Concern about development | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017 2:10pm
  • Opinion

How much monitoring and oversight will the administration accept responsibility for regarding the proposed development of the 200 Mill Avenue South site? Will they wash their hands of the project once the site is sold? There will be SEPA/Shoreline reviews. Will they take public input seriously?

The city reached an agreement with Winson, an investment company with offices in Bellevue. Their proposal in part, is to dig a 340 stall underground parking area. This site, which borders Liberty Park and the Cedar River, is on top of zone one of Renton’s aquifer, our main water supply. Could contaminants threaten the aquifer, and the run-off from parking contaminate the river? Shown in the recent published illustration are two 10-11 storey high- rises plus several other structures. The type and concentration of buildings seem inappropriate for this area? The illustration creates an idealized view, and does not adequately or truly represent the impact of this level of development in this location. The city has advocated for and documented the benefits of retaining mature trees in a development. There are 30 plus red oak trees along Main Avenue South and Houser Way. Will the city be true to their philosophy and retain as many of these as possible? Alarm and concern might be inappropriate this early in the process?

Will we be asked to endure the consequences of the cities hands-off approach and inability to hear the resident’s voices again?

Nikki Robinson


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