Weekday lunches feed local folks at Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center

Sound Generations Lunch Program provides the community with hot and nutritious meals Monday-Friday.

Every weekday at 11 a.m., the local non-profit Sound Generations helps to host a nutritious lunch for community members at the Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center.

Adding to the list of services and amenities the Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center currently provides, including an outdoor exercise area, Thursday dance sessions, transporation services, and occasional pedicure opportunities, is the Sound Generations Lunch Program.

The Sound Generations Lunch Program is a community program that brings community members together on a daily basis for a hearty, well-balanced meal. It offers a chance for old friends to catch-up and for new friends to be made as community members gather daily.

Nutrition Operations Manager for Sound Generations Community Dining program, Stefanie Sismaet, said the dining program has been at the Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center for more than 25 years.

Every lunch is a different meal from a different cuisine. The meal calendar for the month of November included Beef Stroganoff, BBQ Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Stuffed Peppers, Ham and Cheese Quiche, Beef Stew, Buttermilk Chicken and many other dishes.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving will even have a Roast Turkey luncheon with “all the trimmings.”

Sismaet said when crafting the monthly menus for the lunch progam, coordinators and chefs with the program take into account which meals are popular with clients, what kinds of meals clients are asking for, and of course variety throughout the month.

“We also strive to include different cultural dishes,” said Sismaet.

The lunches are made “from scratch” inside the kitchen at the Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center.

According to the program, a $4 donation is suggested for seniors 60 and older, while diners under 60-years-old can enjoy a meal for $10.

Sismaet said the lunch program is funded in a variety of ways: 67% of funding comes from Aging and Disability Services (a mix of Federal and municipal funding), 23% through client donations, corporate and other fundraising, and 10 percent through the City of Renton.

According to Sound Generation, the Lunch Program at the Don Persson Renton Senior Activity Center is one of many the organization helps provide across the region.

The lunch menu included a special thanks to Safeway and other community members that donated to the program, and to all of the volunteers who work hard on a daily basis to feed seniors in our community.

“We have a total of 20 volunteers for the program at Renton who are incredibly dedicated and paramount to the success of our program,” Sismaet said.

She said she is proud to work with a dedicated team with not only their own Community Dining staff but the many volunteers and center staff that help make the program a success.

“Together we strive to build community, one meal at a time.” Sismaet said of the program. “It’s always a great time visiting during lunch service and seeing clients enjoy meals with one another that are both tasty and nutritionally balanced.”