Stealth Wing 4K Drone Review – Overpriced Scam or Leading Customer Rated Drone to Buy?

Are you in the market for a new drone? If you’re searching through prospective models to find the best deal, you must check out the Stealth Wing 4K Drone. This high-performance drone gives you complete domination of the sky. Allowing you to take HD videos and pictures and race through the clouds.

Stealth Wing 4K Drone is stirring online and is featured in leading media like AeroDrone, WeTalkUAV, innovation&tech, SkyTango, and Vismedia. Finally, there’s a competitor to the Asian brands that cost a fortune.

The Stealth Wing 4K Drone promises you a premium drone flight experience. This quadcopter is the hottest gift this holiday season, and kids and adults will love flying it.

Introducing Stealth Wing 4K Drone – Beating the Major Brands at Their Game

Your Stealth Wing 4K Drone kit has everything you need to set it up and hit the skies immediately. Charge it via the included USB in a few hours and enjoy an extended flight of up to 18 minutes. The remote controller connects to your iPhone or Android device, giving you a full view of the camera in the front of the drone housing.

The Stealth Wing 4K Drone is easy to activate. Hit the power button on the top of the unit to ready it for flight. Unfold the four wings to the lockout position and connect your device to the controller. You get an easy launch from any location, and the drone features a return function where you command it to return to the launch point with the click of a button.

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Foldable Design for Easy Carry

The propeller arms on the Stealth Wing 4K Drone fold inwards to the side of the body, allowing for compact carrying to any destination. Its lightweight design features construction with tough composite polymers designed to withstand impacts.

HD Video and Photos

The 1080p camera on the Stealth Wing 4K Drone shoots in full HD at 60 frames per second. Take breathtaking aerial landscapes and get into places for inspections that you can’t get to with a ladder. Take photos and videos using the controller and gain complete control over the angle and shot.

Shoot Videos & Images Like a Professional

The StealthWing4k Drone features design and construction with a pre-programmed camera. Newbies will find it effortless to create professional shots and videos with amazing quality, color, and detail.

Gravity Sensors

The onboard gravity sensors in the Stealth Wing 4K Drone detect objects in its flight path, preventing accidents. You get assisted flying to ensure your drone returns to the launch point undamaged.

Slow-Motion Mode

The Stealth Wing 4K Drone camera features an integrated slow-motion mode, allowing you to review your footage in slow motion for high-definition flight details.

User-friendly Controls & Easy Flight Handling

The StealthWing4k Drone is easy to set up and fly. Even total novices to drone flight will get the hang of this drone in minutes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner behind the drone controller, it’s easy to maneuver. The Stealth Wing 4K Drone is nimble in the air and highly agile.

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Stealth Wing 4K Drone – Intuitive Design and Next-Generation Drone Technology

The Stealth Wing 4K Drone comes with the latest drone technology. From the industry-leading 4K camera to the lightweight folding body, this drone is the perfect gift for holidays or birthdays. Beginners and pro drone pilots will get value from this top-quality drone. It’s easy to set up, and graceful flights allow you to master the controls and become a pro overnight.


Stealth Wing 4K Drone Customer Reviews

The Stealth Wing 4K Drone has been featured in publications such as PAUL ARCHER, Founder of DronesGator, Innovator&Tech, We Talk UAV, AeroDrone, SkyTango, and VisMedia. Its customers rate the 4K Drone as a 5-star drone; here are just a few of the thousands of satisfied customers:

Francisca B.

Very Nice little drone!! Very steady flight with altitude hold. It gets blown around in the wind a little but has fast enough maneuverability that an experienced pilot won’t have a problem in light winds. You get a little more than you pay for in my opinion. Records video and takes pictures that save directly to your phone or an external SD memory card. Im very satisfied and is a Fun little indoor bird!

Valentine S.

Great drone for the money. Pity I cannot upload here a video where I show how I can fly it in my room. The altitude hold with barometer air pressure works very well. The app is good, the drone connects to the smartphone with no hassle.

Jill R.

It’s my first drone, I just tried it at home to check it works and it has a very good height control and is very stable. I was pleased with the battery life, and with extra batteries I can fly about as long as i’d ever want to. Good to control sensitivity and respond well, I ordered the version of 3 batteries and carrying bag and it is fully recommended. For now very happy, fast shipping, I’ll send the valuation when I try it outside and see the camera as it behaves, but what I said for the moment price very well.

William G.

For the money its awesome. Easy to control, perfect for beginners. The camera is pretty good.

Terrel C.

A very good drone for the money! Easy to control, works perfect indoor and outdoor in calm conditions. The drone arrived in perfect condition and fast, seller was also great.

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You could spend thousands of dollars on a drone from a leading brand like DJI. Or you can order the Stealth Wing 4K Drone and save. This drone is highly functional and flies just as well from top-rated manufacturers. However, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

You can save big on the regular retail price of Stealth Wing 4K Drone by ordering in the special promotion directly from the manufacturer’s website. The American-made and owned Stealth Wing 4K Drone offers its customers a one-year warranty for an additional $6.65 total option on the checkout page that offers replacement of the drone if lost or damaged while in transit. Pricing for the Stealth 4K Drone is as follows:

  • Order one Stealth Wing 4K Drone and pay $99.00. You save $50 off the regular retail price of $149.99 plus shipping costs.
  • Order three Stealth Wing 4K Drones and pay $65.67 each (Order total $197). You save $249.98 off the regular retail price of $446.98 and free shipping
  • Order five Stealth Wing 4K Drones and pay $59.40 each (order total $297). You save $448 off the regular retail price of $745 and free shipping

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Stealth Wing 4K Drone – FAQs

Q: Does the Stealth Wing 4K Drone come with a guarantee?

A: Yes. If you receive a damaged or defective drone, return it for a replacement. If you’re unhappy with your drone, send it back for a full refund within 30 days of purchase by contacting the company M-F 8 am – 5 pm MST at:

  • Phone: +1 (855) 761-9407
  • Email: support@stealthwing4kdrone.com
  • Return Product Address: Returns Dept 11551 E 45th Ave Unit C Denver, CO 80239

Q: Does the Stealth Wing 4K Drone work on iOS and Android?

A: Yes. Stealth Wing 4K Drone is compatible with Android and Apple devices. You get complete control over the drone from your phone and easy flight navigation.

Q: How does the Stealth Wing 4K Drone compare to models from leading brands like DJI?

A: Stealth Wing 4K Drone is a premium drone built with high-quality specs and sold for a fraction of the price of leading brands. The reality is drone technology is affordable, and you’re just paying for the name brand when you order models from DJI and other leading manufacturers. They can’t offer you anything more than you get with the Stealth Wing 4K Drone.

Q: If I order a Stealth Wing 4K Drone, will I receive it before Xmas?

A: Yes. All orders are processed from the warehouse within 48 hours of receiving your payment. Depending on your location in the United States, it takes five to seven days for your order to reach you. International orders may take up to 14 working days to reach your destination.

Q: Is the Stealth Wing 4K Drone waterproof?

A: No. The Stealth Wing 4K Drone isn’t waterproof and has no water-resistance rating. Don’t fly it in the rain, which may damage the device.

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