Confitrol24 Reviews – Bladder Control Supplement That Works?

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost control of your bladder? Are you losing sleep at night because you just had to relieve yourself? Do you wish you could enjoy spontaneous trips with your family instead of planning your day around your bathroom schedule?

You’re not alone. Urinary incontinence is an embarrassing problem for approximately 13 million people in the US, 85% of which are women. Despite that, many women often feel alone when dealing with incontinence, given how debilitating this condition is.

Urinary incontinence is usually treated with prescription medication. But suppose you’re not into the unsavory side effects of pharmaceuticals. In that case, there are tons of home remedies for urinary incontinence that can help you solve your humiliating condition once and for all.

Symptoms And Types Of Urinary Incontinence

We get it, constantly feeling like you’re on edge because you’re about to burst is frustrating.

But before we get into the specifics of how to treat urinary incontinence, you should first make sure that the issue isn’t something else. It could be that your diet is causing your bladder to expel more often. Maybe you’re in the early stages of pregnancy.

Here are a few signs that you’re facing a more serious problem than just drinking too much water:

  • Peeing more than eight times per day
  • You can’t wait, you have to go right now
  • Being able to release a few drops even if you just went to the bathroom or feeling like you’ve been holding it
  • Getting up multiple times at night to use the bathroom
  • Leaking when you’re laughing or doing any physical activities

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you may have one of these types of urinary incontinence.

Stress Incontinence

Don’t worry, the word ‘stress’ in stress incontinence has nothing to do with your emotions. Stress refers to the physical exertion that increases abdominal pressure like jumping, running, or coughing. In severe cases, your bladder might lose the ability to hold urine.

Aging is usually one of the key factors in stress incontinence since it takes less pressure for your urethra to open and allow leakage as you get older. Vaginal childbirth can also cause incontinence because giving birth can stretch and potentially damage your pelvic floor muscles and nerve.

Urge Incontinence/ Overactive Bladder

If you feel the urge to relieve yourself, only to let out a few drops, you might have an overactive bladder. Worse, you might not even make it to the bathroom before you have an accident.

This urgency is caused by your detrusor muscle contracting and signaling a need to urinate when your bladder is not full. There can be several reasons for this, but typically nerve damage, brain damage, or an accident can lead to urge incontinence.

Besides that, urge incontinence is also more common in postmenopausal women. Bacteria like E-Coli can also lead to temporary urge incontinence.

Mixed Incontinence

If you have symptoms of both stress and urge incontinence, you probably have mixed incontinence.

Mixed incontinence is the trickiest of all since you lose control of your bladder. It shares the same causes of both stress and urge incontinence, with age being a huge factor.


The Best Home Remedies For Urinary Incontinence

Some people try to mitigate urinary incontinence by strengthening their pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises. Not only is it time-consuming, but you might not make a big enough difference to stop leaking immediately.

It might be a cliche, but nothing beats solving the problem from the inside. No matter what type of urinary incontinence you have, you can use natural remedies to rid yourself of this embarrassing problem once and for all.

Raw Horsetail


Horsetail is a well-known diuretic that is proven to be as, if not more, effective as synthetic diuretics in medical tests.

As a diuretic, it increases your urine production, which reconditions your bladder to restore regular operation. This is because it helps flush out the toxins and bacteria that inflame your bladder, giving your bladder and your sanity a much-needed rejuvenation.

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Not only that, but horsetail is also rich in silica, which promotes firmness, strength, and connectivity in body tissues. This mineral is often found in support structures in your body like your bones, teeth, and, you guessed it, your bladder. Since it helps strengthen your bladder’s muscle tone, you become more impervious to accidental leakages.

A word of caution, though consuming excessive amounts of raw horsetail can cause vitamin B1 depletion since it contains a thiaminase-like enzyme that breaks down the vitamin. To use it safely, you should consume a supplement that is adequately dosed to prevent B1 deficiency.

Three-leaved caper (Crataeva nurvala)


For more than 3000 years, the three-leaved caper has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to treat urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and prostate-related disorders.

Crataeva nurvala is widely researched in multiple clinical and scientific studies. Like horsetail, it has strong diuretic properties that help you flush out excess fluids and bacteria in your bladder to treat urinary incontinence.

Thanks to its potent antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties, it can also help your bladder restore elasticity. This is crucial since your bladder must expand and contract efficiently for proper control over your urinary functions.

Besides that, the three-leaved caper also strengthens your detrusor muscle (the muscle that lines your bladder wall) to improve urine expulsion. Because of this, no stagnation occurs in your bladder, which prevents bacteria growth that could lead to an infection or overactive bladder.

Lindera Aggregata


Also known as the Japanese evergreen spicebush, this Asian short-wood shrub is a well-known bladder booster that helps improve urinary incontinence.

For one, it is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent oxidative damage to your urinary tract. This can treat not only current ailments but also prevents future UTIs and urinary tract dysfunctions. Besides that, this multi-purpose herb also has an anti-aging effect on the bladder and the surrounding areas.

About HerSolution Confitrol24


What’s better than taking three separate bladder-boosting supplements? Only taking one and still reap the benefits, of course.

