Coulon going to the dogs? | LETTER TO THE EDITOR

"It is posted as a no-dog park, yet the signs are ignored and Coulon is quickly becoming a popular dog park."

I really enjoy my walks at Gene Coulon Park. It is a fantastic park. Unfortunately, not everyone is playing by the rules to keep the park pristine.

It is posted as a no-dog park, yet the signs are ignored and Coulon is quickly becoming a popular dog park. I walk for an hour 3-5 days a week and I see dogs on every walk at every hour of the day. I also occasionally see Animal Control riding in their truck, but if they are not going to walk the park, then it is of little deterrence.

My hope is that the city will install more visible signs, that park employees will approach dog owners and remind them of the ordinance, and that Animal Control officers will park their truck and take a walk.

Coulon is a jewel in the City of Renton. Hopefully we can keep it that way.

Jeff Skocelas,

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