Best CBD Creams to Buy (2022) Top-Rated CBD Salves Balms That Work

As far back as 2900 B.C., people have been using cannabis to treat pain. In recent years, scientists have found that certain elements of cannabis, including CBD, offer pain relief. This is why CBD- or cannabidiol- has surged in popularity in recent years. Every day, it seems like more and more people are using CBD for a variety of reasons.

There are many different ways that you can use CBD, including oils, gummies, tinctures, vape juice/oil, and so much more. However, if your goal is to find relief from aches and pains or to treat certain skin conditions, a topical may be your best option.

CBD topicals are lotions, salves, creams, or balms that have been infused with CBD and are made to be applied directly to the skin. Of course, at this point, research on CBD is still in the early stages- but what we do know about CBD topicals is promising.

One study in 2016 on rodents indicated that applying CBD topically may help with managing the pain and inflammation related to arthritis.

At their annual meeting in 2018, the American Academy of Dermatology suggested that topical CBD could be used to treat conditions such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Acne
  • Eczema

Finally, a 2020 study indicated that applying topical CBD products may offer therapeutic benefits for a variety of conditions, including relief from joint and muscle pain and skin conditions.

That being said, the effectiveness of CBD depends on several different factors, such as:

  • Source
  • Dosage
  • Quality

In this article, we’re going to explore the world of CBD creams. We’ll explain the various types of CBD topicals, and how we chose the best CBD creams. Of course, we’ll also outline the benefits and risks of using CBD topicals, as well as provide you with reviews of what we believe are the 21 best CBD creams on the market today.

If you are interested in using CBD topicals, we hope that this information will be helpful in making your decision. This is most definitely an option that is worth exploring, especially if you’re looking for a more natural option to treat pain and discomfort or conditions relating to skin health.


21 Best CBD Creams

When it comes to CBD creams, every company claims that their product provides pain relief via high-quality CBD. However, this isn’t always the truth. We took the time to review many of the CBD creams on the market. Below, we have listed and reviewed what we believe to be the top 21 CBD creams on the market today. Of course, you can be sure that you can trust any of these companies to provide you with high-quality CBD products.



Coming in at number one, we have XWERKS CBD rub. This is a blend of various plant-based compounds, including:

  • CBD
  • Willow Bark
  • Menthol

XWERKS is based out of Florida and manufactures various products to enhance quality of life and workout performance. In addition to CBD products, they also carry creatine, whey protein, and pre-workout supplements. When it comes to the needs of athletes, they are well-educated.

XWERKS CBD rub is made up of 500 milligrams of CBD, as well as 100+ phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant. After all, research indicates that using the entire plant maximizes the benefits of the product.

XWERKS has joined forces with licensed and knowledgeable farmers in the United States, which means you can be assured that they are only using nutrient dense, high-quality plants. These farmers only use organic farming practices, so you don’t have to be concerned about any undesirable chemicals in their CBD products.

XWERKS Website

CBD Pure Muscle and Joint Formula


CBD Pure’s Muscle and Joint Formula contains 500 milligrams of CBD per container. This is a full-spectrum product. Additionally, they include menthol and white willow bark to their formula to increase its effectiveness. In addition to relieving pain and discomfort in your muscles and joints, this cream provides a cooling sensation to the area it is applied so the relief lasts longer.

According to CBDPure, you only need to apply a pea-sized amount to the affected area to experience quick relief. This cream costs around $40 per tube and contains jojoba seed oil, apricot extract, and eucalyptus, as well as other minor ingredients, in addition to the CBD.

CBDPure Website

Green Roads CBD Skin Creams


When it comes to CBD creams and other products, Green Roads is one of the largest manufacturers in the USA. They offer a variety of CBD topicals, including the following:

  • Ointments
  • Roll-ons
  • Pain Relief Muscle and Joint cream

Their products come in a variety of doses. The Muscle and Joint cream starts at 50 milligrams of CBD per bottle and goes up to 750 milligrams per bottle. In addition to CBD, the products from Green Roads also contain other ingredients that offer relief to sore muscles and joints, such as:

  • Rosemary oil
  • Menthol
  • Avocado oil

Some of their most popular topical products include:

  • Skin Relief CBD cream
  • Heat Relief CBD Roll-on
  • Cool Relief CBD Roll-on

Green Roads Website

Joy Organics CBD Creams


Joy Organics is another popular company in the world of CBD. Two of their leading CBD creams are:

  • CBD cream
  • CBD sports cream

According to everything we know about Joy Organics, they are committed to only using high-quality hemp in their products. Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality CBD products when you purchase from them.

