Why is Renton making a big deal over two trees? | LETTER

“A lot of Renton residents like trees – why don’t you?”

In the June 30 issue of the Renton Reporter, the headline read that the city of Renton issued a stop work order on a new development in the Tiffany Park area. To me, who has lived next to Renton for 30 years and in the area for over 60 years, that is a first.

Why is Renton making a big deal over a developer cutting two significant trees – and Renton officials actually enforcing their ordinances/SEPA document?

I live close to the East Renton Plateau and many developments – Windstone, Piper’s Bluff, and Marten’s Ranch – clear cut all of the trees. I recently heard that the new Alpine Nursery plat all of the significant trees were clear cut – where was Renton officials for that development? I saw the trees in a pile at Marten’s Ranch. Renton officials make a developer go through a SEPA process – but then they don’t enforce the mitigation reequirements. I sent the City Council a note asking why there is no accountability for other Renton developments. So far, no answers.

So, Renton officials: Why require developers to have a SEPA document if you don’t enforce it? Isn’t that a waste of time/money for Renton citizens? A lot of Renton residents like trees – why don’t you?

Claudia Donnelly


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