Letters to the Editor

CVAC is a great program for children | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"In its 51st year, CVAC is one of the reasons that Renton is truly special."

  • Jun 20, 2014

Don’t wait until it’s too late to think safety in the Highlands | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"City, here’s your sign: kids walking home from school need more that a few stop signs within 100 yards of the school; as they have to walk a mile, EXTEND the safety!"

  • Jun 13, 2014

Delivering a solution | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"The association would like to respond to Mr. Winter’s concerns ('Free speech is still the law of the land,' Letter to the Editor, May 9, Renton Reporter) regarding the delivery of the Renton Reporter to the Liberty Ridge Homeowners Association."

  • May 23, 2014

Training led to success | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"Regarding 'Higher minimum wage not the answer but training is' (Editor’s Note, May 16): This is an excellent article that should be required reading for everyone."

  • May 23, 2014

Lake, trail worth saving | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"My husband and I attended the Kennydale community meeting regarding the “Energize Eastside” Project and I learned some things you may want to know..."

  • May 23, 2014

A big thanks to city workers who maintain our parks | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"The park employees deserve a big “thank you” and a heart-felt pat on the back for the great work they do."

  • May 16, 2014

Medicare needs to change rule for skilled nursing care | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"I am asking your readers, either seniors or senior care givers to write their congressperson or senator regarding Creating Access to Rehabilitation for Every Senior (CARES) Act (H.R. 3531)."

  • May 16, 2014

Free speech is still the law of the land | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"If the BOD had received complaints about the Renton Reporter’s weekly deliveries being left in front yards, they should have taken names and address numbers and forwarded the list to the Reporter’s staff."

  • May 9, 2014

Like the ‘Rosies,’ Coulon ‘walkers’ part of our history | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"I think Tracey really captured the true friendship and enjoyment that these women share with each other, as well as bringing fun and smiles to the entire neighborhood and, of course, the city of Renton."

  • May 9, 2014

Help needed this weekend to save downtown bookstore | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"Save Renton’s only new and used bookstore! Old Renton Book Exchange still needs our help."

  • May 9, 2014

No to power lines | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"I cannot even believe that PSE would consider doing this to our neighborhood."

  • May 2, 2014

Paper’s priorities are wrong | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"Shame on the Renton Reporter for making a front-page story on dressing the sculptures at Gene Coulon more important then honoring a Renton resident, Donisha Miller"

  • May 2, 2014

Keep transmission lines away from our children | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"I urge caution against permitting PSE to build additional high voltage transmission lines on and adjacent to so many schools in our community when there exists an option – Route L – that does not impact any school."

  • Apr 11, 2014

Hugs go a long way in Oso | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"If you citizens of Renton have a few spare bucks, write a check to the Red Cross and earmark it for the Oso Fund."

  • Apr 4, 2014

Wrong burden at Tiffany Park | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"I think it’s unfair that existing 20-year residents should be less considered than those moving into high-dollar new homes."

  • Feb 28, 2014

As Boomers retire, it’s time to make long-term care a priority | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"The future looks startling to those of us who comprise the “silver tsunami” and is downright alarming for thousands of Washingtonians who rely on the state’s Medicaid system to pay for long-term care services in nursing homes and assisted-living centers."

  • Feb 14, 2014

Talk about a buzzkill; cartoonist strikes out | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"The one detail the editorial cartoonist chooses to focus on is that the Mariners still suck?"

  • Feb 14, 2014

My son deserves a jail evaluation | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"It has been more than three weeks and my son is still waiting in jail for his evaluation."

  • Feb 7, 2014

Malls are killing downtowns | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"All over America, and for many years now, downtowns that began in the horse-and-buggy age are declining, while Americans drive by automobiles to the malls."

  • Feb 7, 2014

Ode to the Seahawks | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"Super Bowl or Bust," A poem by Vicki Shamek of Renton

  • Jan 31, 2014