Their CBD creams contain at least 250 milligrams of CBD per container. The highest dosage is 400 milligrams per container. They can be used to nourish skin, as well as invigorate sore muscles and joints. You can apply this cream anywhere on your skin to experience quick results.

The CBD sports cream from Joy Organics is specifically created to soothe sore muscles after a hard workout. Plus, they won’t break your budget. A 250-milligram bottle will only cost you $33, while a 400-milligram bottle is only $40.

Joy Organics Website

Elixinol CBD Cream


Elixinol offers a variety of CBD topicals, balms, and gels. They only use 100% organically sourced hemp in their topicals. Plus, you can be sure that their hemp is non-GMO, plant-based, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly. Not only do their topicals contain CBD, but they also contain:

  • Copaiba
  • Capsaicin
  • Essential oils

Three of their leading CBD creams are:

  • Lip Balm: a full spectrum oil that can be applied to your lips.
  • Sports Gel: broad-spectrum oil that can be applied to sore joints and muscles- contains 1,000 milligrams of CBD.
  • Hemp Balm: full-spectrum oil that can be used anywhere on the body- contains 500 milligrams of CBD.

Elixinol Website

Sabaidee Relief Rub


Relief Rub from Sabaidee is a relaxing blend of natural botanicals. This is a broad-spectrum product that is pure, containing zero artificial additives. However, it does contain menthol, so it has a subtle mint scent- but isn’t overwhelming like many of the other products on the market that include menthol.

Sabaidee has had their Relief Rub triple-tested by several different labs for quality, purity, and potency. This product contains 250 milligrams of CBD per container. The CBD is sourced from farms in Colorado. Though they never add any artificial ingredients, they do add natural ones, including:

  • Wintergreen leaf
  • Blue tansy
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Avocado oil

Sabaidee Relief Rub is made to be massaged into the skin as needed when you are experiencing pain or discomfort and need some relief. They are reasonably priced at $36 to $49 per container.

Sabaidee Website

cbdMD Recover


Recover CBD cream from cbdMD, is specially formulated to soothe inflammation. You can get a variety of dosages, starting at 300 milligrams per container and going up to 3,000 milligrams per container. This means that you can easily find the right dosage for your personal needs.

According to cbdMD, their Recover Cream can be used to provide relief to aches and pains, along with temporary discomfort, while also hydrating your skin. In addition to CBD, this broad-spectrum formula includes: CBG, CBN, and terpenes. Plus, the histamine dihydrochloride relieves pain and increases blood flow. This means that it can be used to relieve discomfort and soreness, even after a hard workout. If you have everyday aches and pains, it can be used for that as well.

Just like many of the other topicals we have on our list, it contains less than 0.3% THC- but does contain shea butter and essential oils. This product is produced in the United States.

cbdMD Website

CBDFx Muscle and Joint Cream


CBDFx’s Muscle and Joint cream contains:

  • CBD
  • Menthol
  • White Willow Bark

These ingredients offer a cooling sensation, a lot like a few of the other CBD creams we have listed here. Nevertheless, this product is unique in that it also contains caffeine, which is not something we commonly see in other creams on the market.

Muscle and Joint Cream by CBDFx comes in a variety of strengths, starting at 500 milligrams of CBD per bottle. The highest dosage offered is 3,000 milligrams per bottle. Since you have options, it’s easy to customize your CBD experience based on your personal needs.

CBDFx claims that their recipe utilizes a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory botanicals to treat muscle aches and joint pain. It is believed that the combination of white willow bark with caffeine offers relief of aches and pains, while the menthol offers the cooling sensation to ensure the relief lasts.

CBDFx Website

EirTree Skin Spray


This is the first CBD cream on our list that is not exactly a cream. It’s actually a spray.

