Clavusin Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Nothing kills your confidence than having thick, discolored, brittle, crumbly or rotten nails especially when you have to share a private space with them, especially a bed. These symptoms are caused by parasitic fungal infections in your toenails and may cause your toes to have a nauseating odor. Moreover, toe nail fungal infections cause rashes on the skin which may lead to bleeding and open wounds. The embarrassment of having toenail fungus is unforgiving hence many people tend to hide the condition especially when they cannot afford to tackle the problem. The prevalence of this problem has led to multiple researches aimed at formulating the best solution to the problem. However, these products developed do not work often since they only leave the patients dependent on the medications. This review uncovers Clavusin, a new naturally developed solution to dealing with fungal infections in toenails.

Introducing Clavusin

Clavusin is a new, affordable and effective nail fungus relief solution developed to cure toenail rot caused by fungal infections within a couple of weeks. Clavusin is developed using natural ingredients derived from naturally growing plants free from genetic modification and artificial fertilizers and other compounds. The concept was derived from an ancient sacred African ritual which has been thoroughly studied and its beneficial effects have been confirmed by over a dozen independent sources, such as The Journal of European Academy of Dermatology or National Center for Biotechnology Information. This product is designed to offer you the confidence to wear your favorite open shoes, enjoy your time at the pool or beach with your friends and most importantly, you can share a bed with your partner with confidence.

The Science Behind Toenail Fungus

For quite a long period of time, toenail fungus has been associated with poor hygiene and the type of shoes you wear. Nevertheless, recent research has provided undeniable evidence beyond doubt that none of these have anything to do with toenail fungal infection. According to recent studies, fungal infection is caused by mycotoxin, a certain type of poison found in foods that is slowly damaging your internal organs, allowing these toxic fungi to spread all throughout your body while rotting away your nails, skin and even scalp. This research showed that aflatoxins and acrylamide, which are environmental pollutants affect more than a quarter of the crops hence they end up in our foods. Contaminated air and polluted soil water are also culprits responsible for the rapid increase in the deposition of the said chemicals in our bodies. These chemicals are responsible for damaging your internal organs as shown earlier.

How mycotoxin Causes Toenail Fungal Infection

Mycotoxins are harmful secondary metabolites produced by certain filamentous fungi like molds which can be found in almost every modern food. These substances end up in our blood stream when we consume these foods and accumulate in the body when the body is incapable of removing them. According to the manufacturer of the product, the deposited harmful products bind to the heavy metals consumed from other foods and they live within the bile of the liver and gallbladder. From these heavy metals they feed, grow and reproduce therefore accumulate over time to toxic levels in the bloodstream.

Fungal Infection Symptoms

The spread of fungal parasites is normally gradual over time. The onset of a fungal infection is characterized by dizziness, exhaustion from work, sweating and flu-like symptoms. This happens as the bloodstream is contaminated from the fungi in the body. The ultimate indicator of fungal infection in the toenails include discoloration, hard and rugged toenails, decay of nails and skin rashes around the toes.

Clavusin Ingredients

The Clavusin toenail fungus relief formula used by the manufacturer involves a combination of natural traditional herb species used for rituals by African communities from Kenya and modern medical solutions which have been blended in a perfect formula to offer you the safest solution to solving your toenail fungus.

Plantago Ovata

The first ingredient is Plantago Ovata which is commonly known as Psyllium Husk is derived from the natural herbs used by the native African communities in their rituals. According to scientific research, this ingredient works by preventing the reabsorption of heavy metals back into the gut once they have been released from the gallbladder. This is vital since it denies the fungal parasites a region to attach themselves, grow and spread to other parts of the body. In addition to this, this ingredient contains powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial substances which are vital in eliminating fungi besides calming pain and itching.


L-acidophilus is the second ingredient used in this product. According to the manufacturer, research has proved that L-acidophilus is an effective cure against harmful mycotoxins from food if taken in the right combination. This helps your body in getting rid of the mycotoxins in the bloodstream before they accumulate. Moreover, it has been shown to block aflatoxin B1 ochratoxin A zearalenone and deoxynivalenol (DON) as soon as they enter your body thereby acting as a two in one agent.

Glucomannan Root

This root is widely known for fighting diabetes. Besides this, the manufacturer adds it to the formula since it effectively inhibits the growth and accumulation of fungus, yeast and mold when combined with L-acidophilus. These will work effectively in cleaning up your blood.

Black Walnut and Bentonite Clay Extracts

These extracts work by rejuvenating the skin and nails as they start to rebuild themselves naturally from within by draining out the fungus swamp and cleaning up the outbreaks.

Clavusin Dosage

This product comes in a bottle of sixty capsules each. The manufacturer offers a ninety-day dosage plan of two capsules per day to give you the best results in the quickest time possible. The manufacturer cautions that skipping the dosage for one day may lead to an alteration of the progress of action therefore users need to be keen to observe daily dosage for 90 days. According to the manufacturer, users should expect to see changes within the first and the second week of usage. Users should expect to see change in the discoloration of their feet and rejuvenation of the growth of strong bright nails.

Clavusin Price

One bottle of the supplement contains sixty capsules retailing at $ 69. The Clavusin nail fungus relief supplement manufacturer offers a hefty discount of $59 per bottle for clients who buy three bottles at once. Moreover, customers who buy a 180-day supply of six bottles get one bottle at $49. You can choose to pay via credit, debit card, or even PayPal. The manufacturer offers free shipping to the doorstep. The manufacturer offers a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee for those who don’t get satisfied.

Final Review

For anyone seeking to gain their confidence when interacting with their peers by getting rid of ugly toenail fungal infection, this product has been developed for that purpose. You are guaranteed to get value for your money. Developed using the best natural ingredients there are, and coupled with positive customer feedback, Clavusim will offer you the ultimate solution for your toes.