Marianne Binetti

Be thankful we garden in Western Washington | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

This week, consider what gardeners in other parts of the country must deal with and take a moment to bow down to Washington.

No better time than now to start a compost heap | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

November is the start of the winter season and time to put the garden to bed.

Use trees and shrubs to provide food for birds this winter | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Here are some of the trees and shrubs that will provide a natural food source for the birds this winter.

Time to consider NOT buying birdseed for the winter | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The Natural Wildlife Federation and other naturalist agree that food for wild life should come from native sources. This means adding more trees and shrubs with berries and seeds as a winter food source and not using seed to fill a bird feeder.

Decorate your home for the season with the plants of fall | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

An inexpensive way to decorate your home or porch for the change in seasons is to harvest all your squash, apples, corn, tomatoes, peppers and other produce and display your garden bounty in a basket or tray.

Time to get your tender plants ready to survive the winter | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Now is the time to dig and store tender bulbs such as canna and dahlias, move any houseplants back indoors and try your hand with lady luck when it comes to being a gambling gardener.

The top 10 ‘must-do’s’ for Western Washington gardens | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Tackle these fall chores now and you’ll score more yardage with these October field goals.

Collect those leaves to make yuor own mulch | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

As September ends the bulb planting season begins, as does tomato harvesting and leaf raking.

Time to take ‘stalk’ of what worked and what didn’t this summer | COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

There are many new plants and products out there but these products deserve three green thumbs up because they deliver what they promise.

It’s mid-September, time to dig and divide | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The middle of September marks the start of the fall gardening season but you also need to keep spring blooms in mind.

Now is the time to feed and reseed your lawn for winter | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The most important time to feed a lawn in Western Washington is September and October.

Pruning in August: If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, cut it down | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

You can start cleaning up the summer garden by cutting back perennials past their prime and pulling any weeds that have sneaked into garden beds.

It’s the best time of year to bait for slugs and snails | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

August is also a good time of year to dig, divide or transplant early summer perennials like iris, poppies and pulmonaria or lungwart

Don’t worry about your lawn, think of the rhodies | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

If the soil is dry in August you’ll have fewer rhododendron blooms in May.

Summer travel brings garden tips from around the world | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Summer travel means you can glean gardening tips from all over the world. This summer we led a tour that included a river cruise on the Danube.

Time to check on those hanging baskets and container gardens | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Most hanging baskets will need water every day by mid-summer, sometimes twice a day if the weather is very warm.

Time to hit the ‘rewind button’ on summer flowers | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Cut back delphiniums, Shasta daisies and leggy petunias now.

Still time to plant vegetables with a short growing season | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

In the vegetable garden you can still plant seeds of beets, bush beans, carrots and chard as well as crops with shorter growing season.

Fertilize perennials and potted plants, but not the lawn | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Beginning this week, the Renton Reporter will begin running Marianne Binetti’s gardening column in the paper and on our website. We are excited to offer you this new feature.