Operation Blackout Reviews – Useful Survival Book by Teddy Daniels or Overhyped Claims?

The life of a commando is tough and riddled with enormous challenges. To survive in a harsh ecosystem, a commando needs a high level of physical robustness, mental agility, and aspiration to complete the given mission.

They often need to survive in the jungle, mountain, and desert and are always ready to protect their troop and nation. Survival training given to elite commandos prepares them for survival in the wilderness and methods of gathering food and water to stay alive in darkness for three hundred sixty-five days. The course teaches the participants how to build solar panels or propane generators to produce electricity and heat.

All about Survival Techniques

Operation Blackout states the survival techniques in lucid language that anyone can comprehend and execute without much difficulty or spending a fortune. Even if you do not have basic military training for survival, you can fabricate these energy sources quickly with readily available materials. With these inbuilt energy sources, you feel relief from prolonged blackouts.

Operation Blackout teaches about aquaponic techniques where you can grow fish in a closed environment and plants in soilless places so you have enough food and water for you and your family. Also, you learn how to fabricate a generator to power your house during a blackout. It provides all the essential information to survive in a blackout.

Years of Extensive Research

Operation Blackout explains in detail how to build renewable portable energy sources that generate unlimited power. The survival program, after years of extensive research, states how to use technology and information that paves the way for survival during blackouts. The acquired knowledge from Operation Blackout becomes indispensable during the struggle for life in the prolonged blackout.

The techniques and information are time tested and practiced by commandos to survive in harsh ecosystems. Once you go through the guide, you come to know about the procedures that help you to stay alive during the hazardous time. The guide is an essential source of information that teaches you how to generate electricity and aquaponic techniques.

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Dependable and Invaluable Source

During extended power failure, the guide Operation Blackout delivers the necessary information and courage to assimilate electricity, food, and water during the economic meltdown, which could last for a year. Operation Blackout is a dependable and invaluable source of information that states numerous survival techniques when the world outside is falling apart. You learn how to generate electricity in minimal procedure without using expensive generators or solar panels. A five-inch squid-like device attached to the breaker box could make your home HEMP (high altitude electromagnetic pulse shield) enclosure. Your house could then bear the effects of a geomagnetic storm.

Hydration Techniques

The guide gives you essential information on protecting your smartphone and other electronic devices and vehicles from nuclear electronic attacks. In nuclear EMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse), electromagnetic radiation is dispersed, causing current and voltage fluctuation and damaging the electrical and electronic devices and systems. The guide states about nine essential items you must carry during the disaster and articulates hydration techniques that deliver enough aqua to keep you and your family members hydrated. The techniques are adopted by Air Force personnel during nuclear EMP attacks.

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10 Non Perishable Foods

To keep communication lines open with other people, you must possess a NASA phone. The guide states about ten non-perishable foods where to store that would last for a year. The guide says about government guidelines that must be followed in blackout situations.

The guide also teaches you how to use weapons against unruly mobs, how to filter water to make it drinkable, and how to protect your home against nuclear EMP invasion. The guide Operation Blackout identifies only available sources of gasoline when all fuel stations are closed. The twelve-step procedure gives the necessary information to survive during a nuclear electromagnetic holocaust.

Travel Miles from Ground Zero

The electromagnetic pulse could travel miles from ground zero, destroying electrical and electronic devices and the system and electrical grid, causing extended blackouts in the area. The sudden fluctuation in voltage and current makes telecommunication towers, radar, and dishes inoperable, and the effect is more pronounced near ground zero. The electronic disruption will dysfunctional computer and internet systems. The EMP may affect vehicles, disturbing the water and electronic systems of the automobile and control system.

The electromagnetic pulses damage the critical infrastructure of hospitals, public utilities, and the electric grid. The intense surge of long wavelength radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation travels to very high altitude, but the mechanism of how it disseminates from ground level is not fully comprehended.