HerSolution Confitrol24 takes all the herbs we’ve mentioned above and combines them in a clinically proven formula. Earning the approval of Dr. Lauren Schulz and multiple prestigious awards, Confitrol24 is the ultimate solution for any woman struggling with urinary incontinence.

This daily herbal supplement is based on the patented Urox blend that is clinically proven to improve your incontinence symptoms effectively. Using 100% natural formulation, it gently reconditions your bladder and restores it to its former, more youthful self, no side effects, no prescription needed.

With Confitrol24, you don’t have to put your life on hold in favor of a bathroom break. You can live a shame-free life and enjoy precious moments with your family.

HerSolution Confitrol24 Benefits

  • Diminish humiliating accidents and uncomfortable leaks
  • Reduce nocturia – a condition that forces you to wake up at night to urinate – by half or more
  • Dramatically decrease inconvenient and untimely urges to go
  • Help you stay dry for longer and reduce pad usage
  • Strengthen your bladder walls, pelvic floor, and sphincter muscles
  • Naturally, alleviate symptoms of occasional urges and stress incontinence

How Does HerSolution Confitrol24 Work?

Confitrol24 targets the health of the muscles and tissue surrounding your bladder to solve your incontinence issues effectively.

Using Urox’s unique patented formula, it strengthens and tones the muscles of the bladder wall, pelvic floor, and sphincter so that you can regain control over your bladder again. Besides that, it also supports healthy connective tissue in the surrounding area that allows your bladder to fill and empty appropriately.

Confitrol24 also helps flush out bacteria in your bladder to prevent urine stagnation, a common cause of urinary tract infections that might lead to urinary incontinence. With anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation properties, this potent urinary incontinence supplement keeps your urinary system healthy and supple.

In just eight weeks or less, you can reduce the symptoms of an overactive bladder and incontinence. You won’t even need to use pads in your daily life anymore. All you need to do is take two pills a day, and your embarrassing problem will be gone before you know it.

HerSolution Confitrol24 Ingredients

The patented Urox blend contains all three of the bladder-boosting botanicals we mentioned above: horsetail extract, three-leaved capers, and lindera aggregata. That’s all, it’s so potent that it doesn’t need more than three ingredients.

This breakthrough formula doesn’t only incorporate these herbs. On the contrary, all ingredients are extracted with a unique method to get the best out of them.

Like we’ve mentioned above, specific varieties of horsetail extract can cause vitamin B1 deficiency. But in Confitrol24, raw horsetail is processed to destroy the enzyme that breaks down thiaminase. Because of this, you enjoy all the benefits of this incontinence-treating herb without the side effects.

It also uses Cravetox, a proprietary derivative of crataeva nurvala that is standardized to deliver consistent and effective results. The lindera aggregata included in the formula is as effective as its rawest form when it comes to helping you prevent oxidative damage that might cause urinary incontinence.


Supported By Clinical Study

Few urinary incontinence supplements can claim to be backed by clinical studies, which is why Confitrol24 stands out from the sea of urinary incontinence solutions that promises unrealistic results.

The star of Confitrol24 is the patented Urox blend that is optimized to alleviate symptoms of incontinence.

To test its effectiveness, 150 participants who experience mild to moderate incontinence symptoms were chosen to participate in a double-blind, independent clinical study. These participants had symptoms like night-time urges to urinate, going to the bathroom too frequently, and using pads to prevent accidental leakages.

One group was given a daily dose of Urox and the other color-matched vegetarian capsules. By doing this, the researchers can be sure that the results are valid and unbiased.

The clinical trial lasted for eight weeks, with regular checks throughout the process. The participants were required to report their progress at baseline, week two, four, and eight at care centers. They were also asked to keep a daily journal to log their daily bathroom trips and accidents.

At the end of eight weeks, the placebo group experienced no difference. But the Urox group reported fewer bathroom breaks during the day. They also reported sleeping better at night, had fewer embarrassing accidents, and felt less urgency throughout the day. No participants experienced any adverse side effects.

How To Use Confitrol24

Now that you know everything that goes into the effective Confitrol24 formula, it’s time to go on the path to complete bladder control.

You only need to take two capsules a day to get optimal results, once in the morning and once at night. Most people see the desired results within two months of using Confitrol24, but it can take as little as two weeks to notice a difference.

Since Confitrol24 is made to be as natural and safe as possible, you might need to wait a while before seeing a significant change in your incontinence. This is because you need a buildup of active ingredients in your system for this herbal supplement to work correctly.

But if you stick to this regimen, you’ll finally be able to sleep through the night without having to go to the bathroom. You’ll see a marked decrease in your bathroom trips during the day and finally ditch the incontinence pads for good.

HerSolution Confitrol24 Summary

If you’re looking for a natural option to regain your bladder control, Confitrol24 is the way to go.

Based on the patented Urox blend, this herbal supplement can significantly improve your incontinence. With just two tablets per day, it strengthens and tones your urinary system to prevent accidental leakages.

Not only that, but it also protects your bladder from infections that might cause urinary incontinence with its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties. With its all-natural formulation, you don’t have to worry about side effects either.

Confitrol24 is available on the official website without a prescription, which means no humiliating trips to the doctor. Leading Edge Health also provides a 67-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the results within 60 days, you can return the product to them for a full refund.

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