Best CBD Dog Treats 2022

Dog treats are nothing new. However, CBD dog treats might not be so common to some pet owners. Well, CBD dog treats are simply treats infused with CBD. Since we already know that CBD has many health benefits in humans, the same can also apply to dogs too.

With many options for dog treats in the market, which one is the best? That is why you get this guide to help you find the best options in the market. We will discuss the benefits of dog treats and which are the best to buy below. Let us get into the guide already.

Benefits of CBD for Dog Treats

Whether you want to get the best CBD dog treats for anxiety or CBD dog treats for joint pain, you may have the question, are CBD treats good for dogs? The quick answer is yes, CBD will be good for your pet. Here are some of the expected benefits of CBD for your dog;

Editor’s Choice

Honest Paws

  • Excellent customer support
  • Ease of shopping on the website
  • Secure payment processing methods

Best CBD Treats For Dogs: Top Organic Full Spectrum CBD Options 2022

  1. Honest Paws – Editor’s Choice
  2. Holistapet – Best for Variety
  3. CBDfx – Best for Verified Potency
  4. cbdMD – Best for Mobility Chews
  5. PETLYcbd – Best for Organic Hemp Treats

1. Honest Paws



  • Uses organic hemp oil
  • The treats can improve inflammation
  • Tested in third-party labs


  • Conditional free shipping

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This can be a great brand if you need high-quality CBD dog treats. You will come across different options such as bites and soft chews. So, if your dog likes chews or bites, you should have various choices to consider. Some of the options include calm bites, relief bites, and mobility soft chews.

The Honest Paws CBD dog treats contain full-spectrum CBD oil. This is vital for giving the best all the crucial cannabinoids. The pure CBD oil used to make the treats is also free from GMOs, soy, and other possible contaminants. The brand still tests the products in a third-party lab to ensure transparency.

Looking at the calm bites, they contain organic peanut butter. Such human-grade peanut butter is vital for flavoring the bites to ensure the pet can also enjoy eating its treats with ease. There is also the use of organic oats which may help with improving inflammation in the pet. Dog owners should easily find this a great choice. With the Honest Paws discount code easily available, you should save some money in the process.

2. Holistapet



  • It offers cruelty-free products
  • You get broad-spectrum CBD products
  • The products are lab-tested


  • Some products are often out of stock

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In case you are in the market for a variety of CBD dog treats, this could be a nice consideration for you. Here you get CBD pet products such as for heart health, immune, joint, mobility, and calming relief. So, whichever the health problem your dog might have, these CBD products can help in some way.

If we take into consideration the calming soft chews, we see that it contains 100% ingredients. Such ingredients assure the pet parents that the CBD dog treat can actually do a good job of calming the pet. Also, the products will be non-GMO, no gluten, and non-dairy.

Free shipping and a Holistapet coupon make it a great choice for many. They often find it possible to buy any amount of CBD products and have them shipped on time with no delays. Lab-testing in an independent lab makes it trustworthy.

3. CBDfx



  • Features quality ingredients
  • Good for all dog sizes
  • The treat is human-grade for safety


  • You may experience delays in customer response

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This brand has the best CBD dog treats you can also consider. Some of them include CBD products for stress, anxiety, joint, and mobility. So, you can see just how good the brand is at offering the right products for improving your dog’s health. The best part is that these products are mostly affordable.

Broad-spectrum CBD extract is one mostly used in soft chews. Such an extract is good since it will not have THC that might affect the dog negatively. Calming extracts such as chamomile are vital to finding in a product. You also get other ingredients such as L-Tryptophan, valerian root, and passionflower.

The manufacturer ensures you can also get delicious sweet potato flavor in its products. Such a flavor is vital for making the dog treats suitable for the dog to eat more often. Thus, you will not struggle so much to have the dog eat its treats.

4. cbdMD



  • Treats made using quality hemp oil
  • Multiple potencies available
  • The products are THC-free


  • It could also use dog bites also as treats

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This is a nice brand to get CBD treats for dogs in different flavors. There is no doubt the dog will like the peanut butter and baked cheese flavors the brand offers right now. You will also enjoy buying from the brand since it often offers products at discounts.

Whichever CBD treat you decide to pick, it would be made of broad-spectrum CBD. This means there is no THC in the treats. The CBD treats are also available in many potency options. These potency options are key to ensuring you only get the right product based on the dog’s health needs.

The manufacturer can guarantee to end up with products made in GMP-compliant facilities. At least you are assured of the best quality for dog treats. You will also get that the treats are tested in third-party labs too. The reports show the purity and quality of the delicious treats.

