Muse Reviews: EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep Biofeedback Brain Sensing Headband

Muse is a headband that uses biofeedback to learn about the user’s brainwaves to improve their sleep and support focus the following day. Users can choose from Muse S or Muse 2, depending on the support that they want to enjoy.

What Is Muse?

How often does one person wake up at night? While many people manage to sleep through the night until their morning alarm, millions of people suffer from some degree of anxiety or insomnia that keeps them from getting the rest that they hope for each night. That’s why prescriptions for sleeping medications have become popular amongst many demographics, from the overwhelmed mother to the busy corporate lawyer. No one is immune to this stress but knowing what to do is practically an impossibility.

By starting a regimen that includes Muse in the user’s daily life, these uncertainties and stressors become a thing of the past. Muse offers exclusive and unique support for consumers by helping them to meditate in their sleep. With the use of a headband that goes across the user’s forehead, the Muse technology takes advantage of biofeedback to sense brain waves as the user rests. As they sleep, the headband records the changes in brainwaves, activity, and more to ensure that they don’t wake up already exhausted when the sun rises.

This technology makes it possible to give the brain the much-needed rest required to perform as needed the next day. As users enjoy the support, they can recover every time they sleep at night to be more calm, less stressed, and as rested as possible for the days ahead. Think of it as a digital sleeping pill, but substantially safer with no risk of addiction.

The sleep experience that consumers enjoy with Muse is unlike anything else they’ve experienced. While sleeping medications knock out the user with exhaustive tiredness, Muse helps to repair the processes that lead to this nighttime stress in the first place. Plus, unlike medication, Muse can actually help users to fall back asleep when they wake up at night, soothing the brain with over 500 meditations.

Consumers will require a Bluetooth connection to their mobile device to run the Muse Meditation app. However, this system works with whatever headphones they already have connected to their smartphone, leaving it up to them to find what works for their needs. All they have to do is close their eyes, and the app with biofeedback handles everything else.

Muse Meditation App

The Muse Meditation App is the home to 500+ meditations that users can take advantage of with a Bluetooth connection. The meditations range in duration, so users won’t have to keep themselves up for hours counting imagined sheep. However, they’ll be able to find meditations for whatever need they have, whether they want to reduce stress, improve mental performance, or simply relax to get a good night of sleep. Even if the user manages to get through the 500+ meditations initially, new recordings are added each month to get access to fresh content.

Once the meditation is over, the experience that the user’s brain has is recorded within the app, along with which meditation they did and how long it took. They can view all of these results to track their progress, seeing how their brain reacts (active vs. calm) to the meditation. With this knowledge, they can pick out meditations that work for the particular need they have at night or during the day. They can even look at their brain’s reaction to meditation in real time.

The data isn’t just as simple as whether the brain was active or calm; users can also learn if they lost focus during the meditation and how long they were in a deeply focused mental state.


The Technology Behind Muse

The only way to make the Muse headsets effective is with the exclusive biofeedback technology. This device offers EEG technology, which is the same mechanism that neuroscience researchers take advantage of around the world to interpret cognition and mental activity. In a calm state, the user will start to hear peaceful and serene weather. However, to regain focus in a busy mind, the user will hear the sounds of a stormy environment that recenters where they put their attention.

With this translation of the brain, users can get real time audio feedback, and this feedback tells the headband how to adjust the meditation session. To get this information, the headband features multiple EEG sensors, which can be found on the forehead (2) and behind the ears (2). There are also 3 reference sensors that further help users to detect the activity going on as they listen to the meditations.

Everything in this headband is already backed up by legitimate scientific evidence. However, the models are not the same. With Muse 2, consumers get the added support of PPG and pulse oximetry breath and heart sensors. These sensors are located on the front-right side of the forehead, while the gyroscope and accelerometer body sensors have been placed behind the ears.

Unlike comparable systems, Muse does not employ any kind of electrical stimulation to manipulate the brain to do what the creators want. Instead, this remedy is a passive treatment that records and guides without forcing any changes to the user’s mental state. It is a therapeutic tool, which is why no doctor’s recommendation or prescription is required to get the benefits. The effects are so accurate and supportive that the EEG technology has already been used for almost 100 years to learn more about the brain.

Purchasing Muse

The only way that consumers can get Muse is through the website, which has a few different options. Predominantly, consumers can choose from:

  • Muse 2: $249.99
  • Muse S: $399.99

Read on below to learn a little more about the difference between these products.

Muse 2

Muse 2 offers multiple sensors to get all of the feedback on the brain’s activity that the website advertises. It can also track heart rate, body movements, and respiration to ensure the best results during meditation. This device includes EEG sensors, an accelerometer for body sensing, and PPG and gyroscope technology to track breathing.

Using the rechargeable Li-Ion battery, users can get 5 hours of continuous use before they need to charge it again. Every package comes with a MicroUSB cable, and it can be linked to phones with an iOS 12.2 or Android 8 system or higher.

Muse S

Muse S is the next generation of this headband. It provides support to the user’s brain during meditation, but it is specifically made to work while sleeping. The comfortable band is easy to wear all night, and the included EEG sensors give users a perspective into their brain activity while they sleep. As it tracks sleeping brain activity, it helps the user get back to sleep to allow their brain to recover at the end of the day.

With sleep soundscapes, sleep support, and more, this next step is ideal for people who seem to have the hardest time sleeping and want to improve their brain’s reactions.


Frequently Asked Questions About Muse

How many people can use one Muse headband?

This device is set up so that multiple people can use the same headband. To separate results, consumers can load the app onto their respective smartphones.

What’s the difference between the Muse models?

While Muse 2 offers incredible support for the mind and body, Muse S is designed to take on these benefits while improving sleep.

What does Muse measure?

While activated, the Muse headbands use the EEG sensors to track brain signals, heart rate, and more to help train it to sleep better and focus more deeply.

How do users connect Muse S for their first session?

Users must connect their Muse headband to their smartphone or another compatible device to record data and play meditations.

What’s the return policy?

No matter what model the user purchases, they have up to 30 days to request a refund with the money-back guarantee.

To reach the customer care team, use the chat function on the official website.


Muse offers a unique opportunity to see how the brain responds to the stimuli around it. It redirects users when they lose focus, and they support the mind as it wakes and goes back to sleep. Consumers will learn more about their brain than they ever imagined, regardless of the model picked. Plus, the money-back guarantee ensures that users won’t lose their investment if this product isn’t a good match.

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