Emergency Sleeping Bag Reviews (Patriot Wholesale Club)

An emergency sleeping bag comes in handy when you unexpectedly have to spend a night out of your comfortable bed. Quality sleeping bags are compact, convenient, and protect users from threats and exposures.

A good sleeping bag should be weather-friendly, of good size, and lightweight.

There are multiple sleeping bags in the market today. Some are worth the price, while others are a waste of money.

Patriot Wholesale Club is the maker of the orange-colored Emergency Sleeping Bag. Is the survival sleeping bag worth the hype? Continue reading to discover more about the Emergency Sleeping Bag.

What is Emergency Sleeping Bag by Patriot Wholesale Club

Emergency Sleeping Bag is marketed as a lightweight, compact, and practical survival kit that can keep you safe during an emergency. The developer recommends carrying this bag everywhere to ensure you are ready for any eventualities.

During a crisis, a person’s survival rate depends on their level of preparedness. It is best to keep safe and protected to overcome any situation. The Emergency Sleeping Bag supposedly has the suitable material and design to aid you in sleeping outside without any worries.

Patriot Wholesale Club recommends stocking the Emergency Sleeping Bag alongside your first aid kit. It is small, compact, and portable. It does not use a lot of space, and it can easily fit even the glove apartment.

The Application of the Emergency Sleeping Bag

It is impossible to predict when an accident or a disaster will strike. Sometimes a car can break down in unexpected places forcing you to look for shelter. Similarly, getting lost in the woods or floods are some scenarios where the Emergency Sleeping Bag comes in handy.

Patriot Wholesale Club recommends stocking the Survival Sleeping Bag, especially if you live in areas prone to disasters or work in high susceptibility areas. The product is easy to use and supposedly super comfortable.

Emergency Sleeping Bag Features

Weather – Proof

The Emergency Sleeping Bag is supposedly made from high-quality material that keeps the occupant warm and safe. Similarly, the survival sleeping bag is water-resistant. The manufacturer claims that it is unlikely to wear and tear even under exposure. Patriot Wholesale Club alleges that the sleeping bag is designed to keep the freezing wind and water out, enabling the user to maintain a constant body temperature.


The Emergency Sleeping Bag is made using a stretchable material allowing users of multiple heights to use it. A good sleeping bag should fit users of different body lengths and girths. The Emergency Sleeping Bag is designed for exclusive family use, including children. It is seven by 3 feet in size, allowing any adult to fit.


The Emergency Sleeping Bag weighs about 4.7 oz. The creator claims that, unlike standard sleeping bags, you can carry the survival kit everywhere. It is 100 percent lighter than typical sleeping bags.


Most people prefer compact survival kits that they can quickly bring everywhere. The Emergency Sleeping Bag is supposedly smaller than the ordinary soda can. Thus, it can fit small spaces like the glove compartment, go-bag, and kitchen drawer, among other areas.

Emergency Sleeping Bag Pricing

Customers can only purchase the Emergency Sleeping Bag via the official Patriot Wholesale Club website. The maker is currently running a unique process on all orders. Similarly, the company can make the same deliveries to any place in the US.

The Emergency Sleeping Bag’s website is SSL certified and secure. Customers can confidently shop for survival sleeping bags without worrying about incurring unauthorized charges.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Patriot Wholesale is sure that the Emergency Sleeping Bag will meet the customers’ expectations. Thus, each order comes with a 3-month money-back guarantee.

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FAQs About Emergency Sleeping Bag

Q: Is the Emergency Sleeping Bag available in any other cold?

A: No, the survival sleeping bag is available in the orange color. The color is visible even at night, allowing first responders to locate you quickly.

Q: Is the bag fireproof?

A: No, the Sleeping Bag is made from material that shrink-wraps after more than 200 degrees exposure.

Q: Can I use the Sleeping Bag during camping?

A: Some people use Emergency Sleeping Bags to sleep outside during warmer months. However, the survival bag is designed to help you stay alive in an emergency and may not be super comfortable.

Q: Can the bag fit by go-bag or backpack?

A: Absolutely, the Sleeping Bag is super lightweight and compact. It can fit most spices, including g your car’s compartment glove, go-bag, or kitchen drawer.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: Yes, the Emergency Sleeping Bag is made using waterproof material.

Q: Is the Emergency Sleeping Bag available in my local store?

A: Customers can purchase the Patriot Wholesale Sleeping Bag only via the official website.


The Emergency Sleeping Bag is a handy survival kit that can protect users from various threats and exposures. It is stretchable and made using high-quality waterproof material. The survival Sleeping Bag is lightweight and can fit most small spaces. Similarly, Patriot Wholesale is currently selling the product at excellent prices.



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