Qi-Pixiu Reviews: Is the Bracelet Qi Pixiu Legit or Not Worth It?

The number of people who believe in Buddha has risen in popularity. Religions and spiritual beliefs have a significant influence on Asian people. They value these beliefs because it helps them feel better about themselves and gain self-confidence, which allows them to deal with life’s troubles. Many people wore a Chinese good luck bracelet in ancient times. Today, this tradition is continuously guarded and passed down through the generations.

Like many East Asians, the lucky red rope is closely associated with spirituality. As an amulet, it is considered to dissolve misfortune and protect against enemies. It combines charms with auspicious connotations in Feng Shui, such as one mulberry seed, Feng Shui stone beads, Pi Xiu, etc. There are a variety of customized Chinese red wristbands available today. There are a variety of customized Chinese red wristbands available today. If you are looking for a Chinese bracelet that would bring you money and prosperity, you should try the “Qi-Pixiu Bracelet.”

Qi-Pixiu Bracelet provides good fortune in life. According to Feng Shui principles, this bracelet can repel negative energies so that you can manifest prosperity in life. Artisans handcraft the Qi-Pixiu Bracelet with years of experience in jewelry design. This bracelet can eliminate toxic relationships, financial difficulties, and health issues. Thus, you will experience improved physical and mental health.

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What is Qi-Pixiu?

According to the official website, the Qi-Pixiu Bracelet will increase positivity in life by repelling negative energies. In Asia, Pi Xiu is a traditional emblem of protection, good fortune, and wealth. It is a mythical god beast in Chinese mythology, resembling a lion with its dragon head, horse body, and qilin feet. It is believed that possessing a Pixiu can assist you in attracting and accumulating riches, which makes it the most popular Feng Shui booster.

According to the manufacturer, using the Qi-Pixiu bracelet is simple. In your dominant hand, hold this bracelet. During the first day, the bracelet will develop an energy shield by harmonizing your energy. Therefore, you will experience the initial favorable results within two or three days. It is made of Chongjin-type Chinese obsidian, formed under intense volcanic pressure millions of years ago. This volcanic pressure imparts a high electromagnetic vibration that assists in attracting positive energy and expelling negative ones.


Q: Is the Qi-Pixiu bracelet durable?

A. Obsidian is a hard stone because it was developed millions of years ago and endured the heat of a volcano. It was also used as part of tools by the ancient Chinese.

Q: Will the bracelet be damaged during shipment?

A. The Qi-Pixiu bracelet is wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and packaged with care to ensure that it reaches your home in perfect condition.

Q: On Which arm should the Qi-Pixiu bracelet be worn?

A. To maximize the effectiveness of the Qi-Pixiu bracelet, it is recommended to wear it on the dominant hand.

Q: How long should individuals wear the bracelet to see results?

A. You must wear the Qi-Pixiu for at least three days before seeing its effects. However, the company suggests wearing it for 27 days to obtain the maximum benefits.

Q: How often do users wear the bracelet 24 hours a day, even when they sleep?

A: You can remove the Qi-Pixiu bracelet before going to bed, taking a shower, or playing sports.

Q: How should the Qi-Pixiu bracelet be cleaned?

A. To purify the Qi-Pixiu and eradicate all the negative energies the Qi-Pixiu has absorbed, place it in running water for a few seconds, followed by one night in clear water. Expose the bracelet to sunlight for three hours.

Q: How frequently must the Qi-Pixiu bracelet be cleaned?

A. The company recommends that you should clean the Qi-Pixiu bracelet once per week for maximum effect.

Purchase the Qi-Pixiu Bracelet

Qi-Pixiu Bracelet can only be purchased from the company’s main website. For $23.91, you may buy one bracelet. All bracelet orders are shipped within 24 hours and arrive in your mailbox within 3-5 days. The Qi-Pixiu Bracelet order page is always protected, thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption.

Within 60 days of purchase, you can return the item for a refund. A refund can be requested within 60 days of the date of shipment. To get a refund immediately, or if something goes wrong, contact the support team by email or phone and send the broken item back. You can request a cash back by contacting the support team if you cannot experience the benefit.

  • Call: +33 7 56 89 75 85
  • Email: contact@qi-pixiu.com


The Qi-Pixiu bracelet is said to bring good fortune and success to the user. Obsidian, Pixiu, and mantras are all traditional Asian remedies for warding off ill luck and attracting riches, respectively. The Qi-Pixiu bracelet conforms to the unique wrist morphology of the user, making it a pleasure to wear. It will assist you in falling asleep quickly and soundly. You may find that this bracelet is a work of art. Pixiu’s hip lines are particularly appealing, thanks to their smooth lines and vivid expressions. Additionally, it’s a beautiful piece of fashion jewelry to give friends and family members on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

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