Small act of kindness at store is inspiring | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"It warmed my heart to see such thoughtfulness and kindness displayed by all the Albertsons employees."

I would like to commend the employees and manager at the Albertsons grocery store on Sunset Boulevard in Renton.

I was shopping last week when I noticed a very elderly man struggling to sit down on the corner of a table filled with desserts. He was obviously in need of help.

Immediately a store manager was at his side, talking to him and retrieved a stool so he could sit more comfortably and safely. Several other employees came to his aid as well.

While I was in line, the clerk briefly went over to speak to her manager, alerting him she knew him and his wife was shopping in the store. They paged her and the clerk came back apologized for leaving for a very brief moment and explained she knew him.

As I walked out to my car I saw the manager personally escorting the gentleman to his car. It warmed my heart to see such thoughtfulness and kindness displayed by all the Albertsons employees.

As an advocate for the elderly, I see far to often senior citizens in need of a helping hand or an offer of assistance. Unfortunately, they don’t always receive it as this senior citizen so deservedly did.

Thank you again.

Dayna Orr,

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