Best Psychic Online Readings: Top 8 Accurate Spiritual Readings of Psychic Platforms

Having psychic readings are great ways to get insights into your professional and personal life, but can it be said that psychic readings are authentic? How to know which sites are legitimate and which ones you should be aware of?

In this presentation, the best psychic sites for readings will be evaluated. They are used for phone readings, chat, and email.

The Top 8 Best Psychic Sites in 2022

  • The best site for online psychic readings – Kasamba
  • Convenient phone readings – AskNow
  • Accurate spiritual readings – Keen
  • Intimate video psychic readings – Oranum
  • Best for psychic love readings – Psychic Source
  • Experienced tarot card readers – California Psychics
  • Most affordable psychic readings – Psychic Oz
  • Best for astrology readings – Life Reader



The psychic advisors from Kasamba have been giving some of the most compelling readings for more than 20 years, and the psychic team at this website is continuously growing. You can browse hundreds of psychics readily available for chat and psychic phone readings.

And there’s another great thing about this website – all its new members are getting the first 3 minutes of reading for free.

Once the free minutes are done, there will be a message notifying you of your wish to go on with psychic readings, topping things up.

On Kasamba, as soon as you have found any psychic that you like, you will be able to go browsing through profiles and see the fields these are specific for as in, for example, tarot, crystals, cartomancy, and others. In addition, most psychics will also put some bit by bit on themselves, so you can find other reviews that other clients leave.

While psychics with more experience tend to cost more, their highest user ratings and outstanding reviews make their insights worth your money and time!


  • 3 minutes for free
  • The guarantee of satisfaction
  • Many readings


  • The best psychics are pretty expensive
  • It doesn’t have any filtering tools



Keen is a top psychic website for readings that are chat-based. This is mainly because it’s a mobile-based application, making it easier to remain connected with any online psychic chosen at any hour in the day. Additionally, on the Keen platform, you can choose from many readings, including dream interpretation, readings of angel cards, numerology readings, and some other services that are psychic. What’s also great about this platform is the search filter it uses that’s so effective and makes it easier to find someone who’s a psychic and experienced psychic, according to your preferences. In addition to all this, the website’s simple layout makes navigation super simple so that you will be connected fast!

The con of this is that there will be any live video option for reading, yet you should still take the 3 minutes of FREE online chat and phone readings you need to try.


  • Greatest filtering tools
  • 3 minutes are free
  • A convenient app


  • Not any live video chat
  • A little bit expensive



AskNow is best known for offering very affordable prices and many psychics that are always ready for your call. Additionally, members can pick from numerous accurate and precise readings, such as relationships and love, past lives, dream analysis, and numerology.

Now, AskNow has the most fantastic deals for 30-minute packages for $30 or 20-minute for $20. This will be affordable if trying any reading for the first time, the platform’s best advisors. To know more about psychic readings, you can read the specialty profiles.

You can also browse the site’s informative articles and check the Horoscope.

While AskNow doesn’t have any practical tools for filtering, it’s still possible to browse the top psychics on the first page to come across the best psychic you need.


  • Affordable readings for all the new users
  • Spanish options are not available
  • Psychic profiles that are informative


  • No tools that filter
  • Adding card details for the FREE version

Psychic Source


Psychic Source has been providing the most insightful psychic readings for more than 30 years now, being most known for the careful psychic team that is vetted and provides the most excellent customer services. On the website, you can choose from numerous readings via phone, email, and video, ranging from astrology to tarot readings. What’s also great about Psychic Source is that it also comes with a money-back guarantee, in case you aren’t happy with your general reading.

All the newcomers will receive a 3-minute trial for FREE and affordable packages and rates that start at $1/minute. While the matching process might be overwhelming, it also helps with having specific psychic readings in mind.


  • Phone, live readings, and chats are available
  • Spanish available
  • 3-minute for beginners are FREE


  • Overwhelming processes for matching
  • Communication channels that are mixed up



Oranum is perfectly known for immersing live chat readings on video, where members can even get the psychic reading for FREE. All you have to do is join the advisors live and ask questions in the chatbox. If you are a psychic, you can after request private live readings.

Above all, every new user will get about 10,000 credits for FREE, translating into a 10- minute reading for FREE!

While Oranum is not featuring any phone readings, you will remain anonymous if you keep your videos off for the live reading.


  • 10-minute FREE rate of introduction
  • Live Readings
  • Available pet psychics


  • No readings on the phone
  • No ratings to leave

Psychic Oz


On Psychic Oz, users can browse through the best psychic readers regarding advice regarding a career, relationships, finances, and others involved. Using the website’s excellent tool for filtering, you can come across the psychic type you are looking for, specializing in any particular sector, such as tarot readings and astrology.

You will find helpful information on the psychic profile, such as experience, expertise fields, and other user ratings.

On the downside, Psychic Oz isn’t providing satisfaction guarantees for any reading. However, the website still has more excellent user reviews and reputable lists of the best psychics on the first page.


