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SIN Diet Reviews: Is Survival Instinct Nutrition Legit? 2021 Guide

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Weight loss is arguably one of the biggest aspects of modern living that most people struggle with, despite having a plethora of resources at their disposal. And it is quite easy to see why – most weight-loss diets and ‘formulas’ in the market are nothing but a collection of half-truths, guess-work, myths, and misconceptions. They are more or less temporary band-aid solutions to problems that require a complete and total overhaul of one’s lifestyle and approach towards life.

SIN ( Survival Instinct Nutrition ) Diet, on the other hand, represents a more deliberate, permanent, and wholesome method that not only guarantees you results but also makes it easier for you to hold on to the amazing transformation for longer. You see, our bodies operate on a complicated survival software that is loaded with various mechanisms tailored for increasing our chances of maintaining stability and homeostasis. This is actually why people will gain back all the weight that they had struggled to lose the moment they quit ‘dieting’ and revert back to their old eating habits.

This is a program that is laden with techniques that utilizes our bodies’ natural survival metabolic processes and mechanisms to gain muscle, lose fat and bolster disease-fighting immunity. These techniques are derived from a collection of case studies, in-depth research, and general observation in the fitness industry. The end product is a relatively easy-to-adopt diet that works remarkably better than most versions in the market.

SIN takes advantage of two of our metabolic cycles’ main components, i.e., anabolism and catabolism, to help you lose weight and keep it away. Catabolism, in this case, is the systematic cellular disintegration of body tissues, while anabolism is cellular growth – the exact opposite. To maintain a balanced and proper homeostatic state, the body is at any single given time either breaking down or building up continuously. Sometimes, nonetheless, it can be doing both at the same time with an emphasis on a particular one. This is what experts sometimes will refer to as one’s ‘metabolic direction.’

Your metabolic direction is also responsible for how fast or slowly you can gain weight, build muscle or burn excess fat. Now, remember that none of these processes is inherently bad or good from the body’s point of view, contrary to what the popular media tends to suggest constantly. Whether you are burning fat, building muscle, or packing pounds of potentially dangerous visceral fat, each of them is necessary to ensure your survival at that particular juncture. Sure, it may not look exactly good or fashionable for your waistline or your fitting t-shirt, but according to your body, it could be exactly what you need to survive a long stretch of famine or food scarcity.

Hence, it is correct to conclude that understanding both the necessity and significance of each catabolic or anabolic reaction is key to nailing your desired weight and body-fat composition all-year-round without necessarily having to go on a crazy diet or adopting an unsustainable training regimen. What’s more, you can still eat all the foods you relish eating ( even junk food to some extent ) and still remain within your desired weight threshold using SIN. This is, of course, if you do it in a manner that aligns perfectly with your body’s metabolic direction.


More than Just Dieting

It is no secret that each of us has a unique metabolic processing system that dictates how quickly or slowly we can lose fat or gain muscle. This is also the main contributory factor behind the existence of the three major body types in humans, i.e., ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Failure to understand this is the genesis behind the difficulty that most people face when it comes to reaching their desired fitness goals. It is also the reason the commonplace mantra of ‘eat less while exercising more does not apply to everyone who is trying to lose weight. In the same way, lifting heavier in the gym is not a guarantee of bulking up within a short time.

According to the manufacturer, SIN Diet is suitable for everyone regardless or their gender, body type, or age. It works best for people who are pursuing general goals such gaining muscle or burning fat. However, it can still be optimized for specific targets such as gaining strength without necessarily bulking up. Thanks to the conceptual and progressive approach that the program utilizes, almost everyone can benefit from its applicative fundamentals – such as metabolic strengthening and exercising for survival – regardless of what their fitness or physical conditioning goals are.

The amount of weight you can lose or the degree of muscle gained when on a SIN diet will be greatly dependent on your lifestyle and metabolic strength. And although the main core concept of SIN is centered around boosting the utilization of fat as the main fuel source for the body, losing weight is not necessarily the main goal of this diet plan. Remember that muscle is significantly denser than fat, and so while you could be gaining pounds on paper while burning off fat and bulking up. This is the direct consequence of strengthening one’s metabolism and improving their internal fat-burning capabilities.

Speaking of which, strengthening the metabolism also implies that it becomes harder for you to gain the lost weight back after a lax on your dietary routine. The idea here is based on the observation that the same food that was causing you to gain weight indiscriminately will not be in a position to do so after you have corrected your internal fat-burning mechanism and strengthened your metabolism. What’s more, the techniques used in SIN are designed to create the biggest impact from the smallest tweaks in your diet. Overall, this makes the approach very easy to adopt or incorporate into one’s lifestyle.

Unlike other strict diets, you can still integrate this program alongside another concurrently running special diet. The techniques here are designed to adjust to one’s bodies’ needs instead of trying to force you to accommodate the diet.


In a nutshell, the SIN diet integrates the following main pointers to help you achieve your weight loss or muscle-building goals.

1. Metabolic direction

As mentioned earlier, this is the heart of the effectiveness of this dietary regimen. The aim here is to alter and align your individual direction to your desired fitness goals in such a way that whatever you eat everyday is no longer a huge contributory factor to your success.

2. Delayed Eating or Intermittent Fasting

The goal is to allow you the luxury of eating your favorite meals while at the same time still placing your body in a deep-efficient metabolic fasted state without actually having to endure long, arduous fasts. The diet should help you evaluate the best hours to eat to make sure that your metabolism benefits as immensely as possible from the loaded calories as far-reaching and maintaining your fitness goals go.

3. Delayed Calorific Loading

Did you know that you can still burn plenty of fat while still consuming carbohydrates? One of the aspects of the SIN diet that differentiates it from contemporary keto diets tends to restrict carbohydrate intake as much as possible.

4. Exercise for Your Survival, not Just for the Sake of Exercise

The SIN approach emphasizes on exercise for the purposes of survival. Here, you will be increasing your endurance without really undertaking conventional endurance training regimen. This way, you can promote faster fat loss within a shorter period meaning that you can now spend less time in the gym and more time doing what you love.

5. Learn Supplementation the Right Way

One of the reasons modern diets fail is because we tend to assume that every supplement is good for us. Nonetheless, sometimes inclusion of certain supplements – however beneficial they may look on paper – can throw our metabolic direction grossly out of balance, making it extraordinarily harder for us to reach our fitness goals. Nonetheless, the good thing is that with SIN, you stand an excellent chance of learning how to include antioxidants and supplements without jeopardizing your progress.

6. It’s a 10-day Plan

Truth be told, this is probably the easiest and shortest diet plan that you will ever have to adopt, not to mention that you stand a better chance of tweaking it continuously to achieve the results that you need.

7. Available in Ebook Format too

Yes, you can now stay healthy and fit even when on the go, thanks to SIN. The developers behind this diet were ingenious enough to develop an easily downloadable eBook format that can be read on any mobile handset device. This way, you can stay abreast with your fitness milestone even when on trips or vacations. You could also print it out and read the hard copy version if you are old school or prefer to work with something more tangible or physical.


In Conclusion

The SIN diet is a good weight-loss and muscle-building avenue, especially for novices looking for positive results within a short timeframe or people who haven’t gained much success with other diet plans. And considering that the seller offers a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee for each purchase, it really doesn’t hurt to try.

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