Renton teens make difference all year

It’s spring break in the Renton School District. Kids are playing in the yard or at the parks. Watch out for them. And, no, they aren’t skipping school.

It’s spring break in the Renton School District. Kids are playing in the yard or at the parks. Watch out for them. And, no, they aren’t skipping school.

It’s a well-deserved break for students and their teachers.

But I am guessing there are quite a few young people in Renton who aren’t letting a lot of grass grow under their feet this week. They’re out making a difference in their community. Some are probably doing something to help the environment. This is the month we celebrate Mother Earth.

There’s one group of kids that’s busy year-round. It’s the Renton Youth Council. We profiled the volunteers in the Renton Reporter on April 2. Matt Brashears’ photo really stood out of the middle school dancers at the Community Center. It’s nice to portray kids with sheer joy on their faces. Members of the youth council were there to chaperone.

But they’re also out there making sure those adult activities go smoothly, too. Take the Rotary Club’s annual crab feed or the Renton Citizen of the Year banquet. They were there serving in any way they could.

And these aren’t kids who don’t have anything else on their plates. They’re in DECA, drill, student government, band and sports. Does this energy ever run out? Apparently, no.

Renton does have some really good kids.

Renton also played host recently to a very special tournament – wheelchair athletes from across the country who competed in a basketball tournament at Renton High School.

As our headline said, they know no limits. They are no different from the kids who can run up and down a court or those kids who can serve a meal at a crab feed. Actually, they could serve a dinner at a crab feed. Know no limits.

They are an inspiration. And thanks to the Kiwanis Club for help making it happen.

WASL is coming

One other thing about kids.

The Renton School District will continue this spring’s round of WASL testing this month.

It’s good for parents to keep that in mind so that their students can get a good night’s rest before the test.

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