Shoplifter caught with other people’s credit cards | Police Botter

The following information was compiled based on City of Renton Police reports.

A Seattle woman was arrested for theft and warrants Nov. 3.

The 31-year-old woman stole a micro SD card, then took a package of Nyquil and returned it using a fake receipt. After she was arrested, officers found that she had three warrants out for theft.

When police were processing her, the woman asked if the officer could take her wallet out of her backpack and throw it away without looking inside. Then she changed her mind and asked the officer to get her ID out of the wallet. The officer found an ID for another woman and several credit cards with different names on them in the wallet. The woman said they belonged to friends.

The woman was arrested for theft and warrants.


Harassment leaves woman fearing for life

A Lynnwood woman came to Renton City Hall looking for help Nov. 1.

The 64-year-old woman said she got a call in October that family members were planning to send a man to Vietnam to marry her granddaughter. The granddaughter is already married and has a child.

When the granddaughter’s husband found out about the plans, he threatened to kill himself and the child.

When the woman tried to fix the situation, both parties threatened her.

Renton police said they did not have enough evidence to pursue harassment charges. The woman said that Lynnwood police would not write a report and she just wanted a report written so they would know what happened “if you find me dead somewhere.”


Repeat thief wants employees to mind their own business

A man and woman robbed Walgreen’s several times Nov. 1.

An employee said the man and sometimes a woman had been coming in the store on Rainier Avenue every day for the past three days. Every time they would load up carts with high-priced gift sets and cosmetics, then walk out the store.

One time, the man asked a cashier for an electric razor out of a locked case. He then stole the razor.

During one of the thefts, an employee was writing down the man’s license plate number. The man saw the employee doing this, returned to the store and yelled at the employee to mind her own business.

Employees said the thefts are becoming more aggressive. Police told them to call the next time the man comes near the store.


Renton man steals toothbrush

A Renton man was arrested for theft on Nov. 14.

The 22-year-old was seen taking an electric toothbrush from a Renton Rite Aid store and concealing it in his clothes. He left the store without attempting to pay for the merchandise and was confronted by store security.

The man dropped the toothbrush in the parking lot and ran toward Talbot Road South.

Police apprehended the suspect in the 700 block of Talbot Road South.

The store security officer positively identified the suspect and he was taken into custody by police.


Man arrested for flying bat

A man was arrested near Renton Technical College for allegedly throwing a bat that went through a car windshield and struck a woman in the face.

Police interviewed the woman who said she was driving past a large group when the incident happened. A guy with a red and black hat and red sweats threw a bat through her car window.

When an officer approached the male suspect, he dropped the cigarette he was smoking and ran. After ducking behind a car, the officer finally apprehended him by using a Taser to subdue the suspect.

Another witness confirmed the suspect’s actions and he was arrested for suspicion of fourth degree assault, malicious mischief and obstructing a police officer.


Seattle man short on cash becomes shoplifter

A 47-year-old Seattle man was detained at Renton Safeway for suspicion of shoplifting.

Security observed the man place several items in his cart, including pomegranate juice and household and personal cleaning supplies. They totaled $111.44 and he made no attempt to pay for the items as he left the store.

When police asked him why he stole the items, the man said he just walked out of the store with the cart full because he “ran short.”

The man was arrested and booked into jail for alleged theft and previous warrants.



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