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After 20 years, local film hits the big screen

Making a movie was an itch Matt Aird always wanted to scratch. So in 1998, the Buckley resident pulled together a small group of local… Continue reading


Bonney Lake family raises awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest dangers

When Renton resident David Finlayson joined the United States Marine Corps in 2011, he was the picture of health. Of course, even the most fit… Continue reading


The thumb of one wooden dummy was blown off by an illegal firework known as a “Joke’s on You,” firework. At first, it appears to only to produce a fountain of sparks, but several seconds later, it explodes, potentially causing injury. Photo by Ray Still

Fireworks’ dangers demonstrated

Every year, thousands of people are injured by fireworks, from the small “triangle crackers” to the commercial-grade arial fireworks, resulting in burns, lacerations, lost limbs and death.


Renton Independence Day Party

If you’re not planning on hosting your own “safe and sane” Independence Day celebration, the city of Renton is hosting its own 16th annual Fourth… Continue reading

Supreme Court resets the playing field on LGBTQ rights | Our Corner

For many people in this country — an estimated 10 million that identify as LBGTQ, as well as their countless supporters — the Masterpiece Cakeshop… Continue reading

Runner-up in statewide pageant takes on sexual assault

Chloe Furnstahl will be partnering with the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center to continue talking about her platform.

‘We all know sex offenders’

Revealing the reality of rape and uncovering sexual assault myths

King County sues to continue sex-ed study

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services canceled a teen pregnancy prevention program grant two years early, affecting King County’s research into how effective its widely used sex education program is.

Travis and Lax Burt with Samsara and their three children, Bodhi (meaning “enlightenment), Areya (“pure soul”), and Rishi (“seeker of truth”). Submitted photo

Samsarafest, a festival of healing, comes to Enumclaw

In many religions, death is rarely the end of the journey. Samsara Burt was a part of her family’s lives long before her earnestly awaited… Continue reading

Travis and Lax Burt with Samsara and their three children, Bodhi (meaning “enlightenment), Areya (“pure soul”), and Rishi (“seeker of truth”). Submitted photo

State Patrol now ticketing for E-DUIs; insurance premiums may be affected

You better not be reading this while driving. Washington state’s Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act went into effect last July, but many police… Continue reading

Photo by Ken Mayer on Flickr

Poking dead things with sticks | COMMENTARY

Dead thing: 1 — Ray: 0

Photo by Ken Mayer on Flickr

Fake news or bad reporting?

“This has not been a good month for reporting. But one wrong fact does not fake news make.”

A monster of our own making | OUR CORNER

“We have to deal with a monster of our own making, and though it was born of reason, it has turned to madness.”

Using underwear to examine women’s history

Do you have one of grandma’s girdles laying around somewhere, or your great-aunt Betty’s bustle? The White River Valley Museum is putting out the call for all sorts fashion items and accessories to be displayed in their upcoming exhibit, “Suffer for Beauty: Women’s History Revealed by Undergarments.”

Painting a different picture of battling addiction

Local painting company teaches recovering addicts trade skills; in turn, recoverees gave back to Battlefield Addiction, a local non-profit support group for the families of addicts.

Resisting the ‘alt-right’ rise | OUR CORNER

“Before we even get into this, I need to say that I loathe the term ‘alt-right.’”

Exchange program brings cultural understanding

Across Washington, high school seniors are celebrating their graduation while other students are getting pumped for summer vacation. But around the world, some students are… Continue reading

The Surrogates: Life, only better? | POINT OF REVIEW

“Is living through a surrogate still living? Is living through a surrogate still human?”

Put a ring on it the way you want to | OUR CORNER

“It’s your wedding, and no one else’s.”

Sometimes an answer is very simple | OUR CORNER

“Lift the gag. Save lives. Sometimes the answer really is that simple.”