Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops Review: Effective Ingredients or Cheap Brand?

Obesity has become a serious global problem, with recent statistics showing that it affects over 13% of the entire population. The figures today stand at approximately 40% in the United States, indicating just how dire the situation has become.

It’s worth noting that obesity in adults is one of the leading comorbidities with severe conditions like diabetes, fatty liver, and cardiovascular complications. Some researchers have pointed out that most people have difficulty avoiding obesity and shedding off the extra weight. The problem lies in successfully achieving weight loss in the sedentary lifestyle most modern adults are locked into by their jobs.

The rising obesity cases explain why more and more people have opted to look for other ways to aid their weight loss efforts, including supplementing with dietary products. Today, we will review one of these supplements called Ignite to see what it offers to those looking to lose weight.

Ignite Amazonian Liquid Drops – What Is this Weight Loss Product?

According to the official website, Ignite is a weight loss and energy-boosting product designed to help with weight loss. It’s made up of natural ingredients that facilitate accelerated fat burning, especially in adults aged 35 years and above.

It works because it targets a hormone known as BAM15, which is essential in addressing all health-related concerns. Though effective, the hormone is difficult to activate on its own, explaining why Ignite has used several ingredients in its formulation.

Its ingredients play a role in activating this hormone. Once activated, BAM15 goes to work, helping to start a metabolic reaction against the visceral fat in your body. Visceral fat covers your vital organs, often leading to the emergence of the conditions mentioned previously.

How Do the Ignite Amazonian Weight Loss Drops Work?

It’s not uncommon to find obese people wondering why they aren’t losing weight, despite eating all the right foods. Ignite Weight Loss Drops are here to address this issue by targeting what the creator claims are the key to understanding obesity – your hormones.

Researchers call BAM15 “the sunrise hormone” as it affects the weight loss process in the early morning hours after waking up. The team behind its formulation states that this hormone can burn fat up to 366% faster than any modern diet or weight loss process.

Taking Ignite Drops each morning will allow you to lose weight faster.

The BAM15 Hormone and How It Accelerates the Weight Loss Process

Health experts have successfully proven that losing weight becomes more challenging as you age. And this is despite maintaining the same diet and level of fitness activities. One is, therefore, forced to put in a little more effort if they’re to remain fit.

As mentioned, the Ignite Drops seeks to solve this issue by targeting the BAM15 hormone. It’s the hormone that burns the body’s deepest and most concentrated fat deposits. It eliminates this fat faster than any known diet.

Every living person has this hormone in their body. But as you age, its production will begin to slow down, causing it to become dormant. It’s why most adults above 35 cannot lose weight as fast as they used to when they were younger.

Ignite Amazonian Drops Ingredients

The information provided by its creator shows that Ignite Drops only uses natural ingredients during its formulation. It’s made from a blend of plant extracts, vitamins, herbs, nutrients, and minerals, all known to accelerate weight loss.

Below is a look at some of its top ingredients:

Maca Root

Maca Root is a plant-based ingredient that enhances the activities of the BAM15 hormone. The Ignite Drops creator has included it in this formula as it can speed up the fat-burning process, enabling you to lose weight much faster.

It’s native to South America and is believed to help alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. Menopausal women can also use it to curb some symptoms.

Gymnema Leaf

It’s a natural plant extract that provides a wide array of benefits. Studies have shown that it can reduce blood sugar levels while boosting triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Gymnema Leaf also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.


Guarana is commonly found in energy-enhancing formulas, such as energy drinks. The Ignite Drops creators have used it to boost the production of BAM15 by 327 percent. Its presence increases the production of this hormone three-fold.

Forskohlii Root

It’s a leading ingredient widely known for its weight loss properties. It blocks your appetite levels and delivers its thermogenic properties to the body. These properties help in speeding up the fat-burning process.

The creators of Ignite Drops have used it to protect its users from glaucoma and lower blood pressure levels.

Panax Ginseng’s Root

Chinese and Korean traditional medicine practitioners have used ginseng root for centuries to treat various medical ailments. It can increase the production of the BAM15 hormone and lower stress levels while also helping with erectile dysfunction problems.

Grapeseed Extract

Grapeseed Extract features in many dietary supplements due to its rich supply of polyphenols. These plant-based antioxidants are known to support healthy inflammation, boost brain functions, and improve bone health.

The extracts can also lower your risk of getting skin cancer.

While the six ingredients mentioned above are touted as the main ingredients, it’s worth noting that Ignite Drops also contains other elements, such as:

  • Eleuthero root extract
  • Astragalus root extract
  • African mango
  • Grapefruit seed
  • Capsicum annuum fruit

All these ingredients work together to accelerate fat burning and support weight loss.

How to Take Ignite Drops

The Ignite Drops manufacturers recommend that you take these liquid drops as the Amazonian people take them. To ensure that they work for your weight loss, you’ll need to place ten drops under your tongue each morning before breakfast.

It’s a process you’ll need to repeat daily for the next thirty days. The goal here is to speed up your metabolism and boost your energy levels naturally. In summary, you’ll need to do the following each morning:


Where to Buy Ignite Amazonian Liquid Drops

Please note that the Ignite Amazonian Liquid Drops are only available for sale on the official website. The seller has provided a few package options, depending on your budget.

When writing this review, the official price was $199, though an ongoing offer will see you buy each bottle at a heavily discounted price. During this period, you can buy the Ignite Liquid Drops at the prices indicated below:

  • Buy one bottle of Ignite at $69 + A small shipping fee
  • Buy three bottles of Ignite at $82 per bottle + A small shipping fee & get a free bottle of ToxiClear
  • Buy six bottles of Ignite at $78 per bottle + get free shipping & a bottle of ToxiClear

Each purchase is covered by a 150-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I measure the liquid drops to ensure I take the correct dosage?

A – This is one of the most commonly asked questions. Fortunately, every bottle of Ignite comes with a glass dropper that you can use to measure and administer ten drops of this liquid. The best way to take this formula is by measuring ten drops at a go and placing them under your tongue. Leave them there for at least thirty seconds before swallowing. This approach will ensure that the formula is delivered to your body efficiently and quickly.

Q – What is ToxiClear?

A – ToxiClear is a free gift that comes with each three or six-bottle package. It is intended to work with the Ignite drops to detoxify your body and increase weight loss.

Q – Is this a one-time payment, or do I need to worry about recurring payments?

A – This is a one-time payment, and no subsequent charges will be made to your credit/debit card. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about hidden bills, auto shipping, or other hidden charges. What you pay for today is only what you’ll get charged for and nothing else.

Q – Does Ignite work for everyone?

A – The team behind Ignite is confident that this formula will do wonders for your life and general well-being. However, they would also like you to understand that not everybody is the same, which means that the formula will react differently in different people.

As a result, it might take a bit longer for Ignite to work in some people than others, and this is okay, as this is expected.

Q – How does the 150-day money-back guarantee work?

A – Every bottle of Ignite comes with a 150-day money-back guarantee. If you feel the formula hasn’t met your expectations or doesn’t live up to its promise, feel free to return the bottle for a full refund. You can contact customer service via email at support@ignitedrops.com.




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