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Time to hunt for slugs and other October tips | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The second week of October is a good time to search out and destroy newly laid slug eggs, especially while planting bulbs or harvesting from the vegetable garden.

Plant your bulbs now to develop roots | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Planting bulbs in October will give them the time they need to develop roots before winter arrives.

Plant your trees and tulips while the soil is still warm | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Fall is best for planting trees and shrubs because the soil is still warm from the summer encouraging new root growth but the autumn rains mean you can let nature take over your watering chores.

Time to harvest all or your summer veggies | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

It is harvest time in the vegetable garden so keep picking ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and summer squash. Share fresh produce with your local food bank if you’re lucky enough to have a bumper crop.

Get your lawn ready now for next spring | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The big advantage of doing these chores in the fall rather than spring is that the soil is already warm and ready to encourage new root growth and after such a dry summer the slug and snail population should be less damaging to tender young transplants.

Time to harvest veggies, celebrate color | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The last week in August is time to harvest squash, tomatoes and beans, cut back perennials such as daisies and daylilies.

Don’t fall behind on bloomin’ summer | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Here are more tips for keeping specific flowers producing until the first fall frost:

Stop those slugs and other early August advice | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The month of August is the time for an important garden chore – bait for slugs.

Keep those roses blooming and save some water | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The fourth week of July is when your roses and fuchsias need some special attention to keep them blooming for the rest of the summer.

July mornings are best time to harvest those berries | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The third week of July is time to harvest early crops such as lettuce, raspberries, blueberries and everbearing strawberries as well as fresh herbs.

July is hydrangea season | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The middle of July is when hydrangeas usually start to bloom in Western Washington – but this summer the big, ball blooms of hydrangeas were showing color months ahead of schedule and many local gardeners had bushels of hydrangea blooms by the beginning of June.

Watch your watering through warmer summer weather | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

You must water more often when the weather warms up and roots fill the soil and demand more to eat and drink.

Time to prune those flowers and veggies | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

If you cut back early to bloom perennials now you’ll be rewarded with a second flush of flowers.

Add some new color to your garden this summer | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The third week of June is the start of the summer season and if your landscape is looking a bit dull with the end of the spring rhododendron and azalea show, it may be time to add more flash and foliage to the garden.

Get the rest of your crops in the ground | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

By the middle of June you can finally plant all your warm season crops into the garden.

Ready your rose bushes now for a scented summer | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

I’ll promise you a rose garden if you remember that these superstars of the flower garden demand plenty to eat and drink and if you read and heed the answers below from the most-asked, rose-growing questions.

Talking herbs: When and where to plant | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The end of May is a good time to add herbs to the landscape and enjoy these fragrant, tasteful and useful plants as part of a low water use landscape or edible garden.

Time to get some of those vegetables in the ground | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

The third week of May is when you may be tempted to plant everything into your vegetable garden, and it is true that tomatoes, squash, beans and basil will survive if planted into the ground in mid May.

Paint your garden with the colors of flowers | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Combining colors in a container garden is a lot like painting a picture and many of our most famous artists have been gardeners as well.

Let’s talk tomatoes and slugs | THE COMPLEAT HOME GARDENER

Every spring many people ask the first two questions about tomatoes and slugs.