TIVISI Reviews – Legit Indoor TV Antenna Worth It or Scam?

Did the recent price hike for Amazon Prime and/or Netflix subscriptions have a negative impact on your bills? Not sure whether the hike is given the limited availability of movies and shows? It also doesn’t make sense for people who prefer the news or other content. That said, one team claims to have developed a device that mostly guarantees access to over 90 channels at a one-time fee. In particular, we’re talking about increased clarity, reduced interruptions, and variety like never seen before. The purpose of this review is to introduce TIVISI.

What is TIVISI?

TIVISI is an indoor antenna designed to help users obtain lifetime access to free TV, films, live news, and sports. This respective antenna is advertised as being innovative that’s to the use of TV reamping technology that ensures crisp and clear 4K HDTV like never seen before. Manufacturers claim that TIVISI was designed with the various budgets in mind, while offering more for the price paid. To think that a single little investment is all you need to improve your viewing experience is pretty impressive. Up next, we’ll be reviewing its list of features to see exactly why it has since garnered a lot of attention.

What features does TIVISI have?

TIVISI is an embodiment of the following features:

Simple Configuration & Easy Installation

Users just need to plug TIVISI into their televisions. How? It has been designed to automatically configure the necessary parameters and channels. Fortunately, technical knowledge is not necessary, so pretty much anyone can easily put everything in place. Speaking of channels, of the top 100 television programs, 90 will be freely broadcasted over the air.


The best part is that TIVISI neither requires subscriptions and payment plans nor any mandatory maintenance. When the makers claim that individuals can watch TV for free, they truly mean it. It is as simple as making a one-time payment without any of the extra hidden costs.

4K HDTV & Multi Directional Reception

Two issues that generally arise due to the selection of antennas like TIVISI include lack of quality and constant pauses during views. The makers are convinced people will enjoy their respective indoor antenna because it offers 4K 1080p HDTV at up to a 50km-range and without any interruptions.

Modern Design

TIVISI is discreet, razor-thin, and versatile, allowing it to fit into any interior design. In other words, this device can be placed behind a TV, picture frame, cabinets, window, or a display stand without any problems. The use of military technology supposedly guarantees durability, power, and trustworthiness.

Other specifications

First, TIVISI weighs 86g and measures in at 295mm x 75mm. Second, it only comes in black. Lastly, this device requires a 4M high performance cable for connection.


How much does TIVISI cost?

TIVISI has been priced according to the number of units purchased on the official website. Specifically:

  • 1 TIVISI unit: CAD$54.95 each + CAD$9.95 in S&H
  • 2 TIVISI units: CAD$44.95 each + free S&H
  • 3 TIVISI units: CAD$39.95 each + free S&H
  • 4 TIVISI units: CAD$34.95 each + free S&H
  • 5 TIVISI units: CAD$29.95 each + free S&H

In addition to the evident discounted rates, individuals have the option to pay a one-time fee for lifetime protection. At an additional CAD$24.95, TIVISI will not only include a lifetime protection, but also a replacement warranty. This unit has also been protected by a money-back guarantee. For more information on the refund policy, contact via email at support@tivisitechnology.com or by calling (+353) 1 (800) 903 141.

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, TIVISI is likely one of the easiest ways to browse through over 90 channels from major networks. Its sleek design and clear thinness guarantee not only simple installation, but also discreet viewing without creating clutter. Many people who’ve put TIVISI to the test were impressed by the installation, pricing, configuration, and the money-saving opportunity. Apart from all the advantages, individuals may want to contact customer support about the refund policy.

At the time of writing, there is uncertainty as to when claims should be submitted. It would be a shame if the shipping time of up to 21 business days exceeds the allotted time. Lastly, individuals need to be mindful of the fact that reception might not be guaranteed in all conditions. Factors including distance from a broadcast tower, terrain, surroundings, and environmental conditions must be appropriate as well. To learn more about TIVISI, visit here>>>.



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