A homecoming and new challenge | EDITOR’S NOTE

Editor’s note

This week has been a homecoming of sorts for me.

I have lived in Renton, specifically the Fairwood area, for a majority of my life, minus the time I spent in Bellingham while attending Western.

After graduating from Western in 2012, I moved back to Renton and spent two years living at The Landing. I have now left the city limits of Renton but not the greater area, I still live nearby.

But that’s not why this week has felt like a homecoming. Just barely a week ago I accepted a promotion to be the editor of this fine newspaper.

I am both honored and excited.

When I was a junior at Kentridge High School 10 years ago working on editions of Fleet Street News, I never imagined I would be editor of my local, hometown weekly publication.

But here I am — the new editor.

My journey with Sound Publishing started in October 2013. Well, more so in September.

One of my friends I graduated high school with was working at The Covington-Maple Valley-Black Diamond Reporter. She was always keeping an eye out for me and heard of an open reporter position in Bonney Lake.

I applied and I was interviewed. A few hours after the interview, I was told I got the job.

It was perfect timing because I was set to start a job at another paper the next day. But this one I wanted more.

My first day was Oct. 1 and I settled in nicely at the Enumclaw Courier-Herald office.

I occasionally helped my editor with the Covington Reporter and when one of their reporters left I moved in permanently.

I still worked with the Bonney Lake Courier-Herald as I transitioned into my new position in Covington.

And at the beginning of this year, I was named assistant editor.

It was quite the shock to go from reporter to assistant editor. But during the past year, I believe it has helped prepare me for my newest title change.

Many of you may have seen my name a time or two in this paper, specifically as part of the “In The Kitchen” recipe page.

That is a monthly page The Covington Reporter and Enumclaw Courier-Herald have published for more than a year now.

And it will be a feature that you as a reader of The Renton Reporter can look forward to.

So, look out for our next “In The Kitchen” feature Dec. 30 when we will have holiday dessert recipes to share.

Aside from the addition of our monthly food page, I won’t tear the paper apart and make a bunch of changes. There are things I would like to do. And I hope any changes will help make this paper the best it can be. I also welcome any suggestions you may have.

So as we prepare for the last week of 2016, I am looking ahead to 2017 and the new journey that lies in front of me.

I welcome the challenge and look forward to reconnecting with my hometown.

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