Best CBD Oils for Dogs – 2020 Reviews

CBD stands for cannabidiol — it’s the primary non-psychoactive compound in hemp plants.

CBD products have a lot to offer. They’re used to relieve symptoms of pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, and much more.

This compound has all the same benefits for our dogs as it does for us — which is why so many pet owners are reaching for a bottle to help their animals. CBD oils are used to alleviate separation anxiety in young dogs, reduce joint pain in older dogs, and treat obsessive or post-traumatic disorders in dogs of all ages.

Learn how to find the right CBD products for your dog, starting with these top-rated CBD pet oils for 2020.

Best CBD Oils For Dogs — 2020 Roundup

  • Royal CBD – Award Winning, Best CBD Oil Overall
  • Gold Bee – Runner Up, Quality Product at a Good Price
  • Blessed CBD – Potent CBD, But Only Ships to the UK

1. Royal CBD Pet Oil — Editor’s Pick

Royal CBD

Royal CBD pet oils are specifically made for dogs. They’re available in three potency options to match your dog’s size and come standard with a dog-friendly bacon flavor.

These oils use the same premium hemp extract the company is known for in its other CBD products. The extract is made from organic hemp and supercritical CO2 extraction to maintain as much of the phytochemical makeup as possible.

Several high-profile media outlets and industry experts have already recommended this line of pet oils as the top-rated CBD brand for dogs. A few examples include SF Weekly, Weed News, CFAH, SF Examiner, and We Be High.

It’s important to match the potency of the oil with your dog’s size, so Royal CBD offers three distinct strengths:

  • Small Dogs (under 20 pounds) — 125 mg CBD oil
  • Medium-Sized Dogs (20 – 50 pounds) — 250 mg CBD oil
  • Large Dogs (Over 50 Pounds) — 500 mg CBD oil

The easiest way to use this oil is to mix it in with your dog’s food. The bacon flavor makes this oil attractive for most dogs, so you’re unlikely to have to fight your dog to take their daily dose of CBD while using this oil.


  • Made from an organic, full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Multiple different potency options to match the size of your animal


  • Not available in store (online brand only)
  • No cat-specific CBD oil flavors in this lineup

2. Gold Bee CBD Oils — Runner-Up

Gold Bee

Gold Bee is a much newer CBD brand with a relatively small product lineup. However, this brand is becoming increasingly popular for its low cost and high overall quality and potency. You can already find high-level recommendations for this brand on websites such as LA Weekly, Observer, Orlando Weekly, San Antonio Current, Metro Times, Riverfront Times, VentureBeat, CL Tampa, and Cleveland Scene.

Gold Bee doesn’t have a pet-specific lineup — but the truth is that there’s very little difference between a dedicated pet oil from a standard CBD oil. The main difference is that pet oils tend to have a lower potency to account for the smaller size. They also usually come with a more dog-specific flavor (like Royal CBD’s bacon-flavored CBD oil).

The 300 and 600 mg CBD oils from Gold Bee are well-suited for use with dogs of all sizes:

  • Small Dogs (under 20 pounds) — 300 mg CBD oil
  • Medium-Sized Dogs (20 – 50 pounds) — 300 mg CBD oil
  • Large Dogs (Over 50 Pounds) — 600 mg CBD oil

All Gold Bee CBD products, including these CBD oils, are made from organically-grown hemp sourced from local farms around California. Every batch is independently tested to prove the potency and check for contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticide residues, mycotoxins, and more.


  • Excellent value for these CBD oils compared to most pet oils
  • Made from a high-quality organic, full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Independently tested and backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • No pet-specific flavor options currently available (go for the unflavored option)
  • Not sold in store (online brand only)

3. Blessed CBD Oil — UK’s Best CBD Oil

Blessed CBD is a UK-based CBD brand with a concise product lineup. All Blessed CBD products are made from the same high-quality full-spectrum extract, except for the CBD gummies, which use an isolate.

This brand doesn’t have a specific dog-friendly range of CBD products, but their 500 mg CBD oil is suitable (and safe) for dogs of all sizes.

Compared to the other brands on this list, Blessed CBD oils are more potent on average. While the bottle only contains 500 mg of CBD, it has a much smaller volume (only 10 mL instead of 30 mL). This means every drop of this oil is more potent than an equivalent 500 mg CBD oil from another brand.

Due to this oil’s higher potency, you only need to use a few drops of this oil for a full dose of CBD.

Each drop provides roughly 1.5 mg of CBD, so you can easily count the drops to reach the desired dosage depending on the size of your dog (more on this later).

