FEND Reviews – Does It Work? Legit Airway Cleansing Mist?

FEND releases very fine particles of the calcium-enriched saline solution as a mist that is easily breathable by humans. Since deep breathing moisturizes your upper airways, it enables you to collect and eliminate airborne toxins before they reach your lungs.

By hydrating and cleaning the upper respiratory airways, FEND hygiene increases the body’s intrinsic ability to help keep the lungs clean and healthy.

We are well aware that due to harmful particles like germs and viruses and man-made pollution like cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust, the air we breathe is more dangerous than ever.

The amount of airborne contaminants that you exhale back into the atmosphere is also reduced with the help of FEND. FEND is backed by evidence and has been demonstrated to be an effective tool for preserving clean, healthy lungs. So if you’re looking for a solution to breathe more comfortably, FEND is the ultimate solution to go.

FEND was designed to travel with you wherever you go. When you travel, go to work, or visit relatives, take it with you. Regardless of where you are, inhale deeply.

Who Created Fend?

Dr. David Edwards, a longtime professor at Harvard and a representative of three national academies in the United States and France, founded FEND.

For decades, David has worked to better our understanding of how to combat pollution and declining global air quality. His groundbreaking work on inhaled insulin and Anthrax defense eventually led to his current mission: to assist in defending individuals in a society where dangerous airborne toxins are pervasive.

A known myth about FEND is that it is placed in the nose, which is incorrect, FEND is not a nasal spray. Since the FEND device produces a moderate, safe mist that is absorbed into the upper airways rather than inserted and sprayed into the nose, it differs from a nasal spray.

The FEND Mister gadget produces a mist from a proprietary calcium-enriched saline solution, similar to how a humidifier works by evaporating water to generate a mist.


Water, calcium, and salt make up FEND. This natural concoction helps to clear your airways while also enhancing their effectiveness. It is like breathing in a fresh beach breeze.

FEND is a drug-free spray, unlike most others. Due to the mist particles produced by the solution being smaller than those produced by a nasal spray bottle, the FEND Mister is a unique gadget.

FEND really revitalizes the mucosal lining to aid in airborne particle collection and removal. As a result, the mucus lining of your nose, trachea, and major bronchi, which are barely at the top of your upper airways, might adhere to the solution.

Fend has ingredients including salt, calcium, and water, which together provide a relaxing and cooling effect. With FEND, your lungs and upper airways might get a natural cleaning.

The unique interaction of these elements improves the upper airway’s intrinsic ability to filter out dust, stale air, and other airborne pathogens. The contaminated air is not easily breathable and therefore it becomes harsh for your lungs.


Eliminates potentially dangerous airborne particles, such as allergens and contaminants, from the airways.

Instantly hydrates the upper airways, aiding in the prevention of dehydration’s negative effects.

Enhances the body’s inherent capacity to filter stale air more effectively.

Fend is light and portable. It utilizes a spray bottle with precisely proportioned droplets. You may put it in your backpack or simply carry it in your pocket. And using it is simple.

Studies by FEND show that the substance might begin to have an impact as little as 15 seconds after consumption.

FEND is a natural chemical that works well against a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi to protect consumers against air pollution and other airborne contaminants.

Why choose FEND over any other product?

FEND employs natural, drug-free materials, thus, it is completely safe.

It lasts for six hours, unlike other products.

As a result of its success, it has been awarded the “Best Invention of 2020.”

What does Science say about Fend?

Numerous research is used by the FEND creators to support the use of FEND. 17 papers on FEND have been released by academics in peer-reviewed publications since 2015. According to the studies, the gadget can aid in snoring and moderate sleep apnea reduction.

The mist also seems well tolerated, with only a few negative effects observed. These results imply that FEND may be a useful option for persons who experience minor sleep apnea or snoring.

How does FEND work?

By enclosing small water droplets, the mist protects people’s airways from harmful airborne particles including pollen, dust, and air pollution.

As you breathe in the mist, the water droplets will stick to the dust particles, preventing them from entering your lungs. This makes breathing easier and provides your lungs with natural protection. FEND’s unique formulation also includes ingredients that help to soothe and revitalize the respiratory system, providing comfort and protection against congestion, pollutants, and allergies.

What do you use FEND For?

FEND stands for ‘Fast Emergency Nasal Defense’. FEND was initially created as a defender of COVID-19, but its developers soon realized that it could be used in a wide range of situations, including those in which allergens, viruses, or cancer-causing substances are present and might potentially make you ill if inhaled.

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