Best CBD Vape Pens 2022: CBD Pen and Kits for Sale

It is not a surprise to find people wanting to try out CBD vape pens since they look so cool while used. However, you need to find the best CBD vape pen if you are hoping for the best CBD vaping experience and gain all the CBD benefits. This means getting your products from the top brands in the CBD industry.

Those who want to enjoy CBD vaping should go through this guide to find out more about why CBD vaping is good and where to buy the products if they have to start vaping.

Editor’s Choice


  • Multiple flavors available
  • Uses US-rown hemp
  • The products are solvent-free

Best CBD Vape Pen 2022 – Top 7 CBD Brands for Relaxation, Sleep & Anxiety

1. CBDfx



  • Impressive customer support
  • Offers verified potency
  • Has a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • It could use more potency variations

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Being the editor’s choice really means that it has the right products to be featured at the top. To start us off should be the number of flavors. Not many other brands have as many CBD vape pen flavors as CBDfx. This makes it easier to find a nice flavor you can enjoy. Since its CBD vape pens are full-spectrum CBD, it should make the effects even better for pain and anxiety.

How long will a single vape pen last? Since it sells disposable vape pens, they are mostly measured based on puffs. CBDfx promises to offer up to 800 puffs per pen. While some might have as low as 500 puffs per pen, you find it easily the best value for money. The best part should be that these vape pens are rechargeable even if they are disposable.

The brand comes with verified potency on its vape pens. Going through its lab reports shows just how quality the CBD vape pens are. You will also like the 60-day guarantee. Two months are enough to see if the vape pens are working or not. With a good support team, getting your answers is not a problem.

2. Funky Farms



  • The lab reports deliver on transparency
  • Offer multiple strains to consider
  • The quality is consistent throughout the products


  • The support team is not quick in responses

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Funky Farms is loved for the kind of strain variety available on the website. The CBD vape pens available include Blue Dreams CBD, Northern Lights CBD, Granddaddy Purple CBD, and so much more. Having many strains means more variety for you to consider. Since they are mostly broad-spectrum CBD, they should appeal to those who do not want THC traces in their vape pens.

It might not have refillable vape pens, but it stands for offering quality disposable ones. Expect the hardware to be high quality thus no need to worry about inhaling chemicals. You also get all the important lab reports listed on the website to make it easier to understand your CBD concentrate and only buy when you are sure it is the best.

3. Savage CBD



  • Uses natural ingredients
  • The products are third-party lab tested
  • The products have free shipping


  • Some flavors tend to be out of stock

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Anyone in the market for affordable CBD vape pens should definitely consider this brand. The brand offers affordability and quality combined. Any disposable vape pen that you buy comes paired with lab results. These are independent lab results that give you an insight into what you can expect to get when using the CBD vapes from the brand.

You will also like the free shipping that comes with all orders. Simply place an order and you should have it shipped to you in a few days. Since it has been featured on various media outlets, Savage CBD still stands out for quality. With so many positive reviews, a person would get the vape pens knowing they are quality.

4. Farmacy Bliss



  • Solvent-free products
  • Uses ceramic technology
  • Offers the best air-flow control


  • The vape pens do not have many puffs per pen

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You will not regret buying a CBD vape pen from this brand. It is mostly known for making highly potent full-spectrum CBD vape pens. With impressive potency, it is possible to use the same for dealing with different health conditions. The amount of THC is also low at less than 0.3% meaning it does not get you high.

The brand uses all-ceramic technology to make the hardware of the vape pens. Ceramic technology is good as it does not contaminate the CBD juice as it is heated. As such, the products remain free of solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, and additives. You may also like the disposable vape pens for being rechargeable too to ensure the best use always.

5. Avida CBD



  • The brand has highly potent products
  • High-quality CBD extracts are used
  • No THC since it uses broad-spectrum CBD


  • Shipping could be faster

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Avida CBD is for those who enjoy changing their disposable vape pens more often. This is mostly thanks to the variety the brand offers in terms of flavor. With many flavors, you can settle for any that you want. Since any CBD vape pen you get from the brand is made using hemp grown in the US, it means you will get the best quality always. As such, quality will be one thing you like too.

Other than quality, you also get high-strength CBD vape pens. It has some of the strongest vape pens, making them even good for treating pain. Since vaping makes the effects be felt faster, pain relief this time around would be faster. Each pen has around 600 puffs. This is mostly the standard range for disposable pens.

6. Kiara Naturals



  • It offers high-quality full-spectrum vapes
  • The products are free from solvents and additives
  • Products are tested in third-party labs


  • Limited product choices

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Anyone who wants a refillable vape pen should definitely consider this brand. The company has maintained the quality of CBD extract throughout its line of products. This means that whatever you buy, it will always be high quality. An example is that it uses the CO2 extraction method that ensures you do not have solvents in the final CBD vape pens.

The products are mostly recommended for pain, sleep, and stress. These are the main reasons people often go for CBD oils. Now that it is a CBD vape, the effects are felt faster. It is worth pointing out how all its ingredients are natural. Of course, this means getting high-quality vapes that will be safe too. The brand still manufactures its products in GMP-certified facilities to make the quality outstanding.

7. Koi CBD



  • Good brand for potency
  • The shipping is in good time
  • Offers a variety of flavors


  • Email responses take too long

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Those who might want to buy the best CBD vape pens in bundles, then this brand has your back covered. You will come across several bundles key for ensuring you get all the variety in one place. Of course, the flavors too would make someone definitely consider buying from the brand to end up with quality CBD vape juice always.