We recommend this brand, or our runner-up — Crush CBD — for anybody living in the United Kingdom. Neither Royal CBD, nor Gold Bee ship internationally.


  • Full-spectrum hemp extract sourced from European organic growers
  • Smaller bottle size fits more conveniently in a pocket or purse
  • High-potency means the dose of these oils are just a few drops per day


  • No pet-specific flavor options available
  • Only available in the United Kingdom

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs?

There are many reasons to use CBD oils with dogs. The most common is to improve the quality of life for aging dogs experiencing chronic pain from arthritis or cancer — but there are many more uses than this:

  • Chronic pain (arthritis, inflammation, injuries, cancer)
  • Stress & Anxiety (separation anxiety, PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more)
  • Nausea or vomiting (such as during a long car ride or trip)
  • Fear and stress (exposure to loud noises like construction or thunder)
  • Inflammation (post-surgery, digestive inflammation, autoimmune disorders)
  • Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, allergies)

Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?

CBD acts on a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — which is found in all animals (including dogs).

This means CBD has the same effect on dogs as it does on humans. It also means CBD is safe for dogs, just like it is for humans.

Studies have been done in the past to determine the safety and toxicity of using CBD with different types of mammals. One of these studies even looked at the toxicity of CBD on dogs.

The study concluded that CBD’s lethal dose was so high that it’s nearly impossible to even administer a lethal dose. Your dog would need to practically drink several bottles of high-potency CBD oil — at the cost of several thousand dollars.

With that said, CBD does bring some potential side effects (just like any health supplement).

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Oil?

The main side effects of CBD are lethargy and fatigue. Your dog may end up sleeping more than usual if you give them too much CBD. In rare cases, CBD can cause feelings of nausea or headaches with your animal as well — which is why you want to take the time to find the right dose (more on that later).

The potential side effects of CBD oil include:

  • Fatigue/lethargy
  • Grogginess
  • Headaches
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Skin rashes
  • Changes in heart rate or blood pressure
  • Dizziness

Are Cannabis Terpenes Safe For Dogs?

Many dog owners are opting to use cannabis-derived terpenes with their animals for added benefit. Terpenes are another important class of medicinal compounds produced in the hemp plant. These compounds work synergistically with CBD to provide stronger anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and joint-supportive benefits.

Terpenes are safe to use with dogs as long as you use the right dose. The general rule of thumb is to use about half the dose of terpenes for dogs than what’s listed on the bottle.

The best source for cannabis-derived terpenes is Finest Labs. You can choose between dozens of individual terpene concentrates and terp blends.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

The optimal dose of CBD is different for all dogs. Every dog has a different metabolism, rate of absorption through the gut, and size. This means the dose of CBD is going to be different for every animal.

The best way to find the right dose for your dog is to start with a low dose and increase by small increments every day until you either notice signs of improvement or side effects.

If you see your dog improving, it’s a good indication you’ve found a dose that works for them.

If you notice side effects, this means you’ve found the maximum upper limit. Reduce the dose the next time you give it to them. Keep doing this until side effects go away — you’ve identified the maximum upper limit for your animal.

While it’s true that the dose of CBD is very different from one dog to the next, it helps to know what dose to start with. Here are some recommended starting doses for dogs of various sizes:

  • Small Dogs (under 20 pounds) — 2 mg CBD
  • Medium-Sized Dogs (20 – 50 pounds) — 5 mg CBD
  • Large Dogs (Over 50 Pounds) — 8 mg CBD

Can I Use CBD Oil With My Cat Too?

CBD works just as well with cats as it does with dogs and humans. The main difference with cats is that the dose is going to be even smaller. Cat’s are sensitive animals, so a little bit of CBD will go a long way.

It’s best to start with a very low potency if using CBD oil for cats. The 125 mg CBD oil from Royal CBD is a great place to start.

For cats, start with just one to three drops of oil and increase every day at a rate of 2 drops until you find what works for your pet individually.

Key Takeaways: What’s The Best CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD has a lot to offer dogs. It’s used to reduce anxiety, ease chronic pain, relieve nausea, and much more. Many pet owners even use CBD as a daily health supplement in healthy dogs for general health and wellness and to promote longevity in their animal.

The best CBD oils for dogs are made from an organic hemp extract, provide the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, and offer size-specific potency options.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out the CBD pet oils from Royal CBD. They tick all the boxes for what makes a great CBD pet oil and come at a price point that’s hard to beat.