According to EirTree, their Skin Spray is formulated to provide relief to sore joints and muscles. Apparently, this claim must be true because this product has been endorsed by medical professionals, health experts, and chemists.

EirTree offers four other versions of their Skin Spray in addition to the CBD. One of them is a Hemp version.

EirTree’s HYPO CBD is available in a 12-milliliter bottle and comes with a sprayer. Each bottle contains 900 milligrams of CBD isolate. Therefore, this product offers one of the highest dosages on this list. You get 30 milligrams of CBD with just two sprays of this product.

The disadvantage with this spray is that it’s not cheap. You will pay around $90 per bottle- but it is proven effective to relieve all of your aches and pains.

EirTree Website

Receptra Naturals CBD Topicals


Receptra Naturals has a wide array of CBD topicals, including the following:

  • Balms
  • Lotions
  • Hemp creams
  • Butters
  • Salves

The products that this company is most known for is their Serious Relief line. This line of CBD products includes:

  • Serious Relief + Arnica Sticks
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Body Oils
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Creams

This product line blends CBD with arnica, which has been proven to quickly relieve discomfort in the areas it is applied, which facilitates a quick recovery.

These products contain natural ingredients for a pleasant scent: jasmine, camphor, and ylang-ylang. This blend helps with recovery of joints and muscles, as well as opens your pores.

Receptra Website

SolCBD Creams/Balms


SolCBD offers two flagship CBD topicals:

  • Nourish Formula
  • CBD Infused Herbal Balm

The Nourish Formula contains CBD, along with 22 skincare ingredients. This product is $55 per bottle, so it’s not cheap- but according to users, it’s worth it. This product is marketed as a harmonious blend of cannabinoids/herbs that is advanced far beyond similar skincare products on the market.

The CBD Infused Herbal Balm contains 250 milligrams of CBD, along with 12 herbal extracts. The CBD in this balm is sourced from hemp plants and will quickly penetrate into joints and muscles to provide relief. This one is also not cheap, it costs $41 per bottle- but again, it’s totally worth it to get relief from your joint and muscle pain and discomfort.

SolCBD Website

CBD American Shaman CBD Topicals


CBD American Shaman is known for their wide variety of quality CBD products, including topicals, such as creams and serums. The company recommends that their products be used to provide relief from discomfort and pain on specific areas of your body.

As you would expect, their CBD topicals are exactly the same as the rest of their products. The CBD is sourced from non-GMO hemp from farms in the United States. The creams have been infused with CBD American Shaman’s trademarked nanotechnology that helps your body absorb them.

There is so much more to CBD American Shaman’s products besides pain relief. They offer a variety of topicals infused with CBD, including the following:

  • Terpene-rich Topical Serum (two sizes: 5- or 15-milliliter)
  • CBD Under Eye Serum
  • Topical Cream (two dosages: 250 or 500 milligrams of CBD per container)
  • Topical Serum Roll-on
  • CBD Body Lotion
  • CBD Face Cream

CBD American Shaman promises that their products can help, whether you’re trying to soothe tired, achy joints and muscles or get rid of your under-eye circles or bags.

American Shaman Website

CBDistillery CBDefine Skin Cream


If you’ve been in the CBD world for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of CBDistillery. They are well-known in the industry for their array of CBD products, including topicals, gummies, and more- including CBDefine Skin Cream.

CBDefine Skin Cream contains 500 milligrams of CBD sourced from hemp in every container. Additionally, this cream contains other active ingredients:

  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Organic olive oil
  • Organic sunflower oil

Of course, ideally, you want a product that smells great while providing you with relief, so they have included the following essential oils:

  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense
  • Tea Tree
  • Lavender

According to CBDistillery, for maximum relief, the cream should be applied liberally to the affected areas.

CBDistillery Website

Medterra Relief + Recovery Cream


Medterra Relief + Recovery Cream is a topical that blends CBD with organic ingredients, such as menthol and arnica. According to the company, to experience a cooling effect that supports muscle and joint recovery, simply apply the cream to the area where you are experiencing discomfort. This product is available in a variety of strengths, from 250 milligrams to 750 milligrams.

