SmartyDrone Reviews – Is the Smarty Drone Really Worth It or Scam?

Drones give you the unique potential to capture incredible memories in ways no other instrument has ever done. Although some drones are excellent, others are not worth the investment. The new SmartyDrone model connects with various smartphones, including the Android and iOS platforms, so you may check the footage as you fly the quadcopter. This revolutionary Smarty Drone is a quadcopter that can pass from all angles, has a 4K camera, and can be controlled entirely with a smartphone. This amazing drone’s finest characteristic is its simple flight modes, making it suitable for beginners and expert specialists.

How does the SmartyDrone work?

If you follow the proper procedures, operating the SmartyDrone will be pretty straightforward. One advantage of the drone is that it does not require you to be technologically savvy to control it. Below listed are the steps to follow when using the SmartyDrone:

Procedure 1: Gently remove the item from the packaging it came in. Do this with extreme caution to avoid any type of force-related harm.

Procedure 2: Charge the device for around an hour before proceeding with the rest of the steps.

Procedure 3: The SmartyDrone device comes with an instruction booklet to walk you through using the drone.

Procedure 4: The device is compatible with the official SmartyDrone app. All you need to do is scan the device’s unique QR code to access the program.

Procedure 5: Once you have access to the program, link it to any smartphone or tablet (Android or IOS), and you’re ready to go. This is quite simple to use.

SmartyDrone Features

  • Lithium-ion 3.7V Battery
  • The modular construction of the quadcopter allows it to operate for 18 to 20 minutes.
  • You may create an inversion point using the optical flow.
  • 4K quality camera, which has a 50x magnification as well as a 150-degree field of view that can be adjusted using the joystick
  • Intuitive photo capturing with a single button press
  • You can identify obstacles up to 30 meters away when utilizing the product’s dual camera.
  • The foldable and small design allows one to carry the drone wherever you go.
  • New propellers (mostly eight ones) as well as a key for installation
  • Complete flight control, along with a gravity stabilizer, as well as the ability to travel in almost any position
  • It has a 4K dual camera that is of High Definition
  • It has a real-time transmission of images
  • It provides for a “gesture to take a photo.”
  • It has a one-key landing as well as take off
  • It has a 150 degrees ESC Camera
  • It has a mobile phone device control
  • The drone comes with enhanced beauty filters
  • It has an inbuilt feature to avoid obstacles from any dimension
  • The product has MV Production
  • The drone comes with an installed gravity sensor
  • The drone has a long-lasting battery life, thus a long time of capturing moments.
  • Anti-collision and gravitational sensors are included.
  • For flying, four powerful propeller blades are used.
  • There is an optical flow camera present.
  • The design is very portable and collapsible.
  • A single button controls takeoff and landing.
  • 3.7V lithium-ion battery
  • Simple to use and control.
  • Choose from two colors – Black Lux or Silver Class.

Purchasing the SmartyDrone

The new SmartyDrone is the company’s most recent model, and it is marketed as a good alternative for consumers wishing to acquire a drone on a budget. SmartyDrone may only be purchased via the company’s official website.

It is not accessible on Amazon or other major retailers. Buying it from the official website confirms that it is a legitimate item, which is priced as follows:

  • Purchase one SmartyDrone for $99
  • Purchase two SmartyDrones at $159
  • Purchase two SmartyDrones for $197 and receive one free.
  • Purchase three SmartyDrones for $297 and receive two free.
  • Purchase four SmartyDrones for $249.

Contents of the Purchase package

When you buy a new SmartyDrone, several accessories are included in the package. The following are some of the available accessories:

  • A 3.7 volt (V) battery to charge the drone
  • Four extra propeller blades to replace any of those propellers that are already in use.
  • A carrying pouch to keep dust out of the drone.
  • A handbook that explains how to use the SmartyDrone in simple terms.
  • A screwdriver for repairing the propellers as needed.


This SmartyDrone review has revealed a lot of information. In addition to all that has already been mentioned, this drone is incredible and is essential for anybody who wants to shoot clear and high-quality photos and videos of activities or events. Even better, the cost of purchasing one of these drones has been made very reasonable for every individual, owing to the incredible discounts that are offered for every online transaction you make. If you enjoy saving memories and every document or image of your activities, you should invest in your own drone. It may be utilized for any type of event. Another advantage of this device is that it outperforms other widely used quadcopters. It can survive turbulence because of its stability function and can detect any changes in gravity because it features a gravity sensor. Visit the official website to order your SmartyDrone today!