In support of the proposed asphalt plant

“…this site is ideal for serving the asphalt needs of Southeast King County.”

I’m writing you in support of the planned move of Lakeside Industries’ Covington asphalt plant to their new location in Maple Valley.

I have been associated with Lakeside Industries for several years and during this time have become very impressed with the company’s commitment to being a “good neighbor” wherever their plants are located. Lakeside is a very highly respected local, family-owned company that has always been very responsive to the needs of the communities in which they operate. I would encourage any interested parties to research Lakeside and the state-of-the-art plant proposed for Maple Valley.

I believe that after considering the facts, they will find that this site is ideal for serving the asphalt needs of Southeast King County and that the plant’s technology will be environmentally friendly as well.

Vance Gledhill


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