Two Pillars Duo Cover Reviews – Should You Buy It or Not Worth It?

The microwave is an essential kitchen gadget designed to make life easy. It is the best food warmer for busy people. However, warming food can cause messes, and without proper hygiene may become a breeding den for unhealthy microbes.

Some people struggle with food spillage while using the microwave using a paper towel. Using a paper towel is not eco-friendly and does not guarantee thorough cleaning. A dirt microwave can affect the taste and smell of food.

Innovative accessories such as the Duo Cover can supposedly prevent messes and amplify the food taste. How does the microwave cover work? Is Duo Cover worth the price?

What is Duo Cover?

Duo Cover is advertised as a next-generation microwave food cover that improves the taste of the food and reduces the chances of creating messes. Additionally, the product is made from eco-friendly silicone material and is unlikely to cause any harm to the users. Similarly, it allows the food to warm evenly, preventing users from eating burnt food outside and frozen in the midsection.

Further, Duo Cover features a three-in-one design that keeps the food contained and protects the users from burns. Traditional microwave covers take up much kitchen space and can be super annoying. Similarly, it would be best to use a kitchen towel to handle the old-school microwave covers.

Duo Cover’s state-of-the-art design makes it collapse into a flat plate when not in use. Similarly, the gadget has a microwave-safe magnet allowing users to stick it on top of the appliance for more accessible storage.

How to Use Duo Cover

Step I – Place the food in a microwave-friendly plate or bowl. After that, cover it using the next-generation Duo Cover. Next, add some water on top of the MoistureLock knob.

Step 2 – Switch the microwave to the desired setting and heat the food. The Cover balloons up to fill the warming bowl, thus preventing splatters.

Step 3 – Switch off the microwave, uncover the food and enjoy.

Step 4 – Wash the Duo Cover using warm soapy water or throw it in the dishwasher.

Key Duo Cover Features

Each Duo Cover comes with a ten-year guarantee. In addition, the manufacturer claims that the gadget can offer service for over a decade with proper care.

Duo Cover is made from eco-friendly silicone that prevents the usage of plastics. The environment-friendly microwave can prevent plastics or toxins from seeping into your food during heating.

Duo Cover is supposedly made using FDA-Approved material that has zero BPA and toxins.

Each Duo Cover comes with a microwave-safe magnet that makes storage easy and ensures safety.

Duo Cover provides fast shipping in over 80 countries across the globe.

Duo Cover supposedly has a world-class customer support

Each Duo Cover order comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

How Does Duo Cover Work?

Duo Cover is advertised as a revolutionary device designed to keep your microwave clean, improve the food taste, and prevent toxins from reaching your food. It features a MoistureLock knob that ensures the food does not create a mess.

Similarly, locking the steam in provides an even distribution of heat, thus ensuring the food’s upper, midsection, and the lower part is evenly warmed without getting burnt. Duo Cover is supposedly a microwave game changer that is easy to operate, and any person above 13 years can handle it.

Duo Cover Benefits

Minimizes Messes – Duo Cover can supposedly protect the microwave from food explosion. It has a 3-in-1 design that prevents the food from spattering.

Protect Users from Burns – Conventional microwave food covers require users to use heat gloves to eject the food from the microwave. Duo Cover has specula features that protect the finger from burning.

Compact Design – Duo Cover has a compact design. It can collapse into a flat plate when not in use allowing users to place it on top of the microwave. Similarly, it has a solid microwave-friendly magnet that protects it from sliding and falling.

Amplify the Food Taste – Duo Cover locks in moisture and ensures even heat distribution. As a result, the food warms evenly in all sections while locking in the flavors for better-tasting leftovers.

Easy to Maintain – Duo Cover is easy to clean and maintain. Customers can load it in the dishwasher or hand wash it in the sink. The silicone does not crumble, peel, crack, or harden even with prolonged usage.

Keep Food Warm Longer – Duo Cover features an airtight seal that prevents heat from escaping. Thus, food can stay warmer for extended periods after warming.

Accessible to Use – Duo Cover is supposedly an easy gadget to use. All its features are inbuilt, and users do not need to assemble it to use the microwave cover. In addition, the maker claims that anyone that can charge a smartphone can use the Duo Cover gadget.


Duo Cover Pricing

Customers can purchase Duo Cover only from the manufacturer. The company ships to over 85 countries in the world. It takes less than four days to ship in the US, although international deliveries may take up to 13 days, depending on the customer. Duo Cover marketers are currently giving amazing offers, discounts, and prices on all units.

Final Word

Duo Cover is a microwave cover that can supposedly save users from messes. It has an innovative and compact design to improve the taste of the leftover food. The gadget also enhances the food’s proper heating.

Duo Cover has no plastics. Thus, there are zero chances of ingesting toxic elements. The eco-friendly microwave cover is also easy to clean and maintain. The silicone material supposedly does not crumble, harden, peel, or crack even with multiple uses.



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