Fight for a wider I-405 | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"The best and only solution to this mess is to stick with the 2001 master plan, which states that I-405 from Renton to Bellevue should be widened by two lanes in each direction."

I just read Mayor Denis Law’s column in the Renton Reporter and I wanted to make a few points that I hope you will agree, and most of all pressure our local legislators to act.

As you said in your column, traffic in Renton is terrible, it is so bad that Renton is “Behind the Curve” when it comes to traffic. I live in Kennydale and people cut though our neighborhood to avoid I-405.

On a daily basis the streets are full of cars on Lake Washington Boulevard. The best and only solution to this mess is to stick with the 2001 master plan, which states that I-405 from Renton to Bellevue should be widened by two lanes in each direction.

Even the 2008 EIS has already been completed, which has two lanes added in each direction. Only problem, is our legislators getting a transportation plan passed. The last proposed plan (last year) only had 1 toll/HOV lane being added in each direction. That is not acceptable, as that will force even more cars into our neighborhoods.

Our legislators are going to meet again this month and they will again attempt a transportation package. I and others in my neighborhood have been calling them trying to put pressure for action.

You as the mayor need to stand up about this and tell our local legislators that we want two lanes each way added due to horrible traffic that is effecting our quality of life. Other mayors in Lacey, Lakewood and in JBLM are trying to lobby their local legislators for two lanes each way on I-5. (and they will probably get it) as they have had emergency meetings on their transportation issues.

Renton needs to make is voice heard and do the same in regard to this matter. Enough is enough; widen our freeway!!

Jeff Lykken, Renton

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