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  • Sunday, August 11, 2019 1:30am
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Reader rejects racist tag, claims school unions push ‘liberal agenda’

Dear editor,

I love the United States of America! I feel blessed to be fortunate to live in this thriving republic, governed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Even now, I am exercising my freedom of speech and the freedom of the press.

But, you know what? As an educator in the public school system because I am a conservative Christian, my rights are a bit muffled, while the liberal leaning Democrats in this same system, can be as vocal as they please. They can criticize our president, can demean the office of the president and can outwardly speak in support of their liberal views.

Conservatives are reluctant to share their opinions in fear of some type of consequence. Perhaps as teachers they might be purposely assigned a class or grade level their administrator knows they would not prefer. Or, as they are evaluated, they might be scored lower and might end up on a plan of improvement. [If you think this could not happen, I am proof of being unfairly treated because I refused to wear an Obama button like my colleagues… and, that was the only issue. Prior to the Obama campaign, on my evaluations, it was stated I was a “gem” in the organization.]

Para-educators feel even less inclined to be outspoken if they want to share a positive perception about Republicans.

When Donald Trump won the election, an email was shared in our building to be sensitive not to show excitement about the election’s outcome — that many folks and students would be depressed. I was jubilant and had to keep all my good feelings inside, when I wanted to celebrate. Hmmm, I wonder if Clinton had won, would others have to be mindful of the feelings of Trump supporters?

At the annual NEA (National Education Association) convention in early July, among other topics, two key items were passed. As taken from Education Week, “Delegates passed a business item directing NEA to incorporate the concept of ‘white fragility’ into NEA trainings and staff development literature, and other communications.”

They identified, “outward display of emotions such as anger, fear and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. In other words, the concept explains why many white people are reluctant to talk about racism.”

Seriously? Liberals (particularly in government), blame even the slightest disagreement about a liberal policy as being racist. I know many folks in King County supported President Obama, but the whole racist card came into full play during his administration — not because dissension was racially charged, but because it was convenient for fueling fires to accuse the opposition of being racist.

I did not agree with many of Obama’s policies because fundamentally I did not want “big” government, out of control spending and raising taxes. So, now for several years after being falsely accused of being racist for my beliefs, I’m not fearful or feeling guilt, but yes, it is frustrating to continue to hear this rhetoric. I’m not fragile. I can talk about racism, but the left does not want to hear what I have to say.

And another topic, “After much debate, delegates voted to pass a new business item that vocalized support for both the #MeToo movement against sexual assault and the “fundamental right to an abortion.”

What is the NEA doing getting involved in the abortion issue? While I recognize there are varying perspectives on this moral issue, why should teachers’ union dues be spent on political issues they totally oppose? My question is; how many teachers (and families) are even aware of the NEA supporting these items? I happen to receive emails from Education Week; that is how I became informed.

To school superintendents, administrators, teachers, school staff, and families; There are many silent conservatives in the schools … Folks who believe in family values, the sanctity of life, our Almighty Creator, a nation of laws (including the laws regarding legal citizenship), abiding by and taking advantage of the statutes of the Constitution, and fighting against any push for Socialism. The Governor, without a vote of the Washington residents, declared our state a sanctuary state. In spite of this, we love working with all students and want to help all students reach their potential.

We want all students to come to an understanding and appreciation of this wonderful nation and grow up to be law abiding citizens. And, yes, the nation was built by many peoples, including White Europeans.

I am not a fragile, racist, white woman; I am a proud American who happens to be white and of European heritage. The left speaks of the need for “tolerance,” but, I never feel tolerated as a conservative Christian in public education. I feel my voice is squelched, walking on eggshells so as not to offend the liberal agenda.


L Roman


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