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"My husband and I attended the Kennydale community meeting regarding the “Energize Eastside” Project and I learned some things you may want to know..."

My husband and I attended the Kennydale community meeting regarding the “Energize Eastside” Project and I learned some things you may want to know:

1.) PSE says that there are 520 trees along the Lake Washington Boulevard route that “require work.” This translates to the removal of many mature trees along the boulevard up to Ripley Lane, the Seahawks training center and northward along the Bellevue shoreline as far as Newport Shores.

2.) Homes along the route, as well as hillside homes with a view, are in danger of ruined views and lower property values. This also would mean less city tax money.

3.) Homes along the fall line of the towers will have problems securing loans, which will affect sales and purchases. Since the towers will be 130 feet in height, this will be a major “fall line” area.

4.) “Energize Eastside” will leave Renton “behind the Curve” while using our land and views to supply Bellevue/Kirkland with more electricity. As a Renton resident for more than 40 years, I am tired of Renton being looked down on and used because we don’t matter. Renton is a wonderful city and we do matter!

5.) There are at least two other routes which would be easier for PSE (not a local company, but foreign-owned with its own interests that do not include what’s best for Renton) to use, so why won’t they?

I completely agree with others who have written in about the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic fields and with view concerns. We have a very special place in Renton from Gene Coulon park all the way down to the Seahawks training center. Every day people are out enjoying the magnificent views as they play, swim and picnic in both Gene Coulon and Kennydale Beach Park and walk and ride bikes along the boulevard bike/walkways. No matter where you live, this is an area worth preserving for our families and not to be taken over by corporate interests.

I encourage you to come to a meeting. See the calendar at and earn more at the citizen website

Linda Baker,

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