  • Excellent tool for filtering
  • First 3-minutes FREE
  • Customers section and favorite


  • No satisfaction is being offered
  • Multilingual option not available

California Psychics


California Psychics has existed since ‘95, providing the most insightful psychic online readings for all customers. The website also features a friendly mobile app for online psychic reading services when on the go. A program of Karma Rewards is also being offered. This program lets you earn more points with every reading purchase, the money you will be able to spend on most other perks.

Above all, you can opt for all sorts of readings from psychics, like relationship and love, psychic and career mediums.

While there won’t be too many psychics as there are on Kasamba, the website’s psychics will be more experienced, whereas most will come with many positive ratings from users.


  • $1/minute package for any newcomer
  • Mobile-friendly app
  • A Karma Rewards system


  • Expert psychics are expensive
  • Not the hugest variety for psychics

Life Reader


With Life Reader, all newcomers will get 4 FREE minutes and 50% off for the first reading, whereas the readings will be pretty expensive. At least you can get a taste of what’s real. If you like Horoscopes, the site features the most in-depth information on the star sign and the best readings of astrology.


  • All psychics will be vetted
  • Email, chat readings, and phone available
  • Has a helpful blog
  • 4-minute at FREE


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Pricey

Why Is It Better to Opt for a Psychic Reading Online?

There are many reasons why online readings are better than any live reading. Some of these include:


Sometimes it’s challenging to know how much the reading will cost you, especially with someone in person. Most psychics talk about their rates on their profile page, so you can determine how much a reader will charge and have a budget-friendly idea.


You’re likely feeling nervous about meeting any psychic face-to-face when it’s your first reading. Being in the comfort zone will be more stressful than going to any reading.


Everyone is busy, and other times, it’s challenging to find enough time to talk with a psychic. The online room chat of a psychic and even the readings don’t take long and are more convenient because they don’t involve going to physical locations.

More Reviews

With things occurring primarily online, getting user reviews with ratings is easier. In addition, websites like Keen and Kasamba often feature a rating system, and every psychic has customer reviews from others.

How Many Sorts of Psychics Are There?

Nowadays, you can come across many psychic readers with unique psychic powers who are well versed in different readings. More commonly, you will find the following:

  • Psychics for Tarot card readings: These psychics carry out their readings using Tarot card decks. The cards have ancient images and other symbols that the reader interprets with intuition and skills.
  • Readers for love: Many online psychic reading sites have psychics that specialize only in relationships and love. These psychics can provide the answers needed on your partner or other concerns you might have regarding love.
  • A psychic reader for pets: There’s a significant demand for pet psychics, seeing that more people want to hear comforting words regarding their departed pets. The psychics can also say more about companions that are alive.
  • Psychic medium: A psychic is a person who can communicate with the departed. Therefore, someone loses someone loved and goes to a medium for peace and closure.

Where Are Free Psychic Readings?

In case you’re not looking to put aside money for psychic readings, you can all the time enjoy a free reading.

For once, you could give a free reading with Tarot cards a read. Pick some tarot cards in the presented virtual deck, and you will get general reading.

This is most effective when you have some questions in mind and follow your intuition. Another idea regarding free online psychic reading sessions is to choose complimentary minutes on websites like Kasamba. This will get things moving.

How To Find the Best Psychic Websites?

It’s more often tough to come across online psychics, as different apps and sites are available everywhere.

However, you can analyze user reviews to determine what these people know on the platform. Sites such as AskNow, Keen, and Kasamba already feature online reviews.

In addition, the website you are looking for should be the reading type you want. For instance, Keen has excellent chat psychics, and Oranum features face-to-face readings!

What Main Factors Make a Successful Psychic Session?

The best online psychic reading should leave you with your questions answered and some deeper insight into your issue. Therefore, psychic readings online:

  • Ask open-ended questions – Psychics might have gifts, but this doesn’t indicate they have the power to see just about everything. Thus, asking open-ended questions, such as “am I going to fall for someone soon?” instead of” when am I going to fall in love?” – allows the reader more insight.
  • Feel comfortable – While nervous about any psychic reading, remain calm and get the most out of your reading. Because you might be uncomfortable, you’ll skip some questions you wanted to ask.
  • Prepare the questions ahead – By preparing the questions ahead, you can establish the most transparent path regarding the session you’re trying to get. This way, your reading will be the best.

What Can I Ask During My Psychic Reading?

Ask your psychic reader about almost everything that goes through your mind. Thus, most questions are centered on love, finances, career, health, and future opportunities.

It’s essential to know a psychic reading is the safest space, where you can ask any question concerning you, so don’t limit your questions.

The Top 8 Best Psychic Sites in 2022 Conclusion

Online psychic reading is the best way to answer your questions without judgment.

This is the reason why going for a reputable psychic platform matters. The top picks for today have the best psychics offering all sorts of readings.

Additionally, on Keen and Kasamba, you can enjoy free minutes, being a newcomer, to determine if you’re looking to pursue that reader.