Point Ruston retirement community welcomes the future — with a robot!

More and more often, technology is changing our lives for the better! What once seemed a trope of science fiction is now part of everyday life — and it’s showing up where you might not expect it. In many cases, technology is the answer to a problem or challenge in ways that might surprise you, such as staffing shortages.

It’s been in the news that it’s proving difficult to get staff in so many fields these days, so GenCare Lifestyle, where the focus is always on making life better for their residents, came up with a unique solution to solve their current staffing shortages: through technology!

A Segway to the future

The newest addition to the staff is a Segway Servebot S1 powered by Afunture Solutions Inc. Initially, some residents were concerned that the robot might be there to take the place of a human worker, but its main function is to streamline workflow and make things easier for staff and residents!

In fact it was so well received, it quickly took on the familiar name of R2D2. Just like its namesake, this little robot is a friendly sort who wants to get the job done.

In the kitchen, the robot does the heavy work, allowing the servers maximum time to spend in the dining room. R2D2 picks up orders and delivers them to tables and even helps with bussing, allowing the GenCare staff more time to interact with residents.

Of course, a smart robot like this isn’t limited to dining room duties. The staff have discovered that the robot can be programmed to interface with the administrative and marketing teams, saving time and steps as R2D2 collects meal tickets and then runs them back to the kitchen.

More than a sidekick

“The staff and residents have embraced this new technology in ways that we never expected,” says Trisha Kostis, Corporate Director of Talent and Employee Experience at GenCare. “I think we’ve only just begun to fully realize the impact and value that R2D2 will have at Point Ruston. He’s part of the GenCare family already!”

Innovation is what keeps us moving forward, and through innovation, GenCare is finding ways to redefine roles in the community and streamline workflows. While R2D2’s contribution may not be quite as movie-worthy as his namesake, he’s just as dedicated to helping his humans!

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