Police find strange items at sex offender’s home | Police blotter

Renton Police officers found several containers of unknown liquids on the property. The man said some of the containers contained human urine that he used as fertilizer.

The following information was compiled based on City of Renton police reports.

Police investigated suspicious substances at the home of a convicted sex offender Nov. 5.

The fire department had been dispatched to investigate hazardous materials at the home of the 73-year-old Renton man. The fire department called the police.

Officers found several containers of unknown liquids on the property. The man said some of the containers contained human urine that he used as fertilizer.

The man also said there was a chemistry apparatus in the house that is “a prototype device designed to detect ovulation in female humans.”

The officer asked if he had scientific training or a background in research. The man said he did not, but he had an interest in the subject.

The man has a conviction for first-degree child molestation and several protection orders out against him. The fire battalion chief wanted a police report to document the matter, but officers could not find a crime that was being committed.

Race questions lead to harassment

A problem with co-workers led to notes threatening an Orting woman Oct. 25.

The 24-year-old works in Renton. She received several notes on her car containing threats, comments that the writer was watching her and accusations that she was lying about her race.

After about a week of notes on her car, she found a note on the doorstep of her home in Orting. The note contained more threats and comments about her race.

The woman said she has had run-ins with co-workers about her race. Police filed the report for information purposes and alerted the Orting police to the incident.

Boy throws fit at Papaya Vietnamese Cafe

A Renton boy was arrested after yelling at employees and breaking items at the Papaya Vietnamese Cafe at The Landing Nov. 5.

According to the manager, the 13-year-old had come by the restaurant several times, asking for water. The manager finally told the boy he was helping other customers and the boy should leave.

The boy started to yell and threaten employees at the restaurant, who called security. Then he started to yell at security, who called the police. Then the boy yelled at police and complained that he was going the miss the bus.

Police noted that they have had several previous contacts with the boy and arrested him for criminal trespass.

Man steals light bulbs, blood pressure monitor

An Auburn man was cited for theft Nov. 4.

The 68-year-old was spotted by security at Fry’s stealing several LED light bulbs, and a blood pressure monitor.

Police cited the man for second-degree theft.

Concrete damages cars on Rainier Ave

Three cars were felled by a rogue piece of concrete Nov. 9.

Three cars sustained damage to their left front and rear tires when they hit a large piece of concrete on Rainier Avenue.

The circular piece of concrete was about three feet in diameter and police suspected it was from the nearby construction. They also suspected someone had intentionally moved it into the road to cause damage to passing cars.

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