In addition to CBD, menthol, and arnica, Medterra Relief + Recovery includes the following ingredients:

  • Lemon peel
  • Safflower seed oil
  • Aloe vera leaf juice
  • Sunflower oil
  • Ginger

According to Medterra, their Relief + Recovery cream is 99.6% CBD. Each batch is third-party tested to ensure quality, potency, and purity- and to be sure that it’s 100% THC-free.

Medterra Website

Kat’s Botanicals CBD Cream


Kat’s Botanicals offers a wide array of CBD topicals, such as:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Roll-ons

Some of the most popular CBD topicals offered by Kat’s Botanicals include:

  • CBD Salve
  • CHILL Relief CBD Roll-on
  • RENEW CBD Lotion

According to the company, their CBD Salve is a full spectrum product. It contains 500 to 1,000 milligrams of CBD in each jar. Additionally, it contains essential oils, butters, beeswax, and other ingredients. This product provides you with a sense of calmness, but also leaves your skin feeling invigorated.

The CHILL Relief CBD Roll-on is available in two dosage strengths: 100-milligram or 1,000-milligram.

Finally, the RENEW CBD Lotion from Kat’s Botanicals offers 150 milligrams of CBD in each bottle. This product has a pleasing amber scent and can be used anywhere on your body to relieve aches and pains.

Kat’s Botanicals Website

Endoca CBD Cream


As with most of the other companies on our list, Endoca offers a wide assortment of CBD products focused on skincare, including salves, creams, and balms. Their products are full-spectrum hemp and can be used in your daily skincare routine.

Some of the most important ingredients in Endoca’s CBD cream include the following:

  • Coconut oil
  • Vanilla extracts
  • Vitamin C, D, E
  • CBD
  • Shea Butter

Endoca offers five leading products:

  • Hemp salve- containing 250-750 milligrams of CBD per container.
  • CBD Face & Body Oil- containing 300 milligrams CBD per bottle, and 30 milligrams per milliliter.
  • Hemp Lip & Skin Balm- containing 20 milligrams of CBD.
  • Hemp Deodorant- containing 100 milligrams of CBD.
  • Hemp Whipped Body Butter- containing 450-1,500 milligrams of CBD per container.

Endoca Website

PureKana Topical CBD Cream


PureKana Topical CBD Cream contains 600 milligrams CBD in every container. The company claims that this product will make you feel hydrated and refreshed. Their topical CBD cream contains the same hemp that is used in their oils.

When applied daily, as part of your skincare regimen, you will notice a difference in your skin. It will become more supple and look healthier and rejuvenated. In addition to CBD, PureKana Topical CBD cream contains shea butter, Montana flower, capsicum, and olive fruit oil.

It’s not cheap. You’ll spend $80 per container. However, it does come with a 30-day refund policy. It comes in an applicator bottle, so applying it anywhere you need to is much easier.

PureKana Website

Mana Artisan Botanics


In the foothills of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, we find Mana Artisan Botanics. This company offers a variety of CBD products, including their specialty skin creams. The skin creams from Mana Artisan Botanics are just like their other CBD products: full-spectrum CBD infused with Hawaiian Botanicals.

They offer two leading CBD topicals:

  • Hawaiian Hemp Balm, which contains CBD, plantain, and comfrey
  • Hawaiian Hemp Massage Oil, contains CBD made from hemp concentrate

The topicals from Mana Artisan Botanics start at $35 per jar and go up from there- but the company promises that you will experience relief from your aching muscles and joints. These products come in several strengths, starting at 150 milligrams and going up to 300 milligrams.

Mana Artisan Website

RE Botanicals Relief Body Oils


RE Botanicals is a CBD company located in the United States that offers an assortment of CBD products. Their CBD is sourced from certified USDA Organic farms. They are known for producing some of the highest quality CBD creams and balms on the market.

Relief Body Oils from RE Botanicals are available in a variety of dosages, from 200 milligrams to 500 milligrams of CBD per bottle. Their products are some of the most affordable on our list, starting at $10 per bottle.

In addition to CBD, RE Botanicals Relief Body Oils also contain lavender and other natural ingredients to help facilitate relaxation.

