Lindbergh High robotics team takes ‘Death Blocks’ competition

High school teams battled on Lindbergh High's basketball court and fans crowded the bleachers at the Renton school last Thursday. But the day's sporting event… Continue reading

  • Jun 11, 2009

Renton Farmers Market opens Tuesday for summer run

Renton Farmers Market started its season Tuesday in the sun-scorched Piazza with the usual opening ceremonies and bell ringing. But with an assortment of new… Continue reading

  • Jun 2, 2009

Hooters restaurant is planned for Cascade neighborhood in Renton

Hooters, the nationwide restaurant chain that features family fare and the "nearly world famous" Hooters girls, is coming to the Cascade Shopping Center.The idea behind… Continue reading

Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend; stay out of rivers, lakes, says public health

Health departments are warning that the best places to keep cool this Memorial Day Weekend ARE NOT the cold, fast-flowing rivers and the lakes in… Continue reading

  • May 22, 2009

Northwest paintings by Harold Johnson on display at Carco Theater

The artwork of Harold Johnson is on display at Carco Theater through June 12.Johnson creates realistic paintings of the Northwest, including maritime, wildlife and market… Continue reading

  • May 14, 2009

Skyway community rallies around its best-kept secret, Skyway Park

The county’s Skyway Park is a green jewel right in the middle of Skyway.But it’s also one of Skyway’s best-kept secrets, even at 23 acres… Continue reading

DUST OFF YOUR CAMERAS: Registration for the second annual Renton FilmFrenzy starts Sept. 1

Renton FilmFrenzy is back, ready to feature aspiring filmmakers as they use Renton as a backdrop for their FilmFrenzy competition entries.The best will win a… Continue reading

  • May 7, 2009

Somalis get help making Renton feel like a home

Somalia is Aynab Abdullahi’s native country. But he considers America home.The 37-year-old SeaTac resident moved to the United States when he was 12.“I’m as American… Continue reading

  • May 7, 2009

Who’s flying the 25-foot lobster at Liberty Park? Not Mike of Talbot Hill

A 25-foot lobster was flying over Renton for a couple hours Friday afternoon.A soaring, orange water bug, its green legs scissoring the sky above Liberty… Continue reading

  • May 4, 2009

Key Ingredients ends run at Renton Museum May 9

The Renton History Museum will close its showing of the Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit, Key Ingredients: America by Food, on May 9.According to museum director… Continue reading

  • May 1, 2009

After nearly a year, red light, speeding program paying off as ticket numbers drop

Latice Tidwell was driving past Renton High School when she saw a flash of light.“I seen a flash. All I seen was a big ol’… Continue reading

  • Apr 23, 2009

Renton students go silent to speak out against discrimination of gays, lesbians

Ty Taufaasau knows what it's like to be silenced. He says he knew he liked guys by as early as middle school. He came out… Continue reading

  • Apr 17, 2009

The Landing makes sure shoppers will have plenty to eat

Any neighborhood needs a few good places to eat. Right now, The Landing has – or will have soon – eight restaurants and drinking spots… Continue reading

Liberty High presents romantic comedy

Liberty High School will present the tongue-in-cheek romantic comedy “Kiss Me Quick Before the Lava Reaches the Village.”The musical takes place in in Patience, Nebraska,… Continue reading

  • Apr 13, 2009

Youth artist shows origami

The Renton Municipal Arts Commission is presenting the original origami quilts by local youth artist Brielle Creaser through May 1 at Carco Theater.Brielle Creaser, 11,… Continue reading

  • Apr 13, 2009

90-year-old Maury Marler of Renton is learning to fly – and loving it

Last summer, I introduced you to Maury Marler, a 90-year-old Merrill Gardens resident who is today training to earn a pilot’s license after a decades-long absence from the cockpit. Maury, as you’ll recall, is a retired Air Force navigator, who suddenly got the itch to fly again upon seeing the planes take off and land at Renton Airport from his window at Merrill Gardens in downtown Renton. I thought I’d catch up with him to see what he has been up to lately. Well. A lot. Maury is well on his way to getting his pilot’s license, making 40 to 50 trips in the air with his flying instructor at Galvin Flying, Len Quiat. He hasn’t soloed yet. But he has gotten some awfully great press. KING 5 News heard about him and featured him on the 5 o’clock news, which started a crescendo of publicity. Glenn Farley spent three hours interviewing him, and they sent a photographer up with him in the Cessna 172 to capture his landing. (“Try putting a 40 pound-camera in the back of a 66 Mustang,” Maury said. “That’s what THAT was like!). In addition, the news program had a helicopter following him during the whole trip; Maury was pretty impressed with the effort that was put into telling his story. He won’t get to solo until his landings are a “grease job,” which I was told means a perfect landing with no bounces. When I asked what a landing that ISN’T a grease job is called he said, “that’s not fit to print.” I was planning to watch him fly one day and he rattled off the number for the Air Transportation Information Service and coached me on what to listen to on the weather report for appropriate flying conditions. “Visibility must be greater than three miles, the ceiling at 2,000 feet or better, wind at less than 10 knots.” My head was swimming with the information, but I thought I’d try. Wednesday morning I listened to the report, and didn’t quite understand what I was hearing. But that was OK. He had already emailed me to say that flying conditions were poor. (He must have known that I wouldn’t get it!) He’s even taken his son-in-law and great-grandson, Drew, up with him in the air. I was curious how his family has taken to his return to flying, and he said they are extremely proud and supportive. Of course, this is the same family that took him parasailing for five days in Mazatlan on their last vacation! I hope you get your grease job before your 91st birthday on May 12, Maury! Happy flying! MAURY’S MEDIA Maury Marler of Renton thought his KING 5 story and Renton Reporter articles were fun, but what he didn’t know is that they would start some national and international publicity. Since appearing on KING 5’s program, Marler has been featured on an Australian morning show, called “Sunrise,” was mentioned humorously by Jay Leno and on April 16 will tape an appearance on NBC’s talk show “The Bonnie Hunt Show,” The show is scheduled to air at 2 p.m. April 17 on Channel 5.

Hazen jewelry class a beehive of activity

For several hours each week, this large art room at Hazen High School becomes a beehive of activity. Students buzz through the airy space, pounding,… Continue reading

  • Apr 3, 2009

Jimi Hendrix’s childhood home in Renton is officially gone

Rocker Jimi Hendrix’s family home, where his love of music blossomed as a child when it stood in Seattle, is now gone from the Highlands.Crews… Continue reading

  • Apr 3, 2009

Renton Civic Theater announces 2009-2010 season

Renton Civic Theater will present six plays during its 2009-2010 Season of Spirits and Laughter.RCT starts the new season in September with one of the most popular… Continue reading

  • Apr 2, 2009