BlitzyBug Reviews (Scam or Legit?) Is Blitzy Bug Anti-Insect Lantern Worth It?

The summers are upon us and now it is up to us to find a way to keep ourselves safe from insects and the threats they pose.

We all know how dangerous mosquitoes and other insects such as flies or gnats can be. Mosquitoes, especially, have the potential to cause several diseases such as malaria, dengue, and other ailments.

But how to effectively ensure that harmful insects, flies, and mosquitoes don’t bring any kind of harm or illness to your family?

Well, don’t worry, we will provide you with an innovative solution to keep mosquitoes and other insects out of your house and away from your lives.

BlitzyBug is a lantern used to eliminate flies and insects. It’s an extremely practical solution and unlike insect repellents/sprays, they do have the potential to harm you.

This is a completely safe way to keep insects away from you without harming yourselves.

BlitzyBug is a lantern that is designed to attract and kill insects.

BlitzyBug – What Is It?

BlitzyBug is a practical Innova device that will help you kill pesky insects and mosquitoes. This lightweight device is also weather-resistant.

This lantern is meant to be kept outside the house, so that it can attract insects and kill them before they try to enter your house.

Moreover, we know for a fact that the BlitzyBug will be your most trusted companion during our camping trips and other outdoor trips.

And this lantern covers upto 175 sq feet, which means when you turn on the lantern any insect within 175sq feet of it will be killed.

Also, as previously mentioned, you will not be subject to any kind of harmful elements, unlike bug repellents and sprays.

BlitzyBug – How Does It Work?

The mechanism this lantern uses is very simple.

The purple/violet LED light is designed to attract insects, as we all know insects are attracted to bright lights.

And when the insects go to the lights, the electric foils zap them immediately. This way, harmful insects are eliminated without putting your family at risk.

The battery included in this lantern is powerful and will last upto six hours on every charge and the bulb is designed to last upto 10,000 hours before you can change it.

Furthermore, using BlitzyBug is as simple as it can get.

To use it effectively, follow these steps:

First off, you must charge the lanter with the help of the USB cable that comes with it.

After that, place the lantern anywhere outside the house. On the porch or your garden. You also have the option of hanging it.

Now, just turn on the switch that is placed on top of the lantern and voila, your BlitzyBug lantern is ready to use.

After this, the lantern will start to attract flies and zap them.

This lantern is safe to use. The protective fence around it will prevent children from getting injured.

Here’s an important thing to remember, make sure the device is off before you start cleaning it.

BlitzyBug – What Do Customers Have To Say About It?

Customers who used BlitzyBug have nothing to complain about.

BlitzyBug has helped thousands of people stay insect-free. Everyone who used BlitzyBug has mentioned how amazing and safe this lantern is.

BlitzyBug – Where Can You Purchase This Lantern From?

You can buy these amazing lanterns from their official website “BlitzyBug.com“.

They have different pricing options. So choose the one that suits you best and place your order.

Here are the pricing options:

  • One BlitzyBug – $44.97 + $7.95 Shipping Fee
  • Three BlitzyBug – $33.97 Per Unit + Free Shipping
  • Five BlitzyBug – $24.97 Per Unit + Free Shipping

Moreover, the manufacturers offer you a 30-dat cash back guarantee. If this lantern does not work as advertised, then you can always contact their customer care and get a full refund without being asked any questions.

This anti-insect lantern is among the best and is American owned. The manufacturers also make sure they manufacture this lantern is the best facility and use only the best materials to make it.

Final Word

If you love spending your time outdoors during summers, then the BlitzyBug is something you should definitely buy.

It will keep you safe from insects and mosquitoes. This lantern is as innovative as it gets and right now is being sold at a very reasonable price, so make sure you pick it up before the offer ends.

Head over to “BlitzyBug.com” and place your order now! >>>