RE Botanicals Website

Bloom Hemp Topicals


Bloom Hemp offers five different topicals containing CBD from hemp:

  • Zero THC Relief Balm
  • Essential Morning Roll-on
  • Zero THC Restorative Lotion
  • Essential Evening Roll-on
  • Full Spectrum Restorative Lotion

Bloom Hemp’s Zero THC Relief Balm is a broad-spectrum product that contains 100- 500 milligrams of CBD per bottle that has been combined with evening primrose, jojoba oil, emu oil, argan oil, and sesame oil. Additionally, it contains terpenes and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is believed that this product can restore your skin to the best version.

The Essential Morning and Evening Roll-ons are full-spectrum products that contain 200 milligrams of CBD. They are created to loosen tight muscles. In addition to the CBD, they also contain peppermint and rosemary.

Bloom Hemp Website

Charlotte’s Web Topical Formulas


Finally, we come to Charlotte’s Web topicals. This company is well-known in the CBD industry. They offer an array of CBD topicals and creams, including their hemp-infused cream and hemp-infused balm. It is available via a stick or a traditional cream.

The topicals from Charlotte’s Web are formulated to treat arthritis pain, back and neck pain, and other muscle and joint pain, while providing a cooling sensation and other effects. All of their topicals contain 300 milligrams CBD per ounce, making this one of the higher dosages on our list. You can be sure they are 100% safe because they are free of artificial colors and dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, allergens, and other harmful additives.

Charlotte’s Web Website

Types of CBD Topicals

If you think you might be interested in trying CBD topicals, the very first thing you need to know is that there are four basic types. We’ll go over each one of those below:

CBD Lotions/Creams

This is the most common- and likely the most convenient- way to apply CBD to your body. CBD lotions and creams are formulated to offer pain relief, decrease inflammation, and offer benefits to sore skin. In addition, some formulas are designed to treat skin conditions, such as psoriasis, acne, and so much more. As mentioned, in 2018, the American Academy of Dermatology indicated that CBD cream could be used to treat acne, psoriasis, or eczema. These CBD products are specially formulated to offer instant relief to the area applied as they enter into the skin.

CBD Balms

This is another type of CBD topical. Balms usually contain essential oils and offer a skin-soothing, healing effect. Regardless of skin type, CBD Balms offer protection and moisturization to your skin. CBD salve is a type of balm that not only helps with skin health but offers a variety of muscle soothing benefits. Research suggests that cannabidiol reduces pain and inflammation, so CBD balms and salves work well as pain relievers.

CBD Oils

CBD oils can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them topically, consume them, vape them, and more- depending on the formulation.

CBD Serums

A CBD serum is made to be applied to the face, particularly around the eyes. Research indicates that CBD revitalizes skin, protecting it against free radicals. According to experts, CBD serums keep your skin from aging, which makes you look young for a very long time. What’s more, CBD serums are made to prevent issues related to acne and redness.

How We Chose the Best CBD Creams

When we were determining which CBD topicals should be on our list, there are a few things we took into consideration. These are things that you should think about as well when you are choosing a CBD topical to buy.


The very first consideration when making any purchase, including CBD topicals and other products is the quality. If you have chosen CBD over traditional medications, there’s probably a good reason. The quality of the product will determine how effective it is. In general, cannabis plants have high concentrations of THC- in the US, this can’t exceed 0.3% to be considered a CBD product. That being said, if you are planning to use a CBD product, make sure to go with one that contains CBD made from the hemp plant.


The CBD companies on our list are reputable and known for producing high quality CBD products. Therefore, if you purchase from them, you have nothing to worry about. If you decide to shop around elsewhere, you’ll want to pay attention to the concentration of CBD in the products. A high dose of CBD is necessary to achieve positive results.

Form of Topical

In general, CBD products come in a variety of forms, such as oils, topicals, edibles, tinctures, and more. Since we are focused on the topicals, you should know that they come in lotions/creams, oils, balms, or serums. The form that you choose will depend on what you need it for. You may have to experiment to determine which is best for you.

Type of CBD

There are three types of CBD: full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate. The biggest difference is that CBD isolate is just the CBD. All of the other things have been filtered out. A full-spectrum product on the other hand, contains all of the substances in the cannabis plant including THC and CBD. A broad-spectrum product does not contain THC, as it has been filtered out.