Still on quality, the products are always tested in 3rd party labs and the results are on the official website. This shows just how transparent the brand is and its commitment to making quality products. The lab’s tests for potency and purity. So, whatever will be indicated on the product label is what you can expect to experience while vaping CBD. You may not get a refillable vape pen, but the disposable vape pens available will do a good job.

What Makes the Best CBD Vape Pen?

In case you are interested in CBD vape kits, there are a few things that would guide you to picking the right products. That is what we want to look at below to help you choose the right products always.

Third-Party Lab Testing

CBD vape pens can be made of many things, but the only way you can be sure of their safety is when you can access the third-party lab testing results. We always recommend such lab results because they show a high level of transparency from the side of the CBD vape pen manufacturer. No brand would allow such additional independent testing if there is something to hide.

Ingredients and Product Labeling

One of the things that the CBD vape juice third-party lab results would highlight are the ingredients. It would be good that the brand also shows the ingredient list on the product package so that you know what you would be inhaling. The list of ingredients would also help you research more on vape juice even more.

The product labeling is also vital as it would tell you more about the type of CBD extract used, potency, THC level, quantity, and so much more. Make a habit of reading the product label to understand more about the product before buying.

Hemp Source

The biggest question on the mind of the buyer would be where does the brand gets its hemp? Many hope to find that their CBD vape pen kit is made of US-grown hemp. This type of hemp would have high-quality standards and will likely be more efficient. Most CBD vape pens manufacturers do not shy from showing their hemp source. Read through the product descriptions and you should find the hemp source of your favorite brand.

THC & Potency

Whether it is refillable CBD pens or disposable CBD vapes, it is always important to look at the potency and THC levels. The potency of the best CBD vape pens should be good enough to deal with a condition you have in mind. Let us say you have anxiety, is the potency enough to alleviate anxiety?

The potency and THC levels are mostly listed on the product label. Ensure you pick a product with a THC level less than 0.3%. This would be legal around the U.S since it is made from CBD extracted from hemp.

Which Are Better: Disposable or Refillable CBD Vape Pens?

You can easily understand what the two CBD vape pens are about from their names. The disposable CBD vape pens are those you cannot refill and sometimes recharge to continue using. So, they are one-time-use products and should be disposed of properly once you have finished their CBD vape juice.

If you enjoy CBD vaping more often, then the refillable CBD vape pen can be a nice alternative. Once the CBD juice is over, you can refill using the additional CBD cartridge. Most of the time, this refilling operation is easy and you do not have to throw away the vape pens more often. Also, the reusable vape pen would have a charger to recharge the battery.

People would choose disposable vape pens since they are easy to use, come prefilled, are convenient, do not need maintenance, and are generally affordable. As for reusable vape CBD products, they become more cost-effective in the long run, will be more customizable, offer quick CBD delivery, and do not need replacing more often.

The choice largely depends on personal preferences. It is vital that you only pick what will work for you best.

How to Vape CBD Oil and Get the Most Benefits

Let us say you get yourself CBDfx CBD vape pens, what would be the best way of using them? The first one would be using the right process of activating the vape pen. If it is drawn-activated, simply take the first draw and it should deliver the vaporized CBD oil.

Also, you have to consider the amount of CBD you are vaping. This is key in ensuring you get the most benefits. Do not go around vaping the whole day as you are likely to face potential CBD vape side effects. Taking the CBDfx vape kit as an example, it will always have the recommended dosage to vape each time.

Of course, you should also buy high-quality vape pens. All the brands we have mentioned above come with the best quality vape pens. At least you can buy knowing its ingredients are thoroughly checked for quality and would leave you ripping the benefits even better.

How Much CBD Should I Vape?

As mentioned before, using the right dosage meant for CBD vape pens goes a long way to improve its benefits to your body. The rule of thumb would be to start low and go slow. Start with low doses and monitor the effects before increasing the dosage.

An example would be using a tiny dose of 2mg of CBD then increase to 5mg of CBD. Wait at least 6 hours before you can change the dosage. Sometimes you can consult your doctor for more help on dosing.

Do Vape Pens Include Cutting Agents or Chemicals?

It is possible that some vape pen manufacturers would consider using cutting agents or chemicals in their products to make the CBD oils vaporize with ease. This is because highly refined CBD concentrates are thick making them hard to vaporize.

Other brands use cutting agents simply to increase the final volume in the vape cartridges. This means that the resulting product would have less CBD potency than what is expected or sometimes advertised.

The only way you can be sure about the cutting agents and even heavy metals being present would be by checking the third-party lab results. They will give you a detailed look into the product ingredients so that you only buy high-quality CBD vape pens.

Are There CBD Vape Side Effects? Is Vaping CBD Safe?

As much as your CBD vaping experience might have been the best, some people often wonder if there might be side effects of using CBD vape pens. Like any other product, how you use the vape pens can sometimes lead to side effects. This is mostly if you abuse the vape pens. Here are the potential side effects;

  • Diarrhea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Rash
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue

Final Thoughts on CBD Vape Pens

So far, you have seen how CBD vape pens can be good for you and also seen where to buy them. When you use high-quality CBD pens, expect to have improved health generally. What we also encourage is proper dosing. Without the right dosing, you might simply end up with potential side effects. So, CBD vape pens are not just to make someone look cool, but also to help improve their health.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do CBD vape pens cost?

Most high-quality vape pens cost from $0.15 to $0.25 per mg of CBD. This is a fair price in most cases for disposable CBD vape pens.

2. Who should consider buying CBD vape pens?

If you have enjoyed using CBD oils before, then CBD vape pens are for you too. They would have the same CBD benefits only that they are felt even faster.

3. What is the best CBD vape pen?

You can consider buying from CBDfx, Funky Farms, and Savage CBD for the best vape pens. The other brands listed also have quality CBD vape pens to consider.

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