Letters to Santa from Renton students


Dear Santa,

It it's possible can you help the children and parents from the Honeypot charity? The reason why they are there is because their parents are sick, or they're alcohols, etc. The children have to take care of themselves and their parents. They clean their houses all by them self's.

At Honeypot charity, they go there for a vacation. They go there to be "a kid." They have a pool and they can learn how to ride a bike. I don't know how long they can stay there, but they have to go back to their parents helps them get better.

How you can make their parents better is to make them healthier, help them not to drink. Make them have a better life. Have them be good role models for their kids. Have the kids be themselves. The kids at Honeypot Charity wish their parents they didn't have problems. Here is the address: 15a Berghem Mews Blythe Road, London, England.





Dear Santa,

If it's possible can you help the people in the Philippines with their needs after the flood?

Many people have lost food. Can you get food and a shelter? 100 hectacres of rice and corn farms were destroyed by the flash flood. Giving food would be a good present to bring. Children can starve to death without it. Even a piece of pizza could help.

Can you please heal the people that got an injury? One flood can injure many people. Minor injuries can cause people to forget stuff so it blocks out the true stuff/ the flood left a lof of people dead. If people heal everybody will be happy.

My last Christmas wish is to give people shelter: A house that has full supply so they have electricity; having a place to live will help so they don't live in the streets in fact give a house to all of the homeless. Living in the streets means they won't be able to learn all the things they need to learn to be successful.





Dear Santa,

If you could please help the people in New York because some of their homes got destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Now they don't have their homes and they don't have their clothes and supplies. All of their stuff got wet. Some people were in the hospital at that time. When the people were there they had to go to other hospitals.

Hurricane Sandy hit Staten Island and other towns in New York. I saw videos in the computer and I was sad about that. Some people got sick and died. It is so sad to see people's homes being destroyed. The thing that I want you to give them is to help them get a better home.

That's why I picked New York. A lot of people died and there families were sad. Lots of kids got sick and passed away. Santa please help them and if you can please give them homes. Hope you can make this come true.





Dear Santa,

Hi, I am a fourth grader in the Renton School District. If it's possible please help Vietnam. Vietnam has barely any food, no money, and as you can see they are very poor. I have a bed, food to eat, money and clothes to wear. Most people in Vietnam don't have most of those things.

You probably want to know what I want you to give Vietnam. If you can please give them more food, more money, and all the kids any present you want to give to them. I have never been to Vietnam, but my mom was born there and she says people in Vietnam are really poor.

If it helps, I can tell you why I want you to do this. One reason is because they are really poor. A second reason is because they are dying from hunger in some areas. The last reason is because Vietnam is the country that my relatives came from. Santa if you can't help I understand, but if you really helped Vietnam I would be so happy.





Dear Santa,

If at all possible can you please help the people in North Carolina who were in the flood and lost power? Can you also help San Francisco because they went through a series of wet and windy storms. Did you know that the rain almost flooded Yosemite National Park?

Did you know that Northern California had the most water from the flood and storm? They had the worst down pours that dumped 15 to 20 inches of pouring rain in some areas. There was a lot of damage done.

I hope that you can get to all these people on Christmas Eve so that they can have a good Christmas. So, will you please help the people in California? I know that they would be very thankful for the help.





Dear Santa,

If possible I would like you to help the people in Japan who were affected by the tsunami. I have a house, a room, a family, food, and a warm blanket. Many people in Japan don't even have a house or a family left. A lot of families had to sleep in a school that flooded and drowned ten kids. At least bring them a toy or two. It's heart breaking.

Japan also had the radiation from the power plant. Many people wore masks where ever they went to make sure they didn't breathe the air. Did you know that 16,000 people in Japan died during the radiation in 2011. When people were wearing the masks 7 out of 10 people died because they couldn't breathe. People had to work at the power plant, but most of them died because they were too close. The ocean was also affected by the radiation. It was polluted, just like the air, but in a different way. No one could swim, no one could fish, nobody could go near it.

You see the people in Japan have suffered enough. They need houses, food, and blankets. They help and they need it now. I hope you can help.





Dear Santa,

If it's possible I would like you to help the people in Japan, Because of the tsunami. Over 100 people died in the tsunami. It's sad. I'm sad because we have food and houses and people in Japan don't have food and houses.

Because of the earthquake and tsunami, still today in Japan families don't have schools to learn. If they did go to school it would be flooded and some kids might drown. Parents' cars are now under water. Please give the kids gifts, homes, and clothes.

You see in Japan people suffer about food and where they live. So please help the people in Japan. People over there don't have food, money, and houses to live in. Give people in Japan some food and help them build houses. Thank you for reading my letter.




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