As a consumer, it’s important to know the source of everything you purchase, including your CBD. You should strive to ensure that you only use companies with fair, hygienic farming practices. The cultivator should ensure the soil is pH-balanced and does not use GMO, or genetically modified organisms.


Many farmers use pesticides and herbicides to get rid of unwanted pests and weeds- but if they use too much, it can cause the quality to be decreased. This means that it may not have the effect that you’re looking for. Therefore, it’s a good idea to look for products sourced from organic CBD so you can be sure that it was grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Third-Party Lab Testing

A reputable CBD company has nothing to hide- so they are happy to allow third-party labs to test their products for quality, purity, and potency. The company should be willing to provide users with results of that lab testing to give them reassurance that they can count on the company to provide quality products.

Return Policy

Finally, one of the most important things to look at is the return policy. Make sure that the seller is willing to allow you to return the product. If not, keep moving. If so, find out how long you have to return it. Some products only allow 15 days, others allow 30 days or more. This way, you don’t have to worry about spending money on something that may or may not help you.

How to Use CBD Topicals

Topicals are made to be massaged into the skin. Therefore, they can be applied directly to the area that is giving you problems. However, the products will always come with specific directions regarding usage on the package. In most cases, you need to be careful if your skin is sensitive or broken.

Sometimes products contain ingredients such as menthol or capsicum that will provide a cooling or warming sensation. In some cases, you may also experience a tingling sensation.

If you are using the topical to ease muscle and/or joint pain, you should start feeling some effects fairly quickly. On the other hand, if you are using the topical to treat a skin condition such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema, you may need to use it a few times before you start to notice a difference.

Again, you should always look on the label for any specific instructions and/or recommendations right from the company regarding how to use their CBC topical product.

Applying CBD Topicals

When it comes to applying CBD topicals, the process is basically the same as with traditional creams and balms. However, it’s clear that topicals containing CBD are more costly than those that don’t. Most of the time, the container is much smaller- but don’t let that fool you. CBD topicals last much longer than others because you don’t use as much at one time because it spreads quite well.

That being said, here are a few tips to help you be sure you apply topical CBD properly.

Apply to Clean Skin

If you are going to be applying a serum to your face, take the time to wash it with a cleanser and be sure there is no residue from makeup or other creams left behind. If you’re applying to a specific body part, such as your knees, hands, back, etc, you must wash with soap and water and dry thoroughly.

Apply a Tiny Amount

As mentioned, CBD topicals spread well, so you don’t need much to achieve effects. Get a small amount on your fingertips and apply in a circular motion to the area that’s giving you a problem until it starts to feel dry. Sit back and give it some time to work. You should never immediately apply more until you know for sure it’s not taking effect.

Observe Your Progress

if you don’t start feeling some relief, you can increase the amount you are using. In addition, since there’s very low risk of significant side effects, you can experiment with the dosage by applying more or applying more than once a day. If you still don’t see results, expand the area where you are applying it. Some people find it helpful to apply a CBD topical to the surrounding area.

Benefits of Using CBD Creams & Topicals

When it comes to CBD creams and other topicals, there are several benefits. One is that you can typically reduce- and sometimes even remove- prescription medications. Many people achieve enough relief that they don’t have to worry about the damaging effects of their prescriptions anymore.

Some of the other benefits of using CBD creams and topicals include:

  • Targeting pain in specific areas
  • Works efficiently and quickly
  • Additional ingredients (arnica, menthol, capsicum) improve effectiveness
  • Improves overall health of skin

Risks & Side Effects of CBD Creams

In most cases, topicals are perfectly safe to reapply as much as needed. One thing you must pay attention to is the carrier oil that is used. If a product is based in coconut oil, it may melt if exposed to heat. You should always store your CBD topicals in a cool, dry place.

Make sure that you pay special attention to the packaging.

Most of the topicals on the market are made for external use only and should never be used on skin that is broken.

CBD does not have psychoactive effects like THC, therefore you’re not going to become intoxicated while using it. In general, it is safe- but some people may experience a few minor side effects, including:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in weight
  • Fatigue

It is important to note that, when used topically, CBD doesn’t usually enter the bloodstream. However, there are certain prescription medications that may interact negatively with CBD.

There are some indications that CBD may interact with your liver enzymes, temporarily preventing the liver from breaking down toxins or metabolizing other medications.

