Gesa Credit Union opens branch at Renton High School

The Richland-based credit union will provide work experience for DECA students at Renton High School as Student Tellers.

On Nov. 27, Gesa Credit Union announced the grand opening of a new branch at Renton High School as part of its High School Credit Union Program expansion.

In the fall of 2022, it was announced that Renton High School, Hazen High School, Lindbergh High School and Talley High School would recieve fundraising benefits through co-branded debit cards.

At the new Renton High School branch, students can open Gesa checking and savings accounts, along with processing deposits and withdrawals during designated hours of the school day.

According to Gesa, the new branch will operate in conjunction with Renton High School’s DECA program and school store class and provide real-world work experience to 15 DECA students as Student Tellers. It will also offer a year-long paid internship to one student who will serve as the Renton High School Campus Branch Manager. This year, senior student Abigail Nakimuli was selected from her class for the internship.

“When I was younger, I wanted to be a lawyer like my mom but as I started taking my IB Business class, I knew I wanted to explore this field further. So, when my business professor shared Gesa’s internship program on Canvas, I saw an opportunity and decided to apply,” said Nakimuli. “I am very grateful for this internship, and it’s been exciting to explore the various careers in banking. This opportunity will help me determine my focus for the future, and I’m eager to continue to learn from this experience.”