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Ionization of Air Molecules

Operation Blackout’s guide articulates protective action and its efficacy and states that using NASA phones as a conventional means of communication is unavailable. Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) are generated from nuclear detonation ionization of air molecules by Gamma rays. The ionized air molecules then interact with air molecules to produce +ve ions that recoil electrons called Crompton electrons. This energy pulse consequently manifests a powerful electromagnetic field, particularly within a mile radius of ground zero, called electromagnetic pulse (EMP). This can be generated through electromagnetic or E bombs.

Both in Digital and Physical

Operation Blackout provides the necessary information on protecting from EM; it illustrates a step-by-step method to ensure your survival during the burst of electromagnetic pulse. The guide gives essential information about aquaponic techniques that provide adequate food and water during blackout times. The guide is available both in digital and physical form and gives you the necessary information on how to generate power. It recommends not developing or grilling within enclosed spaces as it emits carbon dioxide, a colorless, odorless gas that could suffocate people.

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1.4 Megaton Bomb

A 1.4-megaton bomb defused 250 miles above a city could destroy the entire electric and electronic system of a country if preventive measures are not taken. EMP is not radioactive but is a derivative of E bomb or nuclear detonation. It does not affect the health of living organisms but can permanently or temporarily turn off electric and electronic infrastructure. When an E bomb is defused, a powerful surge of electromagnetic field disrupts a broad spectrum of electronic devices, including computers, mobile, radar, satellite, and even street traffic signals.

As the speed of EM is equal to that of light, all electronic devices and electrical systems are vulnerable to being impacted within a specific radius of the detonation spot. The support system described in Operation Blackout protects from the impact of electromagnetic pulse, and the bonus booklet tells how to grow vegetables and filter water. Even after the after-effects, the techniques and technologies would be more effective.

Two Bonus Guide

After logging and payment, you can download the guide instantly that describes food that is nutrient-enriched and non-perishable. The guide is only on the official website for $67. Along with the digital copy, a physical one is dispatched to your registered address. You also can access the digital version of the two bonus guides that ensure your survival even if the blackout continues for 365 days.

The bonus book costs more than the Operation Blackout guide, but the creators are providing complimentary copies with the purchase of Operation Blackout. The booklet teaches you how to cultivate food, vegetables, and fruits in the kitchen garden. As the EM pulse destroys all electronic systems, the technology-dependent society becomes crippled.

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Semiconductors control all electronic devices. The excess voltage and current caused by EM pulses destroy the semiconductor by causing excess heat. Failure of semiconductor chips in the electronic circuit disrupts industrial production, railway, water supply, power, and telecommunication systems. Computers were extensively damaged in the EM outbreak, hampering digital flight and engine control.

The second bonus articulates how to turn your home into a fortress when hunger and poverty strike society. Atrocities are common; the e-book provides necessary information on how to make windows unbreakable and how to guard your home from looters.

2 Basic Steps

There are two basic steps to safeguard electronic devices against EMP effects. First one is metallic shielding. Shields crafted from metals such as copper or steel can protect the objects from EMP; a fraction of a millimeter of metal is needed to safeguard the object. The shield must entirely encompass the item to be hardened.

The second procedure is tailored hardening, which is more economical than the first. In this process, only the vulnerable part of the circuit is hardened so it can withstand the voltage and current fluctuation. However, in laboratory testing, the result could be more satisfactory as it exhibits unpredictable failure. As electromagnetic weapons are non-radioactive and non-lethal, they cause less damage than conventional nuclear weapons.

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Survive Without External Help

Operation Blackout is the only available and dependable source of information that could protect you and your family during an EMP outbreak. Many readers have verified the efficacy of the techniques described in the guide. It delivers all relevant information for a safe, secure life during the blackout caused by electromagnetic bomb detonation.

If you find the information provided by Operation Blackout ineffective and irrelevant, you can return the product within sixty days of purchase with a hundred percent money back. Once you comprehend and practice the described procedures, the result is imminent, and acquired knowledge is invaluable in a blackout scenario. E bombs are specially designed to destroy information infrastructure. The book guides you for survival when the outside world is cut off and when you need to survive without external help.

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