Of course, as with any other supplement, it’s a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before you use products containing CBD, even topicals. Finally, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not be using CBD. There is no clear proof on the safety of CBD for children under the age of 18.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Creams

Of course, when it comes to trying new things, there are always questions that come up about it. Then again, maybe you’ve been using it for some time, and you have some nagging questions that keep you up at night. Below, we will explore some of the most common questions and concerns about CBD creams and topicals.

What is CBD cream?

CBD cream is a topical that contains CBD, as well as a variety of other ingredients including camphor, menthol, capsicum, arnica, and much more. Some also contain other cannabinoids, including CBN, CBG, and terpenes. Many of the additives improve absorption and effectiveness. Most of the companies on our list are all-natural, so you don’t have to worry too much about safety.

How do CBD creams and topicals work?

Most CBD products have to travel through your system before entering the bloodstream- but this isn’t true with a topical. You can simply apply it to the affected area. This way, the benefits are more targeted to the issue.

What is usually in CBD Creams?

As you have seen, most of the CBD creams on the market are either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products. This means they contain CBD oil sourced from cannabis hemp plants and combined with plant extracts, essential oils, and botanicals.

What is the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD creams and topicals?

Full-spectrum creams contain all of the chemicals in the plant, including THC. A broad-spectrum cream contains all of the chemicals in the plant without the THC. That being said, in order for it to legally be labeled as a CBD product, it must contain no more than 0.3% THC. If there’s anything more than that, it becomes a cannabis cream.

Will a CBD cream help with nerve pain?

At this time, researchers are still looking at everything CBD is capable of. There is some evidence suggesting CBD topicals may help relieve nerve pain- but there needs to be more research before this can be confirmed.

Will a CBD cream help with sciatica?

Unfortunately, researchers have not looked at how CBD cream affects sciatica. That being said, there is some evidence that it may help nerve pain- and sciatica is a type of nerve pain. Therefore, it’s possible that CBD could offer relief to those who suffer from sciatica.

Will using a CBD cream cause you to fail a drug screen?

Most of the CBD creams and topicals on the market are 0% THC. There are a few that contain trace amounts, but never more than 0.3%. However, even if you do use a product containing such a small amount, you should not have to worry about it. If you’re concerned, be sure to let your physician know that you are using CBD products before you take the drug screen so that it’s in your records and it’s less likely to become an issue.

What is the difference between CBD and hemp creams?

Often, when people talk about CBD products, they use the terms CBD and hemp interchangeably. However, there is a difference between the two.

Hemp-based products are made with oil sourced from hemp seeds, which are from the cannabis plant. CBD-based products use the rest of the plant: stems, leaves, flowers, and buds.

Can CBD really be absorbed through the skin?

Yes, CBD can be absorbed through the skin. There are several methods you can use for consuming CBD. However, topical application works a bit differently than the rest. When you take it sublingually- that is, under the tongue- it doesn’t travel through your bloodstream. Instead, it targets the endocannabinoid receptors in your skin, which is the reason for localized instead of general effects.

How will you feel after using CBD cream?

You should feel the effects of the CBD cream or topical within about 5 to 15 minutes. The strongest effect will be a sense of relaxation where the product was applied. The muscles will relax, and the tension will leave. When the tension, inflammation, and irritation leave, you feel a greater sense of mental relaxation as well. The CBD naturally reduces anxiety and improves your mood.

Can CBD cream help with anxiety?

Typically, when using CBD to treat anxiety, people turn to oils or edibles. However, CBD cream can also be helpful when you’re having an anxiety attack- and the cream takes effect much quicker than an edible would. If you feel anxiety coming on, apply some CBD cream to your temples or forehead. You will almost always experience a sense of calm taking over. Of course, you can also massage it into your tense muscles, which can help your body relax.


Every day, more and more people are using CBD products– especially CBD creams and other topicals. This is because they are easy and convenient to apply. Plus, they offer many of the same benefits that are offered by other CBD products- only quicker. After all, when you are experiencing pain and discomfort, you want relief as soon as possible. You don’t want to have to wait for it. Hopefully, we have been able to offer you some guidance and help you understand how to choose the best CBD product.

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