5. Petly CBD



  • You get THC-free products
  • The products are 3rd-party tested
  • The brand uses organically grown hemp


  • Limited product choices

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The CBD treats for dogs the brand sells are soy-free, corn-free, and grain-free. Now, pet owners should generally find this a great choice overall. They would use it knowing that the CBD treats are safe for their dogs. Since the soft chews are also broad-spectrum, many more people would find them a great pick also.

The product is also veterinarian-formulated too. This means you would like the idea that the product is safe. If that is not enough for you, check out the lab report the brand offers on the website. The lab report is key to showing you how good the brand is at ensuring you get quality CBD products always for the pet.

The chews are also water-soluble. This makes them up to 10 times more bio-available compared to the oil-based dog treats. The brand also uses organically grown hemp. This is all about improving the quality of the dog treats.

How Did We Select The Best CBD Treats for Dog?

There will be many dog CBD treats in the market right now. What is important is that you get to pick the best CBD pet treats. Whether you are getting soft chews or bites, there are a few things to always consider. Below are some of the things we considered when picking these treats.

  • The brand reputation was the biggest consideration. Anyone who is looking for quality treats wishes to get them from top-rated brands.
  • Where does the brand get its hemp plants. Of course, the hemp source matters a lot. We only feature brands with US-grown hemp sources.
  • Does the brand use GMP-certified facilities to make its products? Such facilities are vital for ensuring quality dog treats in the end.
  • The brand also has to use the best methods for extracting CBD from the hemp plants. A good brand will always use tested methods that will not introduce solvents plus other contaminants in the CBD treats.
  • The products should also be tested in third-party labs. Such independence is important for ensuring that the products are safe always. The lab reports should also be published on the website for you to go through first.
  • An excellent customer support team is also vital. The brands should have a good customer support team to help you understand the product before buying.

Where to Buy CBD Dog Treats?

Buying naturally occurring CBD is the most recommended way for getting the best CBD dog treats. However, you might ask yourself, where to buy CBD dog treats near me?

We recommend you start by checking out the brands mentioned above. These are top brands in what they do, so you can always find high-quality dog treats for your pet.

How about medical marijuana dispensaries? Yes, these dispensaries will have many types of CBD products. This may also include dog treats too. As such, check them out to see if you can get the best CBD treats for your pet.

How to Give Your Pet CBD Dog Treats

Once you are done choosing CBD treats, now you have to consider how you give the treats to your pet. The best way would be when you want to reward the pet for good behavior. A good example is when you are training the dog and it gets the commands right. A nice CBD treats reward would be nice in such a case.

When you are using CBD oils, then you can mix the oil in the pet’s food or you could put the oil straight into the dog’s mouth by using the drop.

So, how much CBD should you give the dog? The way CBD dogs treat work makes it easy to give the pet the right CBD amount. Each brand would have a recommendation of just how many treats you can give the dog at any time. Ensure you follow such recommendations to improve the dog’s health.

CBD Dog Treats vs CBD Dog Oil: Which one is The Best

You will always come across either CBD dog treats or CBD dog oil when you want to care for your pet. However, which one would be the best?

CBD oils would come with a dropper which is vital for giving your pet the precise dosage to your pet. You can opt for either using the dropper to place the CBD oil under the dog’s tongue or put it in the dog’s food.

Using CBD oil in the dog’s food will increase the CBD amount that would be absorbed into the pet’s bloodstream. You can also expect that the dog would experience more active ingredients.

For CBD dog treats, the most common options would be CBD bites and chews for dogs. The chews would mostly be made of broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate. The brands like to remove THC since not all dogs might react well with the compound.

The choice mostly depends on the needs of your pet and pet parent too. You should find that CBD oils will have a higher concentration compared to the CBD tasty treat. This means the pet can get more health benefits.

Take note that not all pets love CBD oils, so that is why you get your furry friend CBD treats. Most of these treats are flavored, making it easier for the pet to enjoy its CBD source. That would be the main reason why you may get chews for dogs are more popular than CBD oils.


There are many options available as dog CBD treats in the market right now. However, you should always consider picking high-quality products at all times. This ensures you can find products that would provide your dog the best benefits generally. All the brands mentioned above can help you pick such products. Of course, you can do further research to find more quality treats for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does CBD oil help dogs?

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties vital for dogs that might have arthritis. The same also helps reduce seizures and convulsions among other benefits.

2. Does CBD oil for dogs have any side effects?

Depending on how the CBD treats are used, the potential side effects include stomach upset, dizziness, dry mouth, lethargy, and low blood pressure.

3. Is it safe to give CBD to dogs?

CBD is generally safe for both humans and dogs. What is vital is that you stick to the right dosage. Using too much CBD in dogs may lead to some potential side effects.

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