise in that same period.

It is important to note here that these are not practical benefits and these companies are highly dishonest about the features of their products. Since the market is filled with shady supplements, we rejected those supplements that made misleading claims about their products.

Our list includes those supplements that genuinely affect your human growth hormone levels and help build muscle subsequently.

Side Effects

A good health supplement does not induce any side effects in regular users. It contains 100% organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to affect your growth hormone levels. The inclusion of natural elements in the formula of the supplements makes them more accessible to the general public who are allergic to certain synthetic ingredients.

Taking such HGH supplements will not harm your bodily health and will help increase HGH levels properly. Even men who are in their male menopause can also benefit from the intake of these supplements.

Having said this, you must always check the ingredient content of any supplement before consuming it.


Whenever we rank health supplements, we check their single-bottle price so that people across all demographics can benefit from them. Most of the HGH supplements are priced reasonably between $35 to $75 to make the supplements accessible to more and more people.

If you are buying a budget natural HGH supplement or looking for something relatively more expensive, you can have your pick here. These supplements do not compromise quality and safety and present the most genuine products regardless of anything.

Also, these supplements are a lot less expensive than HGH injections. Of course, they are no replacement for the latter.

Money-Back Guarantee

Even if you select the best HGH supplement for yourself, you don’t need to achieve its desired results. The working of these supplements varies from person to person. If the HGH supplement has not proven effective for you, you must have the option of returning it to the brand.

We prefer those HGH supplements that come with a solid money-back guarantee. The promise of a money-back guarantee displays the makers’ trust in their products. It is a sign that the product will work as it was advertised.

If you are still unsatisfied with the product, you can return it and ask for a full refund.

FAQs About HGH Boosting Supplements

Q: Do HGH supplements work?

A: Yes! HGH products help improve your health and increase your energy level. They also help you build lean muscle and burn fat.

HGH products are safe and effective. There are no side effects associated with taking them. You will not develop any serious medical problems while taking HGH products.

Q: How much HGH do you need to take?

A: The amount of HGH needed depends on how old you are, what kind of supplement you use, and whether you plan to exercise. Most adults require between 20 and 40 IU per day. Children typically need 1/10th of an adult dose.

Q: What should I look for when buying HGH products?

A: Look for products that contain 100% pure HGH. Look for a product with the exact brand name listed on the label. Make sure you read the ingredients list carefully. Some companies add fillers and binders to make their pills appear larger than they are.

Q: Are there any risks involved with taking HGH products?

A: Taking HGH products does not pose any known risks. However, if you have certain medical conditions or are currently taking medications, consult your doctor before starting to take HGH products.

Q: What is an HGH overdose?

A: An overdose occurs when you take too much HGH. Overdosing can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, sweating, dizziness, and insomnia. An overdose can also lead to liver damage and kidney failure.

Q: Is HGH found in natural foods?

A: No. Growth hormone is made by the pituitary gland located near the base of the brain. It is released into the bloodstream when we eat food containing protein.

Q: What is synthetic HGH?

A: Using recombinant DNA technology, synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) is produced in a laboratory. Recombinant DNA technology allows scientists to manipulate genes to produce proteins like insulin and hGH.

Synthetic HGH has been used since the early 1980s. The FDA approved it for treating children born without enough HGH. Synthetic HGH was initially called somatropin. Somatropin is the trade name used by Genentech Inc., which produces the drug.

Q: Does HGH affect your sex drive?

A: Some men report that taking HGH increases their sexual desire. Others say it has no effect. Women often report feeling more energetic after taking HGH.

Q: How Are HGH Supplements Better Than Synthetic HGH Injections?

A: HGH supplements can be called better than synthetic HGH injections because they contain completely natural elements in their composition. When taking human growth hormone supplements, you are less likely to receive any adverse effects because of the all-natural ingredient content. In addition, they have a lower liability than synthetic HGH injections.

Human growth hormone supplements can stimulate human growth hormone production in the pituitary gland with the help of ingredients like L-arginine, deer antler velvet, amino acid, etc.

HGH supplements are much cheaper than synthetic HGH injections when comparing both costs. Also, you don’t require a prescription to purchase HGH supplements as you do in the case of synthetic HGH injections.

It is important to note that this is not a substitute for any medical advice.

The Best HGH Boosting Supplements Final Verdict

HGH is one of the most important hormones in our body. It is essential to regulate its secretion in our body not to hamper our day-to-day activities. Even if you have to take HGH products, you must not take a step back.

By taking the right supplement for HGH, you are allowing the ingredients used in it to support the growth hormone levels inside your body. Some elements commonly found in these supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, amino acids, etc. These ingredients work in synergy with each other to stimulate the secretion of HGH.

When you choose the best HGH supplement for yourself, you are taking a step towards promoting your general wellness. As a good supplement improves your HGH levels, you get increased muscle mass, prevent erectile dysfunction, and successful weight loss, among many other health benefits.

Having said this, not all supplements on the market will induce positive results. Some makers make plenty of claims about their products but cannot even deliver one benefit. You must conduct proper research before getting a supplement that will impact your growth hormone. Or, simply take a look at our detailed list of HGH releasers that are entirely natural and safe for consumption.

It is important to note that HGH supplements do not replace any medical advice. You must consult a doctor if you are doubtful about using any health supplement that will interfere with the HGH production in your body.


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